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Viscous Nature - Chapter 5 - Hard Times

Short story By: Dean Talbot

This story contains extreme sexual content, delves into the feelings of love, lust, hatred and sinisterly evil fate, to lastly climax in an end worth waiting for, whereby each chapter will build upon the other and hopefully create that necessary emotional attachment.

Chapter 5 - Hard Times - He pulls his hand from beneath the couch cushion, gags at the back of this throat, coughing up slime and saliva that he spits into the palm.

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Chapter 5 - Hard times

The house is an heirloom, a cabin on a secluded lake nestled between pine trees and Aspens passed down from Great Granddad to Granddad, from father to son. Once beautiful and loved, this was a place where the whole family met for BBQ's, swimming, boating and fishing. Since the crash of the stock market in the early twenties, the gas crunch of the Seventies and the unemployment of the Eighties, the population of the surrounding area has dwindled to nearly nothing and this property long forgotten from the minds of any of his kin that might yet be alive.

Jed met his MaryAnn years ago while she was still a clerk at the town store of Jarrisville. She wasn't beautiful, a true country girl with the huge cow tits, wide plum ass and thick legs. She was missing some of her front teeth, a lisp ensued that was not natural to her but the result of an abusive ex-husband that one drunken day decided that she wasn't worth the shit he spreads out in the garden. A punch that shattered her jaw and had her laid up in the town clinic for two days. Jed isn't a handsome man either, not even in his younger days and he knew it full well, this woman was about the best he would ever do for himself and once he set that hook in her, he never intended to let go.

"C'mon biatch, tell me you don't like it", Jed's grating voice spits out as he presses the head of his swollen cock onto her tight ass. "Beg for it cunt, BEG and tell me you want me back."

MaryAnn's straight blond hair in his hand, he yanks back on her head thrusting her hips up against the frame of the bed, she makes no sound. Not even a sob of remorse for her leaving him.

"Fucking bag, I'll make you talk yet." That head squeezes into the slickened ass of hers, splitting it wide open till it disappears and dry skin meets her inner flesh.

"Fuck yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about." Jed proceeds to hammer at her ass, the friction of their skin pulling her cunt lips to his cock with each thrust. She whimpers, "Is that all you have for me bitch", like a sledge hammer he throws himself at her fat ass, each lunge carrying a bit of sauce from her creamed slit to that tight anal muscle, each thrust going just a bit deeper.

He pulls his cock from her ass, that muscle bulging from her crotch as he withdraws. "Gonna really give it to you now. Yous just asking for it by not talkin' to me. Tell me you want me, tell me that bastard in the corner is a piece o' shit!"

Acting out his revenge on those that have hurt him is Jeds only reply to those actions of others that he finds an injustice. His MaryAnne had hurt him emotionally, he found her with another man and now he really wanted to give it to her. He wanted to make her pay the only way he knew how.

He pulls his hand from beneath the couch cushion, gags at the back of this throat, coughing up slime and saliva that he spits into his palm. His mind is in a whirlwind, probing every scenario that he might fuck his MaryAnn, degrade her and how good it will feel to shoot his sappy wad into the mushy cunt of hers. His hand full of spit and mucous, he slips it back beneath the cushion of his couch where his fantasy resumes where it had left off.

His prick drives into her wet warm box, a relentless rain of blows to her ass that are thrown with such force from his small body that she nearly slides up on the bed, only her toes yet on the floor. All eight plus inches of his bulging meat are engulfed by her cunt, the head of his cock slamming into internal organs that caress him, hug him, the juices of her wet vagina dousing the sack that houses his nuts.

He can hear her heavy breathing, she is liking it, she has forgotten how good that thick prick of his is, how it fills her and stretches her. "I want more" she whispers, barely audible.

"Speak louder Bitch, I can't hear you!" Jed's thrusts slowly, a piston action, as he waits for an answer.

"I want you, give me more, please" she says in her sweetest beside voice.

"Fucking SLUT, I don't care that you want this cock!" He screams at her, bending over to her upturned face so that her ear is next to his mouth.

Again his hand is pulled from the couch, saliva and snot snorted from the back of his throat to be spat yet again into his palm. The looming image of her spread cunt and pillow ass before his eyes, his mind again attacks the figure of his wrath.

Two fingers from each hand are thrust into her ass and he stretches her wide open, a cavernous hole where he has often plunged his fist. The action elicits a scream her, her arms flail at the agony he has induced. He pulls his fat cock from her sloshy cunt and slides into her gaping ass, his sausage snaking its way in till his balls lay on her sopping cunt. Her breath is at first stolen from her to be replaced by labored panting as inch by inch passes her creamy gate. "Can his prick do that, you cunt?" he hisses at her.

Half standing, he presses her face into the covers of the bed one had and crashes into her buttocks, her ass cheeks spread as if slammed by the flat side of a shovel. His cock dives so deep it swims in her crap, sticky and gritty, he smiles and works his motor, in and out, in and out of that bulging shithole, brown slime and a hint of blood smearing the length of his shaft. MaryAnn wreathes in pain, trying to escape her tormentor but to no avail. In an out, In and out.

A smile splits Jed's ragged lips, "Fucking Whore, who's your boss?" He looks at the curled up figure of the man in the corner of that dank little bedroom, staring a the man that would steal his woman from him and he laughs. He laughs just as he feels that gush of cum barreling up the length of his cock to wash the inside MaryAnn's rectum.

Pulling his cock with urgency from below the couch cushion, the day dream that so took his thoughts now gone like a whisp of smoke on a windy day, he looks down just as his jizz spews from the tip of his red swollen prick, climbing high in the air to splash at the wall just above the couch. A second stream follows and third, a mass of cum that would put a Spanish fighting bull to shame.

Sweat streams from his face, getting into his eyes causing them to burn and his vision to blur. "Fucking shit" he rambles as he climbs to his feet nearly tripping over the pants at his ankles. He rubs his eyes with the back his clean hand as he tries to pull his pants up around his boney ass. He stumbles a bit, stepping on a pant leg catching his balance just in the nick of time.

A loud bang outside catches his attention, the sound of a 50 gallon barrel being knocked over, unmistakable. No one knows that he is here, "What the fuck now" he thinks. A shiver runs up his spine, the thought that MaryAnn's kin might be looking for him after the words he had with her a couple of days ago. "Shit, this could get ugly" he whispers, making his way to the hidden trap door in the small bedroom that was once his.

The heavy footsteps on the front porch worried him even more as he dove quickly into his childhood hide away like a rabbit stealthily down its hole.


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