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Viscous Nature - Chapter 29 - Savage Procreation

Short story By: Dean Talbot

This story contains extreme sexual content, delves into the feelings of love, lust, hatred and sinisterly evil fate, to lastly climax in an end worth waiting for, whereby each chapter will build upon the other and hopefully create that necessary emotional attachment.

Chapter 29 - Savage Procreation - No man that she had ever known nor any toy that she has purchased or fashioned has filled her or massaged her innards as the appendage that now throbs within her.

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Chapter 29 - Savage Procreation

Only the explosion of a hand grenade could have been more brutal, the window of the bedroom turning from a reflecting sheet of calm black water into a shower of silver daggers and splinters rain down on the three occupants of the bed. MaryAnne saw the window in slow motion as it bulged inwards like bread dough rising, slowly but steadily growing into the full bodied form that would be ready for the oven. She could see the wood frame bowing inward and the first cracks appear at the corners of the window until with the sound of a shot gun blast it erupted in the fraction of a second. Turning her head away from the oncoming debris, she caught the sight of Jed, his left arm being thrown up in an attempt to ward off danger and the blood spray from his face as his nose was cleanly sliced by a flying shard of sharp glass.

Her body had been shielded from the blast of glass and splintered wood by Jed's form but not her sight or sanity by what her eyes were now confronted with. A terror so horrible and so abominable it was beyond her comprehension. Seemingly shadowed in darkness despite the low light from the hallway that entered the room, at first it was hard to define that which now crouched at the edge of the bed, the only discernible features the two glowing and unblinking orbs of yellow surrounded by the black of night. Slowly it grew from the floor, a mass of gloom extending itself from the bed towards the ceiling. As it swelled so did the details of that hideous form. The cloud of black slowly dimmed into shades of dark grey, the dresser and closet door behind the intruder taking shape and clarity the taller it got. Massive shoulders gave way to a barreled chest and slim waist below which legs slowly emerged, long, bent and not at all human in form. Slapping at its belly was an organ of reproduction that only Lucifer himself could have conjured from the depths of his fiery pits. A sickening bludgeon of glistening red purple snaked with yellowed ivory veins protruding at the loins from a roll of haired skin like an entity all its own. Bulged in the middle as if it had swallowed a bowling ball and the rounded head sloping to a point where a viscous yellow brown fluid dribbled from a black hole like water might percolate from a coffee maker it throbbed and swayed as if of its own accord.

These growing details were only mental notes as her focus was drawn to the things head and those flaming eyes. Set on a short neck that bulged with knotted muscle could not be disguised by the cover of its bristling hair, a head came grudgingly into view which at first might have reminded her of a Baboon, a flat and elongated cranium behind a long snout with ears similar to those of a Doberman, cropped and laid back. As its face came into view so too did the terror in her heart grow. Though having the semblance of a primate the darkness rolled back to reveal the face of a demon from hell, the skull misshapen and bulging out at one side, a hairless domed tumor atop a gruesome head. The mouth looked as if it had been pushed out from the back of its skull protruding unnaturally from below the eyes, twisted to one side, the lips drawn so tight that they had split bloody and thin to expose a row of upper and lower teeth ragged and diseased. The nostrils were not located above the front teeth as one has become accustomed to with every animal known to man, the only hint at what might have been a nose was the lump of flesh with stretched holes that ran the length of the left side of its snout. The incisors, as long as the curved claws of a full grown bear jutted from beneath bared gums eclipsing all other features with the exception of the blood thirsty eyes that were now trained on the trio.

So shocked by the invasion of their shelter, the men's hands were withdrawn from MaryAnn's cunt and ass with the slurps of slimy feet being pulled from the mud of a dank bog leaving two gaping red and pink holes in MaryAnn's upturned ass, an action that she didn't noticed so consumed was she by the terror that had descended upon them.

A film in slow motion, Chucky rolled to the far side of the bed away from the atrocity that was at arm's length. It was but a blur of black and brown to her mind as the beasts arm was swung in an upward arc its talons tearing through the ceiling before descending down onto the back of the fleeing man in a hail of shredded chunks of sheet rock.

She was paralyzed but for her eyes, the fear of more than death seizing her heart as she feels Jed slip from the side of the bed closest to that being of intolerable menace, the same instant those claws sank into the back of the man that had just pleased her. As big as Chucky was, he is crushed to the side of the bed, the nails and fingers of the horror atop him disappearing into his side with the cracking of rib bones and the sound of a meat cleaver slicing through flesh. With unbelieving eyes she watches as the monsters hand pulls from the man on the bed taking a chunk of his body with it, a cavernous hole in his side left to reveal a torn and collapsed lung in its place. A silent scream rips from his lips with the spattering of blood from his upturned face dousing the bedroom wall.

Out of the corner of her eye she sees it moving closer to her, the stench of death, decaying flesh and feces accosting her sense of smell accompanied by the wheezing gulps of air by the dying man at her side culminate into a ghastly dream no man should need to endure. Its hand still engulfed by the flesh and bone from Chucky's severed chest, it turns to her. Closing her eyes, clenching them as tight as she could, she hoped that this nightmare would go away and was nearly convinced but for the hot breath that now puffed at her upturned ear and neck tossing her sweat drench hair as a blast of ocean wind might fill the tattered sails of a sinking ship. There was no touch, she could feel its head pull back from her, feel the heavy footfalls of the creature as it walked back towards the destroyed window it had entered the house from, glass shards being crushed under the weight of its massive body.

She shakes uncontrollably, feeling what she thought to be the slick tongue of the colossal fiend lapping at her genitals, long strokes that parted her cunt lips to drag across her now puckered ass. The mess that had been left by her two lovers soon gone, she feels that sickly tongue worming its way into her still slushy box to then turn its attention to her tightened ass, pressing deep into both holes alternately, gulping in her mixed fluids with slow deliberate and obviously enthusiastic delight. She felt the sharp teeth of its lower jaw dig slowly into the skin of her mound and the upper incisors cut into her buttocks as it distended its jaws trying to reach even further into her body. At once it stopped and with a snort of approval, a sound that might have been compared to the snuffle of a horse that just took a big whiff off a bucket of oats, it steps up onto the bed, a leg to either side of her hips.

She cries softly in despair as she feels the pointed tip of that malformed sexual appendage pressing at her groin, missing its target several times to slip down below her smoothly shaved mound and slide along her belly. Talons like ice picks dig deep into the skin of her shoulders pulling her upper body from the bed and back, impaling her onto that vicious sludge oozing prick. It plowed into her, she could feel the skin between her cunt and ass stretching, the ache of pelvis and tail bones as they are pressed apart, a sensation she could compare to that of child birth but in a fraction of the time, the pinch of her anus muscle being dragged into body by the mass of that lump being forced into her. The excruciating pain was like no other, it was as if her whole groin were tearing with the passing of that bulging lump causing every muscle in her body to weaken and tremble. The pain was soon suppressed, replaced by the sting of the searing heat emitted by that diseased cudgel as it pressed deep within her, stretching her vaginal tissue way beyond any penetration it was foreseen to handle, pushing major organs aside as it burrowed and instilling a nausea which nearly had her spilling her dinner on the covers beneath her.

There was nothing human about the rape that was taking place. The creatures' body hunkered over her back where she kneeled on hands and knees, the talons of its fingers pulling her upper body back with such force that her back threatened to snap, it was the sick scene of some prehistoric beasts being consumed by the instinctual need for procreation. The thing slammed at her blubbery hips with a crazed gusto, its whole cock disappearing to be pulled from her now cavernous cunt to then thrust back into it with a sloshy splash thump that drove the wind from her lungs, the girth of its member visibly distending even her chubby belly with each insertion.

She couldn't cry, she couldn't breathe, and there was no more pain, not even when she felt those teeth sink into the fat and muscle of her shoulder as its swelling orgasm neared. Her conscious mind nearly gone, the overpowering sense of desperation and doom had given way to the onset of shock, her mind accepting this fate that has been dealt her, she gets lost in the rhythmic motion of her body. She lowers her head, the long hair falling from her shoulders, an impenetrable curtain where a movie begins to play before her closed eyes. She sees a woman naked and beautiful on hands and knees in the middle of a grassy meadow spotted with gorgeous yellow and blue flowers bumping her body back on an invisible lover. Those breasts so proud follow her body's cadence, the faint imprint of translucent hands massaging them with each thrust of her hips. Every movement of that luscious body conveyed the woman's lust for that overpowering male dominance, sensual satisfaction and the quickening rhythm of her thrusting hips, the starving need for release.

Warmth flows through MaryAnne's body, she can taste the sweet smell of the grass, the gentle touch of the wind caressing her bare skin and the earthy brush of the grass on her legs and arms. She catches her breath and winces at the depth with which that pulsating limb is penetrating her tender womanhood. No man that she had ever known nor any toy that she has purchased or fashioned has filled her or massaged her innards as the appendage that now throbs within her. She feels the firm spread of her fleshy cunt stretched to its breaking point, a pain so intense and longed for that her mind translates it to pure pleasure. The knotted midsection of this massive cock rolling over her cervix making it feel like a small boat riding the enormous swells of an ocean in a brewing storm sending shock waves of ecstasy through her body with every cresting. The slipping of that slick sloped head as it parts her wonting flesh to crash deep within her lusting cave creates a tempest of euphoria that washes over her. She can feel her climax coming, a feeling that she staves off, prolonging this unmatched state of ecstasy as long as she might.

Opening her eyes, MaryAnne sees the lady surrounded by the natural beauty of the land slamming her body onto that pole of pleasure, sees the climax building in her body, the quivering of her legs and shaking of the arms attesting to the tension that has built inside her. With a swing of her head, that black radiant mane flares out blocking all of the light and color of the surrounding flora to reveal a familiar face,… her face above which two large glowing balls of yellow fire raged.

It was only when that shaft of destruction slipped from her red frothing cunt to mistakenly ram itself into her ass that the overwhelming agony jolted her body back to reality if only for a moment, a split second where she could feel its lava like seed spilling into her large intestines, the acidic fluid eating at her flesh. With a wailing cry of a person on deaths door step the room began to tilt and sway, her vision blurred until the lights went out. She knew no more torture.

The howling of his bitch brought out an inherent answer from his malformed mouth born of eons of habit, a wail more bone chilling than the death cry his unwilling bitch had just let loose. His body shaking from the exertion and jubilation of his planted seed, he slides from the bed releasing his nails from the slumped body beneath him. Its limp form falling on its side where it could see the torrent of its brown scum oozing from deep within that bloody swollen hole, pumping out like a drunk might puke his night's dinner, waves of fluid and lumpy proteins spilling to the shredded sheets of the bed.

Stepping back, the red veil before his eyes slowly clearing a detail missed earlier comes clearly into view, the end of a thunder stick pointed in his direction. The flash of the muzzle blinded him and the impact of the slug threw him off balance but it did little more than throw him into a rage.

Jed watched the animal, saw the flesh that tore from its right shoulder from the passing of the bullet and the splatter of meat and gore that slammed against the wall behind it. He saw the creature stumble back a step from the impact and before he could load another bullet into his lever action Winchester those goat formed legs with padded feet straddled his chest where he still lay half under the bed. He looked up into the eyes of this invader whose steely muscled hand had already immobilized his gun and saw his death staring back at him.

A shrill scream rang out through the house and was answered by the muffled howls of blood hounds. Jed died watching that blood soaked abomination as it sprang back through the window it came from, a human arm still in its grasp as it disappeared back into the blackness.

His strength waning he rests his head to one side. Coming into sight, a bloody pulp of a head looking at him, dark black fluid jetting from the shorn neck below half of its face was missing its skin, pulled from hairline down to its neck, the jaw bone shattered and jutting straight from the cheek. One of the eyeballs had been torn from its socket still connected by the optical nerve and blood vessels but was now cradled in what was left of an ear. He could see the one good eye close to the floor staring back at him and with his last coughing breath he realizes that he is looking at a large piece of glass and his own reflection.


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