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Viscous Nature - Chapter 2 - Disgruntled

Short story By: Dean Talbot

This story contains extreme sexual content, delves into the feelings of love, lust, hatred and sinisterly evil fate, to lastly climax in an end worth waiting for, whereby each chapter will build upon the other and hopefully create that necessary emotional attachment.

Chapter 2 - Disgruntled. He can see them before him, lying in the bed, that man’s ass assailing the air between his girlfriend’s wide spread legs as he rams his swollen cock into the cunt of his,… “Bitch! YOU MOTHER FUCKING CUNT OF A WHORE!”

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Chapter 2 - Disgruntled

"Cheesy cunt, THAT FUCKING WHORE! Who the fuck, WHAT THE FUCK does she think she's doing!" The words are screamed at the run down walls of a living room in shambles. An old tv, boxy and black as the smoke on the wall above the fireplace sits atop a rickety dresser meant for a bedroom. The one window to this room next to the tv is dirty, hand prints smeared through years of gathered dust and grime easily discernible even in the low light is framed by drab, cobweb infested curtains.

The man sits up, disgruntled and angry, swiftly getting to his feet, talking at a person unseen, "You fucking bitch, do you really think that I don't know? That I have no fucking idea? I am going to chain your ass to the fucking dog house and ram it with a fucking two by four. No fucking soft rounded edges, no fucking Vaseline, just ram it right up your FUCKING ass, let them splinters teach you a god damn lesson!"

The cloud of dust rushing from the couch as he stood up begins to settle but the layer that has clung to the back of his faded plaid shirt and worn trousers toss a shimmering cloud with every thrown fist.

Jerry "Jed" Blackford, an ex-Marine of 30 something years, scrawny, had always been scrawny and the target of every bully he ever met. The years of abuse have sent him into seclusion, miles from the nearest town. Like most of the men of this northern part of Michigan, his face is lined with wrinkles, the sun beating the skin of his face into withered folds and malnutrition giving his skin a yellow sheen with tinges of light purple.

"Throw me out of the fucking house, I'LL SHOW YOU YOU FUCKING BITCH!" Those words burst onto the room, feeding his need for revenge. "Think you can just kick my ass out and take that bastard fucking Chucky in. YOU THINK HIS FUCKING COCK IS BETTER THAN MINE! I'll show you bitch."

He can see them before him, lying in the bed, that man's ass assailing the air between his girlfriend's wide spread legs as he rams his swollen cock into the cunt of his,… "Bitch! YOU MOTHER FUCKING CUNT OF A WHORE!"

Turning to the couch he falls to his knees, his hands ripping the plaid shirt open, a couple of buttons popping off, shooting at the back rest of couch throwing small plumes of their own into the air. The pants are pulled apart, the zipper whining as it races down to the crotch.

His hand reaches into his open pants and grabs his already solid dick, eight inches, a slab of meat that one cannot imagine on a frame of a man his size. He is pissed, hurt and outraged. As he grew up, he learned at a young age to control his anger, to take out his frustration on the person causing him his pain and not to get killed in doing so. He would fuck them, fuck that person's ass until it bled and then blow a wad of cum deep into their terrorized rectum where it would burn for the next few days. In his mind's eye, he would take revenge on that person the only way he knew how, acting it out.

Knocking the baseball cappy off his head and exposing his medium long entangled greasy hair, he grabs the fabric of the center couch cushion, his right hand encompassing the head of his sausage, he guides his rod between the cushion and couch frame. The tail of his shirt tucked behind him under his left arm he precedes to dry fuck his hand, the head of his cock pulling and pushing at the skin.

He has thrown that fucker from his bitch, the man lies in heap in the corner of the room, immobile and unable to take his eyes off of him as he throws his bastard mistress onto the edge of the bed. Her knees on the floor, legs spread wide exposing her gaping cunt and knotted asshole he slaps that deep crack of her ass with his bulging cock.

"You're mine now bitch. Gotta teach you a lesson in manners. Never mind that fucker in the corner, he needs to know whose boss." His bloated dick, the head the size of a small apple, presses onto her cum slick anus.


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