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Viscous Nature - Chapter 1 - The Drive

Short story By: Dean Talbot

This story contains extreme sexual content, delves into the feelings of love, lust, hatred and sinisterly evil fate, to lastly climax in an end worth waiting for, whereby each chapter will build upon the other hopefully create that necessary emotional attachment.

Chapter 1 - The Drive. These two share the same love of the outdoors, their love for animals, and their love for one another. A love they hide at work but once alone blossoms into a beauty that would make any man lust for the moment to then feel inadequate when once pondered upon.

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Chapter 1 - THE DRIVE

A haze of clouds with no real form moves across the horizon filling ones view. A ray of sunshine can be seen every now and again to penetrate that dark grey and black barrier to light up the distant trees into fiery reds, golds and coppers. Slowly but surely the warmth of the land is being sucked into a void of icy cold and darkness that describes the Michigan landscape during its long winter months.

The road snakes along heading north, the dividing lines have long faded making them nearly indistinguishable during these dark days. The lights of the truck push their way forward but as the sun fades into the horizon so do the details of the road. It is silent in the cab except for the occasional snort of the Boston terrier laying across center console. All thoughts of work have completely receded into the shadows at the back of his mind leaving nothing but the images of what might come on this chilly weekend.

Driving at night doesn't bother him, actually it is his preferred time of day to drive long distances. The traffic is less, no idiots cutting you off or slowing you down when a trucker happens to be doing less than the legal speed limit. Though speeding at over seventy five miles an hour, the tail lights of the cars in front warn of any oncoming danger such as traffic backups or devious police lying in wait.

His wife has reclined the passenger seat with her head balanced on a pillow that is set between the headrest and the cab wall with her feet stretched out to the middle of truck. She is absolutely gorgeous, slender in figure, legs as long as his though she is 4 inches shorter, long blonde hair, and the fine facial features of a full blooded European noble woman.

Watching her while she sleeps has always been a favorite past time of his. Her beauty captivates his every thought, often making him wonder why or how it is that she has fallen in love with the likes him. Not that he is a bad person or ugly but that she is of a family and background much different than his. He had little in common with her with the exception that his father's persistence in bettering himself and working himself to the bone which had given him a sense of responsibility and the drive to constantly work and play harder than those around him. These attributes and the fact that his wife at the time of their first encounter was so impressed with the attention that he was giving her had sealed their fates. They are as one and inseparable, sharing every experience they can together, good and bad.

The campground was their favorite place to be, summer or winter, offering them that desperately needed escape from the weekly stress. Besides the usual fishing and dirt biking they would enjoy most weekends, they had also on occasion brought friends with them. Those times always seemed so special in their own way regardless of the company. Most of the time it was colleagues or friends that would join them around campfire, the beer would flow, the steaks sizzling on the open fire, the laughs and reminiscing of good times washing all stress from our thoughts. There were also those other times, those few times, when a special person would be invited to their little piece of heaven. That one lady, special in every aspect but mostly loved for the extraordinary friendship that she has with them. Those few times are those that have been burned into their memories, thoughts that recur as dreams and shared by the both.

Chelsea resembles my wife in all aspects with the exception of her being 8 years older and her hair, black as night. The long legs, the shapely ass, tight stomach, small perky tits and shapely necks are perfect descriptions of both. These two share the same love of the outdoors, their love for animals, and their love for one another. A love they hide at work but once alone blossoms into a beauty that would make any man lust for the moment to then feel inadequate when pondered upon.


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