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Viscious Nature - Chapter 12 - The Demon

Short story By: Dean Talbot

This story contains extreme sexual content, delves into the feelings of love, lust, hatred and sinisterly evil fate, to lastly climax in an end worth waiting for, whereby each chapter will build upon the other and hopefully create that necessary emotional attachment.

Chapter 12 - Her every movement is shadowed by the dark grey form of a beast which is running alongside her, not a stone’s throw away, only the occasional snap of a twig or the swish of bothered leaves letting on to his movement as he follows his prey.

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Chapter 12 - The Demon

He is running through fields of alp alpha and wheat, the splinter of a waxing moon above rendering all objects invisible to the naked eye of man yet he could see as if through a haze, the distant trees and even the countryside somehow engulfed in an aura of blues and purples around their grey bodies. His field of vision is narrowed so that all before him is clear but that in his peripheral vision a blur of mixed greys and black. His mind races for the an explanation and all he can think of is the term for his condition, 'tunnel vision' , a condition often associated with high speeds of movement, or the experience of a bad situation in slow motion or a side effect of a person that has had much to much alcohol to drink.

He is exhilarated, a freshness of bursting energy flowing through his limbs, a feeling that had been lost to his youth. He doesn't know where he is going but feels as if his running is carrying him to a known destination, to something that he has been looking forward to and planning for a long while. His running is broken as he jumps towards the heavens in joy, ecstatic with freedom and lust for life then falls back to the ground where his bare feet dig into the soft dirt and propel him forward with the speed of a horse racing the wind.

A light appears ahead, bright and piercing and he feels as though he is near his destination. His heart pumps with a euphoria that is like none other he has felt before and his running turns into long outdrawn strides then to leaps of heroic super human distances. Time was somehow not consistent and with the blink of an eye he has passed the lonely suburban house that he knew to be inhabited by a man, a hunter and his wife, two children both girls and their dog. These facts he knew without doubt even though he knows that he has never been to this place or met the inhabitants of that home before.

On the horizon, a glowing emerges, points of light growing in front of him which soon turn the night to day. A town is drawing near and the smell of civilization begins to fill his nose. Unwittingly he searches for a familiar scent and ever his travels move him to a location that he can nearly see with his inner eye but has never laid eyes upon. Soon he is passing between buildings of industrial nature, dodging wire mesh fences and guard houses placed behind huge parking lots. The landscape soon gives way to residential areas and their wooden fences that he seems to fly over, always trying to stay a straight course to that which he seeks. Not once did he feel a threat to his wellbeing as he swooped through private property, disturbing the sleep of guard dogs or family pets. Even the bright red, white and blue lights of a stationary vehicle parked in front of a small store on the corner didn't deter him from desire though subconsciously he did take more to the shadows until those lights were far enough behind him that discovery of his passing was no longer possible.

A scent reaches his nose, one as sweet as perfume and as moving as the aroma of a perfectly cooked steak to a hunger stricken man. He stops in his tracks to take in this scent when he notices that the barking of what must be all the dogs of the town dies down to pure silence as his attention focuses on it. Again the scent comes to him, overwhelming his very being. Drool runs down his cheek from the corner of his mouth, something that he knows can happen to him at times when consumed by hunger or when he is making love to his wife and on the brink of orgasm, where all thoughts are focused on the moment and some involuntary bodily functions no longer work properly. It is at this moment that the picture of a woman is connected to the scent, a woman of long black hair and unusual beauty who it seems that he has seen several times in front of a school. The memory of her bending over and whispering to a crying child or shaking the hand of a concerned parent is vivid, as if happening at this very moment, a ghostly vision that awakens an animal lust in his aching bones.

In a blinding fast leap he is off again, now following a well-lit street which he knew would end at an intersection where the towering building of a large high school is to be found. It was the parking lot at the south side of school bordering the city park that he was looking for. The building looms up in the distance and his gate changes from a leaping run to a shadow jumping between the homes until there is just the street between him and the building. Peering from between the bushes at the edge of the side walk, he looks down both sides of the road fronting the school to find it empty of life. It isn't late, maybe nine thirty but the cold has driven nearly everyone indoors. The school too seems lifeless with the exception of lights burning in a few of its larger classrooms. A large low concrete sign lit bright white by the low lying lights in front of it display boldly the name of the school but he doesn't recognize the words, they are lost to him with his every thought concentrated on the woman that has caused this fire in him.

Throwing caution to the wind he jumps into the street and bounds for the shadows behind the concrete slab to then slither along the length of the buildings foundation on his stomach, much the same tactic he had once learned in the military long ago. He rounds the right side of the building where it opens up into the parking lot that he knew would be there. A few cars are still parked to the rear under several high mounted flood lights but there is no other soul to be seen. Sure that he will not be spied, he leaps to his feet and as ghost he crosses the lot slipping into the trees behind the cars. About ten paces into the woods he found a spot where he had clear vision of the parked cars, particularly the small white sedan that belonged to the woman he was looking for, the scent of her very essence wafting to him, beckoning like the smell emitting from bakery in the early hours of the morning. He crouches behind two trees and waits, his blood formally cooking with a lust that has his fingers twitch and his teeth chatter.

A door opens, the familiar "clack" sound of a door opened by a long bar found in many public buildings rings in his ears and then the talking and laughing of three men and a woman. Their words are meaningless to him and sound as though he might be listening to the conversation while lying at the bottom of a swimming pool, distorted and incomprehensible yet unmistakable in their nature and who they belong to. They reach the cars and he can see the arms of the four raise almost simultaneously, their hands waving like leaves in the wind at each other. His heart races knowing the he will soon have to react. He shifts his legs below him so as that he may fire from behind his cover but in doing so he makes a mistake, his movement backwards has him break a branch with a loud "CRACK", a sound that did not go unnoticed by those on the pavement. He freezes in place, his exhilaration replace in an instant by caution. The four turn in his direction and he can see them scanning the woods for the sound that broke the silence of this windless night.

All of his instincts are telling him to take the woman now and only the occasional glance to the men at her side indicates that he notices their presence. Though filled with a rage, ravenous and insatiable, he knows that for him to alleviate his burning thirst he must concentrate on the weaker, easier prey. Those that when cornered scream their hearts out at the sight of him, some even to lay themselves at his feet and beg to him, gibberish in his ears, for their lives. He waits like a statue not even trusting to breathe lest that which he has come for should slip from his grasp. This thought seemed odd to him, the meaning of the word 'prey' trying to sink in but elusively slipping from him as he waits. Had he been of sound mind he might even have laughed because the three men seemed to resemble the Three Stooges with their hair and attire as they were and the young woman whose green skin, short skirt with long black stockings showing that she wished to be seen as an evil witch.

Seconds go by when one of the men is apparently satisfied that nothing is wrong and with the waving of an arm, slips into his car. A second man then too lifts an arm of which the gesture is returned by the remaining man and woman. A sign he knew to mean that this person too would soon be leaving. It doesn't take but a minute and there are only two persons left in the parking lot.

Just as the second car turns right onto the road and passes out of sight in front of the building the man left in the parking lot sweeps the woman into his arms and plants a long kiss onto her lips. The sight of his woman being taken by another elicits a grunt from him, a short low guttural snort, one loud enough to again catch the attention those kissing in the parking lot and have them again searching the depths of the nearby woods. Giggling and entwined in each other's arms they soon return to their passionate embrace. He can smell the others release of hormones, he can see the heat of their bodies increase and emanate into the cold air. The sweet pungent scent of her cunt dripping with anticipation has him itching to move from hiding and take what he wants from her. Watching, listening and smelling that which transpires before him has him excited. A fire has been awakened between his legs, an uncontrollable throbbing, and he moves closer. A feeling of primal rage explodes within him erupting in a guttural howl that penetrates the night.

With the quickness of a prowling predator he hurdles into the light, his presence turning his quarry to stone at the sight of him. One fell swoop of his arm sends the man that looks like curly skidding twenty feet across the pavement impacting the base of one of the parking lot lights. He pounces after him looking for a fight. Nothing is forth coming, blood and brain matter oozing from the broken temple next to his right eye, he turns to the woman he came for, standing between her and the building behind him, his lips curling into a snarl as he sees the deathly fright in her eyes. Blood from the man's broken head swirls around his foot but goes unnoticed as he watches the panicked flight of that which he most desires.

The woman runs hysterically, trying to scream but winded such that it is no more than a hoarse throaty whisper. She stank of fear and he could feel the thrill of killing rise in him as he stalked her, ever just out of sight, savoring every electric pulse that her pounding heart that shoots out to his keen sense of hearing. It is almost a sixth sense that allows him to feel her very soul shuddering in terror and it excites him, an excitement, a pleasure that he has long denied himself,... the hunt.

The crashing movement of the woman through the woods has every animal of the park wide awake, silently following the scene developing before their eyes. They are silent, dead silent; the threat to their existence sending them into a frozen state of fearful watchfulness, only their eyes can be seen to move as the woman passes, tripping over stones and thrashing through low hung branches. Her every movement is shadowed by the dark grey form of a beast which is running alongside her, not a stone's throw away, only the occasional snap of a twig or the swish of bothered leaves letting on to his movement as he follows his prey.

Her every move, her every breath, the very beating of her heart cries out for the salvation of her life. The branches and rocks have been reaching out and grabbing at the flimsy silver green cloth rendering her costume to strips of rags accompanied by scratches and bruises. She had been running as a blind woman might, hitting trees and boulders in her wild attempt to escape her fate. The smell of her blood is more than he can handle and he bursts through the trees separating them to stand in front of her, dwarfing her as a man might a child. The sight of him in front of her, those glaring red and yellow eyes sap the strength from her legs, she stumbles to her left to fall against a large tree that she hugs for support, turning her back to the demon, the horror that her mind cannot comprehend. Her eyes close and her body trembles.

He moves to her, quietly, not a twig is broken, not a leaf rustled. Her left shoulder is bare where the tree branches had torn at the flimsy shirt in her panicked race through the woods. Her skin is so enticing, the thumping of the blood and the pulsing of her veins distinctly heard and seen have his breathing deepen, the sound of gravel slipping below the edge a tractor front loader. His head moves to her, to lovingly nibble at that exposed back of her neck and shoulder. His hands run from her wrists to her hold her tight around her upper arms. He lifts her from the ground like a child not noticing that the bark of the tree has pulled her shirt from her chest and scraped the green make up from the side of her face. Her soft scream is music to his ears, a beckoning for him to deliver more. He pulls her to himself and lets her shoulder into his mouth. She is soft and he can feel his upper incisors prick into the trembling skin below her collar bone just to the left of her neck and the teeth of his lower jaw snag into her shoulder blade. Lust has him drooling so much so that he can feel it flowing from under his tongue, down around his lower lip to dribble down her back. Wanting to feel the warmth of her body he presses his chest up against her. The heaving and sobbing of her body bumps rhythmically up against his, the fire between his legs grows in heat, it feels like the stoked embers of an iron workers smelting oven. His male member is hard as an iron fence post and he lets it run up and down between the crack of her ass. It doesn't bother him to subconsciously note that he is naked, only the primal need for sexual release is on his mind. He stoops slightly, guiding the tip of his pole between her legs until he can feel the warmth engulf him. He pushes up into her, her panty hose and undies being dragged into her body. Pain overcomes the pointed tip of his prick just as the woman lets out a dull grunt. The cloth rips and his thick oozing wet member lubricates her crack as he slides easily into her. She is tight, very tight, and a true scream of objection echoes into the black woods from her distorted mouth as she fights, fruitlessly striving to release herself from this hellish grip only inflicting more scrape wounds to the front her body . He works his bulging rod back and forth loosing that hole, he is not yet half into her, that lump of bone in the middle of his cock is too big to pass, pushing her up the tree with each thrust. Straining against her, clamping her to the bark such that he can hear the air in her lungs wheeze from between her teeth as it leaves her body, he shoves hard into her. That knot of flesh and bone spears her, audibly tearing skin then popping with a wet smack, he sinks to the hilt into soft flesh. Her bloody scream, that of a stuck pig, rings out like a siren. Pleasure that he seldom feels flushes his body. The feeling of the head of his massive appendage, pressing at her inner soft tissue as it sinks into her, wrapping around the tip of his rod like a towel soaked in hot water, he explodes with the intensity of a cannon, the rush of his bodily fluid pouring from his massive prick, blasting her entrails with a coating of searing white scum. The experience is so extreme that his body is sent into spasms. As fast and as loud as the scream began, just as abruptly did it cease, the cracking of bones and rending of flesh from his convulsing jaws nearly separate the woman's head from her body.


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