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Passion and Lust

Short story By: DarkPrincess94

A vampire and a human's lust.... too real?

Submitted:Dec 15, 2011    Reads: 388    Comments: 5    Likes: 1   

Jake's piercing sea blue eyes gazed into my hazel eyes, he wrapped his hands into my long blond hair, grabbing it hard and pulled my body close to his and crushed his lips to mine, my body filled with exitement, Jake pushed my body up to the wall, his penis hard and big in his trousers pressed to my, i gasped as he slipped two fingers into my tight pussy whilst his tongue moved against mine, gasping against his lips as he explores my pussy, feeling myself becoming wet. Jake smiled to my lips.

"Your so beautiful Jessica" Jake murmured against my neck as he kissed it, he pulled down his trousers to reveal his huge penis hard.

" Beg for it" He said, i looked to him a smiled formed across my face.

"Please Jake, i want your cock inside my tight wet pussy"

Jake rubbed his head against my pussy lips, i moaned at the touch, he slipped in the pulled out.

"Please Jake, i want you to fuck me hard and make me feel dirty!!" I begged,

Jake smiled and rammed his cock into my pussy, i moaned as i felt him move inside me, feeling him going deeper, he pulled my legs to his waist and then pinned me to the floor, he got onto his knee's, he rammed himself deeper, both of us groaning and moaning in pleasure. Jake grabbed my hair and pulled it back,exposing my neck, i moaned in pleasure and in exctasy i felt Jake's fangs brush against my neck, i sighed.

"Bite me Jake, Bite me and fuck me so hard!!" I begged, Jake rammed harder into me, i screamed at the pleasure then he bit into my neck, i screamed again, he placed his free hand over my mouth, his cock getting harder and going deeper in my, i could feel my wall's tighting i knew it wouldn't be long.

Jake slammed into me again, i moaned again causing my wall to tighen around his cock, Jake groaned against my neck, i felt blood and sweat running down my body and felt Jake's sweat mixing with mine.

"You've been a bad dirty girl" Jake growled, i moaned in response as he grabbed my hips and forced himself deeper, i gasped i dugged my nails intohis back, Jake hissed and pushed deeper.

The deeper he got the more i wanted him...

Jake grabbed my hands, pinning them above my head, he bite and sucked at my hard nippled i squirmed underneth his body in pleaser, i tightened up more, moaning.

"Jake...i...im nearly there"

" Don't you dare"

I tried to fight it back, but my walls throbbed, i felt Jake pulled at my hair again feeling my head snap back has he bit right into my vein, i felt Jake come inside my pussy and he groaned going faster and deeper, i comed, screaming his name.

"Oh God, oh God JAKE!!!"

"JESSICA!! OH LORD!!!" Jake cried...

Jake slowed down, both of us panting, my body smeared in blood and both of our sweat. Jake looked to me and smiled.

" Why do you do this to me Jessica?!"

" Do what Jake?"

Jake shook his head and kissed me...

I felt like i had come to heaven...

"Jessica??" A voice said, i tried to look for the voice.


I suddenly bolted up, panting hard i realised i was dreaming, it all was a dream, i looked to the door to see those too familiar sea blue eyes looking to me.

" Rise and shine Jessica" Jake said, my heart pounded hard and i fell back into bed.

It was just a dream...I wish it wasn't...


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