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The Bet (Darkmoon75)

Short story By: Darkmoon75

A fun little story I wrote involving two characters from my more serious works, Raven Darkmoon and his Raku wife Cheryl. If you're wondering what a Raku is, they are a race in my stories that were inspired by furry/yiff communities. Cheryl is a fox Raku.

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"And that comes to..." Cheryl Darkmoon said as she tabulated her casino's profits for the month, "twenty-two five. I guess summer's the season for gambling. The rest of the entertainments I provide didn't even come close."

"That always kills me when you call it that." Raven Darkmoon, her husband, laughed.

"Well, what would you call it, stud? Gambling, drinking and fucking are the pinnacles of adult entertainment, you know. I just call it that to simplify things." Cheryl smiled. She was a fox Raku, meaning that her guardian spirit was that of the fox and it reflected in her appearance. She had lovely orange and white fur, pointed black tipped ears and a fluffy tail that she prided herself on. She also had gorgeous long golden hair and a generous personality.

"I don't really know, come to think of it."

"Shut up, then," she said, but the smile on her muzzle indicated she wasn't being serious.

"Grouch." Raven replied.

"Aw, you didn't call me bitch. How sweet."

"I've never called you that and I never will. You know that." He glanced at his watch and yawned.

"You looked bored."

"I'm so bored that I actually wish Paula had something for me to do. How screwed up is that?" Raven was a Shadow Hunter. It was his job to eliminate evil in any form throughout Valladia, or anywhere else his boss, Paula Devereaux, needed to send him. It wasn't a job he enjoyed. He killed a lot of people who deserved it and would undoubtedly kill more. Apparently, it was a slow month and the bad guys were taking a holiday.

"That's pretty messed up, all right. Good thing I'm here. I know just the thing to fix that." Cheryl grinned. "Since you're so bored, how about we play a little game?"

"That depends. What game are we talking about, and does it involve us getting naked at some point?" He winked at her. "You've been rather stingy with the love lately, my selfish little fox."

"By the ancestors, you're downright mean when you haven't had any in a while. It's only been a week. Anyway, that's about to change," Cheryl said as she dumped a handful of the money she had counted into a velvet pouch.

"Actually, it's been sixteen days." Raven responded.

"Point is moot, loverboy. I held off for so long because I had this game planned out in advance. You're about to get more than you can handle." Cheryl placed the velvet pouch on the table as she stored the rest of her earnings away.

"I like this game already." Raven grinned.

"You males are so easily pleased, All I have to do is mention the idea I'm in the mood for it and your eyes light up." she chuckled. "Now, the first thing you have to do is cover the ante. That's five hundred. Ante up, strip, then give me a couple of minutes, stud."

Raven dropped his five hundred on the table, undressed, and made himself comfortable on the floor as he waited for her to return. A few minutes later she came back naked wearing nothing but a pair of black nylons, her gold studded earrings and a wicked smile.

"Rules of the game?" Raven asked as he eyed her hungrily.

"First one to cum loses. You're allowed to use any technique to get me off, and I'm allowed to do the same to you. Ready?"

"Yeah." Raven answered as he pulled her to him. He kissed her stomach and moved downward. When he had arrived at her clitoris, he flicked it playfully with his tongue.

"Hey, wait. We're not even in the bedroom yet!" Cheryl objected suddenly.

"I don't recall that as being one of the rules, babe."

"All right. Two can play this game, hotshot." She pulled her hips away from him and pushed him back with her foot. She then positioned herself upside down on top of him and took his now erect cock in her hand. "Did you know I can bring anyone, male or female, to orgasm with just my tongue, sweetie?"

"No, but I've been known to get more than my fair share of ladies off with my own." Raven said. He ran his fingers along the moist slit between her legs. "I didn't know you tried it with a female. That's interesting."

"Mm-hmm. I have, once." Cheryl ran his cock along the fur on her cheek, then slipped her muzzle over him. You're about to find out the hard way what I can do, honey, she thought, and it's going to cost you five hundred smackers. Oh, now what are you doing? Are you...are you fucking me with your tongue? Ooh, feels nice.

Raven had inserted his tongue inside her and was moving it in and out. He stopped and inserted two of his fingers. "I don't know what it is you think you're doing down there, sweets, but whatever it is, don't stop, because I'm starting to like it."

Cheryl could feel the familiar tingling inside her, the one that promised an orgasm was hiding in there somewhere.Wow, my baby's very good at twat play. I've got to be a little more careful if I want to win our little game.She pulled her head up and looked back at him. "I'll keep that in mind." She moved her black furred hand along his shaft, now slick with her saliva. "I'll bet that feels good, doesn't it?"

Keep that up and you're going to have an early - and messy - end to our fun, Raven thought. "Not really."

"Liar. I heard that little grunt in your voice, the one that tells me to do this next." Cheryl ran her tongue over the tip lightly, then slid her mouth over him again. She sucked once, and she heard him moan. "Cum whenever you feel like it, Daddy. I'm not stopping you."

"I...I don't think so, Mommy." Raven gripped her hips and buried his face inside her. "After twenty years I know all your hot spots."

Oh, fuck. If he keeps that up, I'm going to lose! "Ahhh!" Cheryl moaned. "Yeesh!"

"Found one." Raven chuckled. "How about giving up now?"

"Hell...no!" Cheryl said as she lifted her hips. Her mouth was on him again and she worked vigorously, then took her mouth from him and replaced it with her hand. "Come on, sweetie. Cum for Mommy."

"Trying not to, but you're...shit...you're making it difficult."

"Looks like I'll have to stop being Miss Nice and start being Miss Naughty. Let's go upstairs and finish our little game." She gave him one last slurp before sliding off him. "Come on, Daddy. Mommy's had enough foreplay. Time to get down to brass tacks."

"Woah. I don't mind kinky, but that's taking it a bit far."

She looked at him. Seeing his smile and the humor in his eyes, she said, "Oh, shut up and come on."


Once upstairs, Cheryl lay spread eagled on the bed, one hand above her head and the other on her pussy. "I think it's time for the main attraction."

"Uh-uh. Not yet." Raven said as he lay beside her. He brushed her hair back tenderly and kissed her neck. "It's been a while. Let me savor this."

"Okay. Don't forget the bet, though."

"I won't." His hand moved to her breasts and he gave the nipples a light pinch. He heard the change in her breathing and playfully sucked on them, pushing the short, white fur aside with his tongue. He did this until her breathing came in rasps. "I think Mommy likes having her nipples teased."

"You're using...every damn trick in the book, aren't you? But I know something you like, too." Cheryl said. She quickly raised up and turned him over on his back, then gripped both her breasts and slid his rock hard cock between them. "Been a while since I've done this for you." Her fur wasn't rough like an animal's. It was soft, silky, and very comfortable. This is because Raku may look like bipedal animals, but they are closer in biology to humans, hence their ability to mate and breed with them. Their fur felt more like soft hair than actual fur.

"Oh, yes. Yes it has."

"Daddy has a bit of a boob fetish, I think. Quite all right, because Mommy has a bit of a cock fetish. Funny, how things work out sometimes." She stopped long enough to spit on the glistening cock between her breasts, then flicked her tongue playfully and- continued to shift her breasts until Raven's own breathing changed. "However, I'm not in the mood for a pearl necklace tonight, so how about it, Daddy? I'm getting pretty hot below, so how would you like to try to put out my fire, hmm?"

His breathing becoming harsh and ragged in his throat, Raven pulled away from her as she smiled and tossed her hair back. Suddenly he flipped her over into her favorite position. She giggled, lifted her ass in the air and raised her tail. Then she reached her hand under and spread herself open for him.

"Time for you to play doctor, sweetie. I've opened up. Now see if you can make me say 'ahh.'"

Raven gripped her hips, slipped inside her slowly and said, "You're enjoying this a little too much." His thrusts were slow and steady, and he heard a low pitched, throaty moan."I'm guessing you forgot but I know why you like this position." He playfully swatted her ass then gently grabbed her thick, bushy tail.

Oh no, not that! Anything but that! If he does that then I'll lose for sure! Cheryl thought. She could feel herself ready to erupt at any moment. That slight moistness between her legs was becoming wetter with each thrust her husband made. "Wow, it's...oh, by the gah...fuck!"

"Uh-oh, Mommy brought out the naughty language. I know what that means." Raven said, and brushed the underside of her tail. Cheryl loved that and it usually brought on the most intense orgasm for her when he did it. This time, however, it did not have the desired effect. Cheryl bit the silk pillow and concentrated on trying not to cum. She could feel more of her juices gush and she thought, Oh...gonna cum gonna cum gonna cum don't want to yet but I think I'm gonna....whew, close call! She barely succeeded.

Raven ran his fingertips gently through the fur on her back, pressing slightly. In essence, he was giving her a back rub as he fucked her, though that wasn't the word he would have used to describe what they were doing. He preferred to call it making love, which is what it really was. He cared for her, and she for him, and they had many ways of showing it in the bedroom.

Any man can fuck a woman. It takes a man who knows the difference between a fuck and loving someone (as well as a great amount of self discipline) to ignore his own lusts and concentrate instead on his female partner. Raven was this kind of man. He loved his wife very much, and he always saw to her need first. What really made their lovemaking work was that Cheryl understood this, too, and worked for his enjoyment. The result: two people who loved each other enough to ignore their own pleasure in favor of giving the other joy and satisfaction. This often gave them powerful, mind blowing orgasms which ultimately was the goal.

He continued to rub her back a little while longer, enjoying her sweet moans of ecstasy, then he stopped, gripped her waist and flipped over on his back. She was now in a reverse cowgirl position.

"Uh-oh." Cheryl said. Her tail wagged slowly back and forth."You just messed up, Daddy."

Raven lifted her hips slowly as he worked under her. "How so, babe?"

She slapped his hands away and said, "Because now I'm in control. I never cum in this position until I want to." Being an ace poker player, Cheryl certainly knew how to bluff. She lifted her buttocks off his hips and rolled them...

...and Raven folded. "You could have told me that earlier, you know."

"Where's the fun in that?" Cheryl leaned forward a bit, letting him get a great view of her ass. She lifted her thick orange tail and placed her hands on his thighs. "Get yourself a good look... Oh!"

Raven lightly slapped her ass again. "I like what I see. However, I'm still in perfect control of the situation." He raised himself slightly, hugged her under the breasts and leaned her back. He kissed the back of her neck, then released her and she went back to grinding her hips. "Damn, that's starting to feel really good."

"Yeah, tell me about it, honey." She stopped bucking for a moment and took his hand. She placed it on her thigh so he could feel the nylon stocking she wore. "You like seeing me in these, don't you? They're your favorites, and I wore them just...for...you." The last three words came out in a seductive whisper.

Raven groaned and moved his hand under her ass. "That's my clever little vixen, always stacking the...deck...in her favor."

"Sounds like someone's ready to blow his load." With those words, she felt him increase his speed. "You go right ahead and cum, Daddy. At five hundred this has got to be the most expensive fuck you've... ever had...so you might as well...mmm,...you might as well enjoy it."I hope you do soon, because I'm not sure how much more I can hold on!"Fuck me. That's right. Give me ...ooh, yeah, baby, that's it...give me...every...fucking...drop..." Uh-oh! Cheryl thought. I just hope I can hold out until he...ooh, too late!

Oh, shit, I've lost! Raven thought as he slowed down and felt himself lose control. "Shit!" He twitched and spewed inside her as he felt her already tight pussy tighten even more. Cheryl felt his hot squirt splash repeatedly against the walls of her womb and she let out a delighted high pitched squeal of her own. She squeezed her eyes shut as the pleasurable sensation filled her inner being.

"Oh no! I'm...Oooh-hoo, fuck!" Oh damn it! I lost!

Both were gasping as they tried to force some air back into their lungs. Cheryl continued to tremble as aftershocks of her orgasm raced through her. It felt as if her blood was on fire. Finally, they ceased and she lay on top of him, panting. He hugged her and she turned her head to kiss him. It was a long one, the kind that wasn't full of anticipation of greater things to come (so to speak) but the kind that told them how they really felt about one another. The kiss told them of the deep love and caring they had, him for her and her for him. Nothing carnal at all about that kiss.

"You're incredible, baby." Cheryl whispered. She rolled off Raven slowly and lay beside him to snuggle up. "I don't think I...*huff* I ever came so hard in my life. Whew."

"It just feels that way because *huff* you went so long without it."

They lay there in silence for a while, content simply to be with each other. He smoked as she kissed his naked chest and stroked it lovingly. "Um, honey? Who wins?"

"I wasn't really paying attention. I had my hands full."

"I'll say you did. You gripped my ass pretty good when you finished. I feel so wet and gooey. I'm glad I caught all of it, too, because I didn't want to spend my day tomorrow scrubbing the ceiling. You came so hard I thought for sure it was going to shoot out of my ears!" Cheryl said. She tugged on her large fox ears, balled her fists above them, then opened said fists, spreading her arms apart wide while staring at the ceiling. "Splat!" She burst into laughter.

"That's one hell of a silly image you've painted, dearest." Raven said. He was laughing, too but not as much as she was. "You're my silly girl."

"Heh. It's fun being silly. But seriously, we both came at the same time, I think. Rare thing, that."

"Really? I hadn't noticed." Raven said. He wasn't really concerned at all about the bet. He was happy enough that she had enjoyed herself. He vanished his cigarette and looked down at her. She had moved her hand considerably farther down.

"Yes. Oh, well now, look at that. You're still hard. Mommy knows what to do about that." She started humming softly and took his pussy drenched cock in her hand. She worked it slowly, letting her hand slide up and down his wet organ until she felt him growing firm once more. "Mommy likes making Daddy happy."

"Mm-hmm. Daddy likes making Mommy happy, too." Raven told her. He kissed her forehead and rested his hand around her waist as she playfully danced her fingertips along the underside of his cock. They were light sweeping motions, followed by brushing him gently with her tail.

"You always do, sweetie. Since we both came at the same time, you know what this means?"


Cheryl tossed her golden hair back, pressed her naked breasts against his chest and said, "Round two. Double or nothing, stud."


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