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They Never Taught Us That In School!

Short story By: Dante Mendoza

Who said tutoring had to be boring? Star quarterback Chad Dillion and brainly Linda Anderson learn that education can be quite a thrilling, pleasurable, and passionate experience! Find how in this humorous, erotic piece!

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Chastity Falls, Michigan

"Are you almost done in there?" knocked high school senior and quarterback Chad Dillion on the bathroom door.

Inside his tutor, the brainy Linda Anderson, prepared methods of memory enhancing lessons to get him ready for the big biology exam Friday.

"Almost finished Chad," she answered through the door. "Just crack open your textbook and try to remember the vocabulary we went over. I'm pretty sure it's going to be on the test. I'll be with you in a few minutes. Trust me, this idea I have will help you ace it."

It was bad enough that Chad was stressing out for the Homecoming game at end of the month but he had to keep up his 2.0 grade point average or the coach would bench him. He had been under a lot of pressure. College scouts have been informed of his athletic ability and would be appearing in the stadium of Jimmy Swaggart High. His girlfriend Julie, who was also the school's head cheerleader and resident bitch, dumped him last week in favor of the QB of the rival school that his teammates would be playing against during Homecoming. Lastly, he was doing everything in his power to make sure he passed his classes and make it to graduation. It was a lot to take in for a guy like him. The fact that he was failing biology was not helping. Thankfully help came in the form of a family friend.

Linda Anderson who was also a senior at Jimmy Swaggart High was rumored to be the next valedictorian of their class. Both their parents were close friends and the two grew up together. However that all ended when they both entered high school and social survival forced them to go their separate ways. Chad became part of the popular crowd while Linda felt more at ease with the so called freaks and geeks of her school.

Participating in various extracurricular activities like band and science club did not help her in the social hierarchy but gave her the inspiration for learning that she emphasized on her college applications. As a favor to Chad's parents, she helped tutor him on his English and history finals last year which paid off with him earning C's in both subjects. Once again, Linda was called upon to assist Chad with passing biology his senior year just in time for Homecoming.

Chad returned to the quiet of his bedroom, sat at his desk, opened up his textbook to review the terminology. His parents had left for the weekend to visit his grandparents leaving him to concentrate on his studies. However, his mind wandered as he thought of his ex-girlfriend Julie bedding the star quarterback of the rival school.

Julie told him he was boring her that their teen sex life was as mundane as doing algebra in math class. She wanted to explore her options and she did it in a big way by hooking up with the quarterback of the neighboring high school during the summer. Chad curled his fingers into a fist and clenched his teeth in anger. You can have her Jeff Riley! I hope you and that bitch have many stupid kids together.

"Okay Chad, what does deoxyribonucleic acid stand for?" he heard Linda's voice from behind asking him interrupting his thoughts.

"DNA," his voice dripped with sarcasm as he turned his seat around to answer her. The last thing he wanted to do was to study but he needed to pass this test so he can be eligible to play the game. His mouth dropped when he saw Linda.

She had changed her clothes in the bathroom. Standing in front of him was Linda but not the brainy Linda who wore her hair in a bun, glasses, and baggy sweats. In her place was a sexy Linda wearing garter belts, lacy underwear, a short plaid skirt, and a see through dress shirt tied to the waist to show off her midsection. Dolled up in sensual make-up, she pressed her lips together and blew Chad a teasing kiss before adjusting the straps of her garter belt in front of him and squeezing her breasts to grab his attention.

Who knew she had big, beautiful tits? She hid them so well.

"You like?" she purred.

"What the fuck?" commented Chad.

"Fuck is right," giggled Linda. "Since our school needs to you pass your biology test so you can play Homecoming, it is my duty to ensure that you ace that test any way I can. Studies show that at least 50% of teens are engaging in sexual behavior, I thought that the best incentive to help you is for me to dress up in a naughty schoolgirl outfit which will motivate you to answer all my questions correctly. So for each question that you answer correctly, I will remove an article of clothing. Are you game?"

"Umm Linda, this is crazy. Plus if your parents found out, they'd kill me," he told her.

"Pfft. What they don't know won't hurt them," she clucked. "Oh this is too funny. The big man on campus is afraid of a little sex play. If you're worried about me developing feelings or becoming attached, you can relax Chad. I'm strictly the non-commitment type. It's just sex."

"Yeah but what about your reputation? Aren't you going to be pissed that everyone will be calling you a slut at school?" he asked.

"Awww you're so sweet," she giggled. "You're really concerned about my well being. Get off your high horse Chad! Everyone at our school is fucking! The biggest sluts are the gay boys in Drama Club. They get more ass than anyone. Then there is Glee, Chess Club, Band, the Emos, Home Economics, the so called Christians…Damn when you think about it, I have slept with just about everyone in that category. Man, I am the biggest slut then?"

Chad's eyes widened and he did not know what to say. The jocks, including his teammates, could not get laid to save their life so they had to lie to save face among their peer group. Even the cheerleaders, who were branded to be the biggest whores, refused to give it up except for the occasional handjobs here and there but most of the jocks had to beg for it.

"You're telling me that all the freaks, geeks, and nerds are getting more play than the popular kids?" he questioned.

"Duh yeah," she explained. "You jocks, cheerleaders, and so called in crowd live in such a tiny fishbowl that you forget that you're the minority at this school. All the other outcasts that have been picked on, bullied, or ridiculed finally banded together and found acceptance. Social outcasts make up ninety percent of us the school! So with that number in mind, where do you think all that pent up sexual energy and frustration goes to? We're all human, needing an outlet to release so why not one another? If they can't fuck the star quarterback or have a chance with the head cheerleader, then set your sights lower because there is a horny little chess player or science geek out there ready to hop in the sack with you!"

"Wow I had no idea!" replied a surprised Chad.

"Reality check my boy," added Linda. "Now back to having you to pass this test. Are you game or not?"

"Game," he responded quickly.

"I thought you would see things my way," she laughed. "First question and I'll unbutton my shirt. What is the term called where an animal uses a defense mechanism to camouflages itself from outside predators?"

"Mimicry," answered Chad his eyes fixated on her beautiful breasts.

"Correct," she said as unbuttoned the white dress shirt and un-knotted the tail to reveal her black lacy bra. She squeezed the firmness of her breasts together and gave a playful lick to them just to tease him. "Second question and off comes the bra. What is the name called that coverts carbon dioxide into organic compounds?"

"Photosynthesis!" he exclaimed.

"You are correct sir," shecooed She reached behind her back to unhook her bra and helped discard the straps off her shoulders. Picking up his hands, she placed his eager fingers around her breasts as he massaged them, cupped them, and pinched Linda's pink nipples.

"You have beautiful tits. Julie never let them even cop a feel with her," he complimented.

"Your bitchy ex is flat as a pancake," she griped. "I'm surprised Jeff Riley would be remotely interested in her especially after being with me."

Chad stopped after hearing the remark and put his hands down.

"Wait you fucked Jeff Riley?" Chad looked at Linda annoyed.

"Well yeah but it's not something I want to brag about," she snorted. "Jeff has a problem with premature ejaculation. It took all of three seconds before he even put it in me. Julie is in for a sad disappointment."

Chad broke out in fits of hysterical laughter. He fell to the floor rolling with his sides burning in pain from Linda's revelation.

"He's quick…on…the trigger!" he guffawed as a pissed off Linda put her hands to hips. "Oh…I…can't breathe! This is…just too funny!"

"No it's not!" Linda pointed out. "I've never had a problem with a guy popping off too soon. Okay MISTER BIG MAN ON CAMPUS let's see if you can hold out!" She kneeled to the floor and began unzipping the fly off Chad's jeans. Chad was still giggling heavily that he almost did not notice her pulling out his flaccid cock from his pants and began licking the tip of his head.

Her tongue felt moist and warm as she tickled the top side of his prick. Lowering her head, she began inhaling him whole tickling the back of her throat as she worked the long structure of his shaft with her fingers. Finding a certain rhythm in a twisting and sucking movement, Chad groaned with approval as her wet mouth worked him hard.

"Mmmmmm…yeah like that," he directed her.

Linda responded with cute suckling noises as her head rose and fell as she serviced his erect prick. Chad stared at her in amazement over her skills. Perhaps it was the light illuminating her just at the right angle but she appeared even more seductive and radiant; something he never noticed about her before. Even when she was sucking his dick, she looked beautiful. Linda got up from her knees, hiked up her short skirt, and pulled down her panties leaving her garter belts and stockings on. She had tucked in a condom near the strap of the elastic which she greedily ripped open with her teeth and teased his cock with as she slid the soft rubber down his hard prick.

"Last question. What is the 24 hour biochemical, physiological, behavioral processes of living entities called?" she inquired as she gave him a seductive kiss.

"Circadian rhythm," he responded as he united his tongue with hers with their mouths.

"Precisely, now let's test out how much rhythm you actually can endure," she teased as she helped him out of his jeans and underwear.

"You asked for it," he told her as he carried her to his bed and laid her down. Climbing on top of her, he slowly entered his condom laced cock into her opening and pushed in.

Linda gasped. "My God, you're huge!"

Chad smiled. His ex Julie never told him that so the compliment gave him a huge ego boost. He pushed himself deeper into her as Linda as hips rose and fell on top of her. Even with the condom on, he could feel her tight wetness around him and the sensation was incredible. Linda moaned as he bucked his hips up and down picking up the pace as his tutor screamed with loudly with pleasure.

"Oh Chad! Fuck me!" she groaned as she grabbed on to his shoulders and wrapped herself tightly around his bare waist. She gave his nude behind a playful squeeze as he entered her even faster. The minutes flew by fast as both them gave in to their inhibitions.

"Linda…I'm ready…for my pop quiz…" he nuzzled into her ear.

"Pop away…baby. Pop away!" she encouraged.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" they both screamed as his juices into the condom while hers drenched the outside of the prophylactic. He withdrew, pulled off the semen filled rubber, and threw it into the wastebasket next to his bed. Then with a certain gentlemanly gesture, he knelt down to kiss Linda who responded with surprise a heartfelt appreciation of their union.

"Well I guess you're ready for that biology test," she smiled. "You're going to pass it I'm sure of it and be eligible to play Homecoming."

"All thanks to my special tutor," he grinned as he kissed her naked breasts. "You know Linda, since Julie and I no longer together I was wondering if you wanted to go to the Homecoming Dance with me, you know, as my date?"

Linda sat up. "That's very kind of you but no."

"Why not?" he probed surprised by her response.

She got up off the bed and scrambled to gather her clothes.

"Look Chad, you don't get it," she explained. "Let's be realistic here. This is high school. The popular kids do not hang out with the nerds and geeks. This is the way it's traditionally been throughout history. Besides you have a social status to protect. What would people think if you were dating the nerdy girl?"

"I don't give a fuck what people think," he admitted. "This is our senior year. Most of us are going to graduate and go our separate ways. High school is one of those things that you forget about when you become an adult and get into the real world. In end it doesn't really matter, so who cares. Besides, I'm into you and I want to see again and not just for the sex thing though that has some perks to it. I think you're really great and I want to take you out on a real date. No more sex I promise! You game?"

"Damn when you put it that way," she added. "You make it hard on a girl. No sex? Really? Well Mr. Q.B. I guess I'll have to change your mind on that one. All right, I'm a betting woman. Game on! Though I don't know think this relationship has much a chance but hey I'll give it a shot."

"Since we're on the subject Linda," said Chad. "I think we should change the rules around. Who said all high school cliques can't hang out with each other? Why don't my friends meet some of your friends? I think the jocks and cheerleaders will see things our way!"

"That's a great idea!" agreed Linda. "Believe me they'll soon see the light. Now Mr. Star Quarterback why don't you teach me some of your special football positions?"

"Sure," growled Chad. "I call this one the reverse cowgirl tight end hold!"


And so new love blossomed at Jimmy Swaggart High School that senior year. Jocks dated nerds. Geeks dated cheerleaders. The gay boys of Drama Club still got some ass. Chad Dillion aced his biology test and brought his 2.0 GPA to a 3.0 making him eligible for the Homecoming game which his team won. Even the college scouts were impressed and offered him scholarships to their institutions. His life was set.

Linda Anderson became Chad's girlfriend and continued to tutor him in both the classroom and in the bedroom. She didn't make class valedictorian but salutatorian instead which she was content with. Chad proved her wrong by maintaining a meaningful and long lasting relationship with her even after high school ended.

Both high school sweethearts married after graduating college and now live in New York where Chad became head coach at NYU and Linda became creative director of Victoria's Secret. New love worked in their favor.

There was one casualty though. Head cheerleader and Chad's ex Julie got knocked up by Jeff Riley forcing the two to drop out of high school, have a quickie marriage, and move into a small trailer on the outskirts of town. They had six stupid kids together and Jeff still has problems with premature ejaculation. I guess new love doesn't always happen for everyone.



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