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A distant future of the Light Year 5010. A galactic conflict within the area known as Quadrant Five has created a civil war between the peaceful planets of the Galactic Alliance and the warmongering alien race known as The Pathors. Pathor General Ez'Ra Or'Resho is enjoying some time on the Pleasure City of Aragos soliciting a prostitute named Thana, a genetic clone known as a synthoid, created simply for pleasure. However, the General will soon pay for his deadly folly for Thana is not what she appears to be in this erotic science fiction story.

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Light Year 5010

The Pleasure City of Aragos on the Planet Nevus


General Ez'Ra Or'Resho inhaled the scented aroma of the whore's perfume entering his private room. The greasy, rodent pimp known as Skraag introduced her as Thana, a synthetic clone, created from a race long extinct from the planet Alluria. Allurians, identified by their exotic appeal, had been reputed to be a rare breed of attractive beings commonly recognized by their dark hair, dark eyes, and tan skinned bodies. Rumors of their multiple skills in the bed chamber had preceded them for many political leaders coveted them as mistresses and concubines. An Allurian offered their services for a hefty price if one could afford their fee. Thana was no exception.

"Five thousand zool and not a credit more vermin!" General Or'Resho ordered.

"Five thousand is quite a generous offer," stammered Skraag. "I am certain you will be most please with Thana."

Skraag ordered Thana on her knees submitting to her pimp in total obedience. He took a metal collar from his pocket, fastened it around her neck before locking the clasp that connected to the chain leash which Skraag now held in his hand. The rodent pimp handed the leash to the General before dispensing directions on how to handle the merchandise correctly.

"Tug on the reins of the leash tightly to ensure she pleasures you correctly," explained Skraag. "The Allurian will not disappoint General I assure you of that."

"Just get out!" spat General Ez'Ra pointing to the door.

"Of course General," cowered the pimp in fear. "Have fun with your new toy." Skraag snickered leaving the room with his rat tail trailing behind him.

Left alone with Thana, General Ez'Ra surveyed his newest purchase. He paced back and forth, staring at the female examining her from every angle. Silent and mute, Thana stared blankly at the wall listening to the General bark out orders.

"Tell me clone, do synthoids like yourself have feelings?" he smirked. "Do you feel any connection to the people you were designed from? Sadness or even anger perhaps?" He sat whispered in Thana's ear forcing the poor clone to absorb his ridiculous rantings.

"Rage toward me in particular knowing that my people the Pathors destroyed your planet? I assume you would since technically speaking you are the last of your kind even though you are a clone. A synthoid, genetically created for pleasure, from race long gone!"

Thana's eyes did not move. She gazed at the wall void of any emotion as the general continue to speak.

"Ah but how can you feel at all? A synthoid is breeded by science and sold as chattel to the very aliens who eradicated your people," taunted the General. "Thana, is it? Well Thana, you bear no intelligence, pride, or humanoid connection to anyone. You are simply nothing but a pet who is here to please me. I am going to enjoy myself immensely taking pleasure in your pain!"

Thana felt the hard pull of her metal collar restricted her breath. She gasped each time the General yanked the chain even harder causing her to collapse on to the floor. Thana felt her throat constrict while the collar burrowed into her skin cutting off the oxygen to her lungs finally forcing her body to collapse on to the floor. Down on all fours, General Ez'Ra exerted more force on the chain while she managed to crawl on her knees toward the General's direction only to lift her head just a foot away from his feet.

"Allurian bitch. Get up," the general directed. Thana kneeled before him. Her face emotion-less but coughing for a few breaths of air wondering when he would make several more tugs to her chain to withdraw her breath. "Use your mouth to pleasure me."

Thana did as she was instructed. Her latexed fingers found the buttons of his uniformed pants as she undid his trousers to release his hard prick straining underneath. She clasped the cock between her gloved fingers and began to stroke him up and down. The dry, stickiness of the latex became uncomfortable but she remedied that by secreting some of her own saliva on to the head of his cock before twisting and pulling it to keep it lubricated. Feeling that he was ready, Thana pressed her lips down to him to suck on him. The General stared at the Allurian clone impressed by her masterful skills.

"Excellent my pet. Yes! Suck it! That is right. Drink my cock in!" he demanded. He looked down at Thana's dark eyes swallowing him whole feeling her hot breath tease him with her tongue. He pushed himself deeper into her throat hearing a tiny cough escape her lips but remained immune to her feelings.

"Would you like to know what happened to the Allurians my sweet Thana?" asked the General. "Our warrior clan the Pathors had them eradicated. You see my innocent clone, the thirteen planets of Quadrant Five attempted to remain in a peace in accordance with the treaty of the Galactic Alliance. Pathors believed Quadrant Five needed to be ruled with an iron fist unifying the planets under the authority of one emperor. We broke the treaty stirring up this conflict to prove we were the stronger beings that deserved to rule Quadrant Five. The planet Alluria was the first to oppose us which resulted in their extermination."

Silence. Thana continued to give the General oral attention despite the arrogant ramblings coming from his mouth. Pushing her head away, General Ez'Ra kicked off his pants and stood up. He pulled Thana in front jof him, turned her around so that her back was facing him, and bent her over with her hands spread against the wall. Then with nimble fingers, he pulled down her leather bottoms to gain access to her female folds before spreading her lips apart with his hands.

"It was a glorious sight!" He bragged. "To see the Allurians conquered and destroyed by Pathors. We demonstrated to the Alliance who truly deserved to rule Quadrant Five! They were fools to think they could oppose us and discovered the consequences as we controlled four of their thirteen planets! You Allurians were the easiest to conquer! It is such a shame we could not enslave you! Your female kind makes fitting pleasure drones."

The teasing of his hands became too much for Thana's sugar walls. Liquid nectar released from her feminine opening exciting the impatient General Ez'Ra as wiggled his erected prick into her womanly folds. With one hand around her waist and the other grasping the chain, he pushed into her hard. Thana moaned in silence feeling his cock spread her wide. Her legs shivered in response to his invasion. His hard cock entered and withdrew with so much force that he pulled the chain even tighter with each thrust inside her.

"That is right Thana! We will conquer all of Quadrant Five in this war as I have conquered you!" wailed General Ez'Ra as he pushed a few more times into her. Thana cried in what seemed to be mixture of pleasure and pain which only intoxicated the General convincing him to fuck her harder and faster.

Maneuvering the chain around waist and up between her legs, the general wrapped the remaining piece of the leash around his cock and scrotum entering Thana with fervor while squeezing the chain around his groin in excitement. The sensation felt unbearable for General Ez'Ra groaning to the rhythm of his Pathors' blood constricted at the head of his prick now trapped inside the synthoid clone. Thana, in return, moaned in agreement to the cold metal of the chain massage the opening of her clit and lips each time the General fucked her.

"You enjoy my cock in you Allurian? Do you..AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" screeched General Ez'Ra as he released the metal leash shooting a web of semen across Thana's secretive opening and thighs. The dewy liquid stained his uniformed trousers. He pushed Thana to the floor while he sat down to examine his pleasure.

Dead eyes stared at the General with Thank laying her head on to the floor but with her body raised up in a catlike position. General Ez'Ra grinned, pulled on the leash of her metal collar to signaling the synthoid to crawl to him.

"Clean me up Allurian bitch with your tongue!"

Thana did as she was instructed. She stuck out her tongue licking away the milky white residue from his uniformed pants until swallowing the remnants of his seed from his prick. She slowly allowed her latex, gloved fingers to touch his hands.

Speed was of the essence. Without warning, the agile synthoid rushed at the General spinning her body into a forward somersault managing to wrap the metal chain around General Ez'Ra's neck. A sudden pull from the chain in her latex hands allowed her to squeeze the air from thePathor's lungs. General Ez'Ra dropped his hands from the leash to stare at his assailant.

"Well General Ez'Ra, looks like I am the one who has conquered you," Thana grinned. She raised her knee to make contact to his abdomen kicking the air from his body causing to fall backward to floor. Pain from his neck and stomach overwhelmed the General that he failed to notice Thana dashing to the table nearby where a gun had been concealed. She raised the weapon pointing the barrel at his temple.


"I am no clone you bastard!" Thana explained. "I am a true Allurian! The very last you say of my kind!"

"But how?" asked the General. "We killed your race years ago when we destroyed your planet! You could not have survived that nuclear blast!"

"I was not on my home world during the time of war," said Thana. "At the time, I had been working as a planetary translator for the Alliance hoping to secure peace negotiations within the galactic Quadrants. That was until you Pathors incited the war that eradicated my family, my people and my home as well as a million other alien races. I managed to escape the conflict, joining the rebel Alliance as a soldier to help end your Pathor tyranny."

"You are an assassin then? An agent of the Alliance?"

"That is correct General Ez'Ra. Those of us from the neighboring planets who survived the Pathor attacks were recruited by the Alliance and trained in the art of war. Killing is now second natures to us now. Victory is all that matters. Even you Pathors can comprehend that. Even my pimp Skraag is a fellow solider joining the rebellion after you destroyed his home planet of Ioma a few years ago."

"She is correct General," said Skraag entering the room holding a laser rifle in his hand. "The Alliance has been spying on you for years gathering intel waiting for the right time to strike. Since we knew you had a proclivity for whores, we tracked you to Aragos to ensure your death."

"What do you hope to gain by killing me?" smirked the general.

"Leverage. An advantage in this war you created," responded Skraag. "You one part of the Pathors' Achilles Heel. If we remove all the necessary leaders and all the significant players, the Pathors will have no one to lead them. Your soldiers will topple and with no one to maintain their infrastructure the Alliance can defeat your planet and restore order and peace back to Quadrant Five!"

"A very foolproof strategy but you forget how much a Pathor is willing to die for his cause!"

General Ez'Ra kicked the gun away from Thana surprising the Allurian operative before a hard fist to her face sent her flying back against the table. Thana landed against the tough surface with her face bruised and flaring in pain before a another painful blow struck her ribs. A small crack echoed from her side giving Thana the realization that she fractured a rib bone. Pain shot through her as the General attempted to lay another heavy kick to her already wounded side causing Thana to try to block the attack. However, General Ez'Ra proved to be a worthy adversary.

"Get up and die like the Allurian bitch you are!"

Thana braced herself for the next strike by General Ez'Ra for the agony to her ribs had been unbearable but instead she heard a large explosion whizzing past her head. A burning stench of charred flesh came from a corner of the room where Skraag fired his laser rifle at the General cursing in pain at his wounded shoulder. Skraag aimed, released the trigger, and laid another shot at General Ez'Ra who managed to leap out of harm's way. The rodent alien reloaded again but this time the General proved to be much more nimble leaping at Skraag to wrestle the laser rifle away from him. The Pathor and the rebel soldier tussled on the ground with Skraag whipping his tail at the General's face disfiguring his enemy with several bloody lacerations.

Skraag appeared to be gaining the advantage disabling his opponent still holding the laser rifle tightly between his fingers. General Ez'Ra would not be defeated. Thrusting a deep knee kick to Skraag's stomach, the alien rodent released his hands from the weapon. The General did not waste any time aiming the rifle at Skraag's abdomen and pulled the trigger. A river of blood flowed toward Thana who helpless watched her friend slowly die in front of her.

"SKRAAAAAG!" screamed Thana attempting to get off the ground to aid her friend but stopped when she felt the temple of the laser rifle to her forehead. Clutching her broken ribs, she let out a small grunt in response to the sharp pain flaring at her side. Hatred and loathing shot through her eyes with General Ez'Ra gleefully enjoying his victory over them.

"I guess my death will not be at your hands tonight Allurian bitch!" laughed General Ez'Ra as he spat into her face. "Before I kill you, be happy knowing that you were a Pathor's best fuck ever!"

Thana had only a few seconds to react before he pulled the trigger. She sweeped her feet making contact with his ankle forcing the General to trip over himself. He instantly dropped the weapon giving Thana the opportunity to kick the laser rifle far across the room. The General dove for it as she flipped backward to retrieve her own gun that she had originally had before he disabled her. General Ez'Ra regained his balance to fire but Thana was quicker blasting a bullet into his groin. The Pathor released the rifle to clutch his bloody privates.


She fired two more rounds hitting him squarely in the chest before making thefatal shot to his head. Blood poured from his temple, dripping scarlet drops to the floor finallycombining with the red puddle surrounding her dying friend. She fired a few more rounds at his body just to ensure the Pathor remained dead.

"Looks like General, I've shown you pleasure through my pain!" She quickly rushed to Skraag's side who was gasping for breath. "Skraag, I have to get you to a doctor!"

"It is…too late…Thana," he murmured. "I…am…dying…"

"No Skraag! Hold on! I can still get help!" Thanawept tears for her fallen friend.

"You…must continue…the mission," Skraag managed to get the words out. "Victory…is all…that matters…in this war…Farewell my…Allurian friend!"

Skraag's eyes closed filling the room in an empty silence. The mission still needed to be completed. Shaking, she got up off the floor and left.

My name is Thana. I'm an agent of the Alliance. I am an Allurian. The last of my kind. In war, there can be only one victor. Hopefully, it will be the winning side.



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