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Part of Your World...I Think (A Little Mermaid Parody)

Short story By: Dante Mendoza

In this gay version of The Little Mermaid, Prince Ariello of Atlantis falls in love with a human surfer and goes to his aunt, the sea witch Cursula to assist him in transforming him into a human. Unfortunately, magic is not the best choice in solving such a problem. Read and laugh out loud at this erotic farce.

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Somewhere off the coast of the Atlantic...

Deep in the bottomless, blue ocean lies the mythical city of Atlantis where the merfolk dwell and live in secret away from the air breathers. Ruled by King Neptune, Atlantis lived for centuries in peace and prosperity and awaited the day when Neptune's sole heir Prince Ariello finds a royal bride and carry on his father's duties as king. The only problem is that the little prince preferred the company of mermen than to mermaids which caused quite a conflict within in the castle. After a heavy, heated argument with his father, Ariello swam away to the cave of his aunt, the sea witch Cursula.

Arriving at Cursula's underground grotto, the little merman discovered the sea witch stirring her bubbling cauldron. Her long gray hair drifted along the sea current as the tentacles on the hem of dress swayed along with the flow of the water.

"Oh if you like my fin, put a hook on it...Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh...," she sang. Deeply entranced in her song, she barely noticed her nephew swimming toward her.

"What are you doing Aunt Cursula?" he asked. "Casting a spell?"

"Ariello, didn't see you there!" she gasped. "No just jamming to Betta Ray and making a large pot of clam chowder? Want some?" She slurped the ladle before breaking into another song in delight. "Poor unfortunate clams. So alive. Now cooked with chives."

"No I'm good," he replied. "But I do need some advice. I got into another fight with Father concerning my sexual orientation and my royal responsibilities as heir to the throne of Atlantis."

"Here we go again," Cursula sighed. "Did that stubborn brother of mine want you to partake in an arranged marriage with that sea-horse faced princess from the neighboring kingdom of Lemuria? I heard she was a real bitch!"

"No," answered Ariello. "He was actually being progressive and said I could marry a merman if I wanted to after he learned that some ocean life can reproduce asexually. The whole gay thing seems obsolete at this point."

"That's wonderful!" Cursula squealed in delight. "So have you met the one merman that catches your fancy and makes you want to spend your eternal life in wedded misery?"

"That's just it," he told her. "I found my Mr. Right but he's way out of my league. Like 20,000 leagues under the sea."

"Nonsense," she reassured him. "No one is beyond your reach. I'm a sea witch and gay fish's best friend. Hell, I'm a fish hag! I can cast love spells to ensure that no merman can resist especially someone as darling as my favorite nephew."

"I'm your only nephew," replied Ariello stating the obvious. "It's more complicated than that Aunt Cursula. He's not exactly a merman. He's a human."

"Oh Poseidon's no!" She clutched her chest. "Ariello! Merfolk and humans don't mix. Besides they don't believe we exist which has kept us safe for centuries. Plus, they're barbaric walking on two legs thinking they own the land when eighty percent of Earth is surrounded by water. My advice is to forget this guy and take your chances with some eligible merman. As a matter of fact, my hairdresser Sebastian is single. He even sings Calypso music..."

"I can't get him out of my head Aunt Cursula!" Ariello cried. "He's the most beautiful man I've ever seen. He's a blond surfer that I've seen cruising the beach at night and I think I'm in love with him. I just can't see how the world above can be so bad especially up where they walk, up where they run, up where they play all day in the sun. Someday I'll be...I wish could be...part of that world..."

"Okay okay just stop singing!" She pleaded covering her ears. "Man, you may have the lithe swimmer's build of a twink flounder but hell you can't sing a song to save a siren. Here's what I'll propose."

"I'm listening."

"On the evening of the full moon I will cast a spell to make you human," Cursula explained. "You have up to four hours until midnight to seduce your human, make him fall in love with you, and return with him here as your life partner in Atlantis."

"Aunt Cursula! Thank you!" Ariello rushed toward his aunt, embraced her, and showered her with a thousand kisses. "When can we start?"

"Why right now! The full moon is up!" She dipped a fossilized sea urchin shell into the cauldron and handed the soup to Ariello. "Drink this. It has a bit of sea cucumber for extra kick."

Ariello gulped down the chowder. He knew his aunt was an amazing cook but this dish was like nothing he ever tasted. The warm liquid shot through his body, down his stomach, finally finding the bottom of his fish tail that slowly split into two limbs. Scales transformed into human flesh complete with a long appendage and sack forming in between his new legs. The ocean current pulled him up toward the surface of the water as the waves assisted him toward the shore. He crawled to the beach naked fatigued and exhausted then laid on his back to stare at the stars and full moon in sky releasing a bit of laughter in his human form. That is then he heard it. The music.

From the distance, he could see a small fire on the beach and sitting near the hearth was the blond surfer wearing a hoodie and board shorts strumming his guitar and singing. He slowly approached him.

From far away, the blond surfer saw the handsome man coming toward him. Blood began to pump from his groin beneath his board shorts. Even better was the fact that the young man had not one stitch of clothing on. He smiled as the stranger kneeled in front of him.

"Are you okay?" asked the surfer. "Do you need some help?"

"No I'm fine," answered Ariello. "What is your name?"

"Randy," responded the surfer. "Yours?"

"Ariello," the young prince replied.

"Do you always swim naked?"


"I'm a regular around this beach. How come I've never seen you around?"

"I probably swimming when you're not surfing," grinned Ariello. "Do you want to kiss me?"

The blonde surfer named Randy did not take long to answer while he set his guitar down on the sand. He had been use to cruising for guys in public restrooms but beaches were different especially at night. He must have hit the jackpot with this young guy and he proved it the moment he shoved his tongue down Ariello's throat.

Ariello felt the sensation of Randy's tongue invading his mouth. It felt incredible. He responded even further each time Randy teased Ariello's neck with his lips. Finding the smooth indentations of his chest, the blond surfer licked the soft pink nubs of Ariello's body before discovering the small nest of curls of his groin. Curling his fingers around the flaccid phallus, Randy brought Ariello's cock in his mouth and invited him in.

Ariello could not believe it! Sex with a human was even better than he imagined. He hoped to please Randy in the same manner by reciprocating the favor. The blond surfer lifted his head from Ariello's groin beckoning the young prince to assist him in removing his hoodie and board shorts. Ariello was more than happy to oblige. Naked as he was, the little merman discovered the hard part of the blond surfer and swallowed his hard cock drinking in the saltiness of his seed including the soft creamy flesh of his shaft. Randy, in turn, groaned in approval losing himself to the pleasure of the young merman's tongue.

Lifting Ariello's head toward his, Randy kissed him gently before slowly positioning him on to all fours in the sand. Scrambling for his discarded board shorts, the blond surfer found the condom wrapper ripping the package and sliding it on to his hard prick. Then with nimble fingers he separated the two curves of Ariello's bottom to discover the dark, pink opening from behind. Sliding a tongue into the private area, the young merman gasped before feeling Randy's mouth being replaced with the lubricated rubber of a hard pole slowly entering him.

He grunted in pleasure as Randy filled him to the hilt. Feeling both hands bracing his sides, Ariello moaned again each time his blond lover pumped harder into him. He inhaled and exhaled feeling the inside of himself stretch even further sending him into a wave of ecstasy. Hours did not seem to matter with both men experimenting with various positions, techniques, and sensual delights finally culminating into a wet, sticky, drenched need of their white seeds. All that was left in the end was the perspiration of their naked limbs tangled into one another.

The young merman stared at his lover in the afterglow with Randy smiling in approval at him. Then the realization hit. Midnight would be approaching. Ariello grabbed Randy's hand and directed him toward the water.

"Let's go for a swim," suggested Ariello.

"But it's high tide," said Randy. "We might be caught in a rip current."

"It's okay. You're safe with me," Ariello promised him.

Randy felt Ariello's reassurance as they swam far away from shore. At this point, the young prince made his move.

"Do you love me?" he asked the blond surfer.

"What?" answered a confused Randy

"I asked do you love me," Ariello repeated.


"Excellent. Now we'll live happily ever after."

Randy had no idea what Ariello meant by that statement while he treaded water. For in that moment a large wave over took them pulling them down into the ocean dephths. Magical light illuminated around Ariello's human's legs transforming them once again to a fish tail allowing him to grab Randy's hand and pull him away from the undersea current. Once safely out of harm's way, Ariello and Randy swam across the ocean floor toward the underground grotto belonging to Aunt Cursula.

"Aunt Cursula!" exclaimed Ariello. "I did it! I got my human partner to fall in love with me and promise to stay with me forever under the sea! Isn't it wonderful?"

Cursula, who had been watching swordfish fighting on her flat-shell screen, turned around to see her nephew hugging his human lover. She hated being the bearer of bad news.

"That's great nephew but I'm afraid there is one thing I forgot to mention," she commented. "The magic works only on merfolk not humans. Humans cannot breathe underwater hon. Sorry, my bad."

Ariello wondered what she meant. He looked toward a lifeless Randy looking blue in the face and floating motionless underwater.

"Awww shit!"



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