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Eros and Psyche

Short story By: Dante Mendoza

Like the Greek starcrossed lovers of myth, Eros Stanislopulis and Psyche Kanakaredes had been caught in a bloody family feud for years. In a desperate attempt to end this war, Eros abducts Psyche and holds her captive. Forgotten emotions and buried secrets resurface during this time forcing the two to finally reconcile their feelings and rediscover the meaning of love in this erotic romance tale.

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And such the sweet and solemn tale of her

The pilgrim heart, to whom a dream was given,

That led her through the world,- Love's worshipper,-

To seek on earth for him whose home was heaven! - Eros and Psyche

The Town of Pontus, Greece

Darkness. Psyche Kanakaredes felt the annoyance of the frayed rag covering her eyes as she tried to peer through the torn holes of the fabric to get her bearings. She knew she was somewhere in the country for she felt the bristles of hay beneath her bare feet and could smell the aroma of horse dung nearby. She twisted her hands as she tried to loosen the knots of the rope binding her wrists behind her back. The wooden chair she was sitting on was making her tiny buttocks fall asleep if that was even possible. She moved her head from side to side hoping to kick off the blindfold covering her eyes.

Last night had been a blur. All she could recall was leaving the church after paying her respects to her deceased father. As she made the long walk home, a pair of hands grabbed her from behind and placed a strange smelling cloth on her mouth making her black out. Chloroform! Of course! No wonder she passed out! She had been abducted and now lay in the mercy of her captor. Well she was not going to be victimized. She was going to fight with every inch of her life. She would not give her abductor the satisfaction. Struggling against her bindings, the rope burned into her skin as she heard footsteps approaching. Her captor was in the room.

"You can stop struggling Psyche," said the familiar masculine voice. "You have my word I will not harm you."

"Who are you? Take off my blindfold so I may see the coward who has kidnapped me!" she demanded.

Rough hands tore the blindfold away. Small rays of light shot through the wooden planks of the farmhouse she was kept in. She absorbed her environment. She was correct in her theory of where her location was. Now all she needed to do was escape. Her eyes slowly adjusted to the light. She looked up and saw the man who kept her prisoner. Dark hair. Dark eyes. Olive skin. The sculpted features of an Olympian god. A hunter. Virile. Masculine. Her face flushed red when she saw him.

"Eros?" she finally said his name.

"Hello Psyche," he smirked. "It has been a long time."

It had been a long time. Six years in fact. Psyche's mind flooded with memories of the handsome boy still of hope and optimism. The same boy who ran with her through the olive fields, hiding from their feuding families, and made her feel and safe and protected away from their rival parents. Eros Stanislopilus symbolized everything she longed for in a man. Strength. Beauty. Love. This man standing before her now was none of these things.

"Why are you doing this Eros?" asked Psyche. "Are you angry with me? Please tell me."

"I'm more than angry with you Psyche," responded Eros coolly. "In fact, I'm furious. You should know of all people why I would be enraged. Your family has cheated us out of share of the land! I'm here to set things right and get back what rightfully belongs to my family."

"Eros, this feud over the olive fields has been happening for years between our families even before we were born," she explained. "How were we to know that the land your ancestors purchased from my family hundreds of years ago would not be fertile enough to grow olive trees? That has nothing to do with us."

"It has everything to with us!" he spat. "Do you not care about your family pride Psyche? Your family the Kanakaredes cheated the Stanislopilus out of their share of good land. Reputation is important in Pontus! No one wanted to do business with us because they thought we sold them spoilt produce. You Kanakaredes ruined my family and we want the land that was owed to us!"

"If it is land you want, then I gladly give it to you!" Psyche told him. "My father has died and has willed me his estate. I'm the only living Kanakaredes left and I wish to make things right. This feuding has gone on long enough and I wish to give you back what is rightfully yours. Eros, let me do this!"

"Oh you will make this right for our family Psyche," grinned a female voice. "Look Eros how easily a Kanakaredes submits when they know they are in danger. It is rather tragic, isn't it?

Psyche turned to face the direction that the voice was coming from. An older woman in her sixties followed by a priest entered the farmhouse. She held a document in her hand and a pen. A wave of fear began to crawl up her spine when she realized who the woman was.

"Venus Stanislopilus!" gasped Psyche.

Ero's mother, Venus Stanislopilus, was the most powerful woman in Pontus and not a woman to take lightly. Rumors surfaced of her illegal dealings with the Italian mafia but no one dared to investigate the stories or live to tell about it. Now the woman was here in a secluded farmhouse accompanied by a Catholic priest and piece of paper. Venus waved the document in Psyche's face.

"Sign it!" she ordered.

"What is it?" inquired Psyche.

"It is the land deed guaranteeing that all Kanakaredes property and estates will be forfeited and transferred to the name of Stanislopilus," explained Venus. "As the only sole surviving Kanaredes beneficiary, everything is willed to you. Too much blood has been spilt and this feud must end. Simply sign over everything to us and we will let you go."

"And what if I don't want to?" hissed Psyche. "You bitch! You killed my father!"

Psyche felt the hard sting of Venus's slap to her face. Small tears started to form around the corners of her eyes but she refused to back down to this woman.

"Mama! Enough!" screeched Eros. "We agreed that no harm comes to Psyche! I made a vow to her and my word is a good as law."

"You may be my son Eros but you are weak," spat his mother. "How fit are you to lead our family if you are not strong enough to uphold any family honor? Very well, we won't hurt the girl…not yet anyway."

"Psyche, please I'm begging you," pleaded Eros. "Just sign the deed to your land. I can't protect you if you fight my mother on this!"

"Don't be stupid like your father!" snapped Venus. "He was fool to think he could threaten us by exposing our family business! He thought he could prevent us from taking back was owed to us! Look where that got him. A bullet to the head. If you do not wish to meet the same fate as your father, then I suggest you sign!"

"Please Psyche," begged Eros. "For you own life, please just sign the estate to us!"

"I'd rather die!" said Psyche grinding her teeth. "That land is my legacy and I will not let you or anyone else strip that away from me. So go ahead and kill me!"

"I knew you would be a stubborn one," smirked Venus. "That is why I brought the priest along. You are wise Psyche to know that this land agreement won't be legal when you are dead so I optioned a second solution. Marriage to my son. Therefore, he will be entitled to the Kanakaredes fortune and your lands as your husband!"

"What are you getting at?" asked Psyche.

"Six years ago, Psyche, you bewitched by innocent son by making him fall in love with you just like a siren calling forth a doomed sailing ship to a rocky shore," explained Venus. "You seduced him, ensnared him, played with him, and discarded him like a used toy. Heartbroken and left with only an empty shell of a man, Eros could never find another woman who could compete with you. You ruined him!"

"That is not true!" shouted Psyche defiantly. "I loved your son and he loved me but you and my father ensured that we could never be together by driving a wedge between us! My heart and my soul died that day my father sent me away to live with my aunt in Ampiphilus! How dare you say that I used him? If anything Venus, you're the one who uses him by forcing him to do your bidding like some evil minion. Look how you have him kidnapped me all in the name of a piece of land!"

Anger burned through Venus's eyes as she raised her hand again to strike Psyche. However, Eros pulled his mother's hand away.

"I've just about had enough of you," she told Psyche. "The priest, Father Gino, has agreed to perform the wedding ceremony and the moment you agree to the nuptials the sooner Eros takes legal control of the Kanakaredes estate and property."

Father Gino pulled out his Bible and read a simple verse before commencing on the wedding ceremony itself. Psyche struggled against her bonds as Father Gino skimmed to the significant piece of the sermon.

"Do you Eros Stanislopilus take Psyche Kanakaredes as your lawfully wedded wife?" asked Father Gino.

"I do," said Eros.

"And do you Psyche Kanakaredes take Eros Stanislopilus as your lawfully wedded husband?" Father Gino directed the question toward Psyche.

"I WON'T!" Psyche began to scream. Venus twisted her wrist causing her to wrench in pain before uttering the words, "OUCH…Okay I do! I do!"

"With power vested me I know pronounce you man and wife," stated Father Gino. "You may now kiss the bride." Neither party wanted to at this moment.

"It is done," grinned Venus. "Eros consummate the marriage so that it is legally binding. I'm sure you don't need any help in that aspect. I'll leave you to it."

Psyche screamed for help as she heard the roar of Venus's car engine drive away with both the powerful matriach and Father Gino inside racing down the deserted country road. Psyche's pleas for assistance were left unanswered as Eros returned carrying two sleeping bags, blankets, and pillows from the trunk of his car.

The marriage was going to be consummated whether she agreed to it or not.

Left alone with her new husband, Psyche stared at Eros with a heavy heart. She had lost her family's land. Her home. Her legacy. She had nothing now. The option of dying would have been better choice. Eros kneeled down to offer his reassurance.

"I'm sorry Psyche it had to happen this way," comforted Eros. "I didn't want to reunite under these circumstances but I had no choice."

"Don't come near me!" she bawled as her eyes welled up with tears. "You had a choice! If you only came to me and told me, I would have compromised with your mother and sold you the land and we could have ended this family war!"

"You don't understand Psyche," Eros went on. "Mama is very powerful. You know she has illegal ties and she would hurt anyone that got in her way. Look what happened to your father. Besides you broke my heart six years ago when you left and didn't tell me. I searched for you but your father had hidden you away! He threatened me if I came near you!"

"But I'm here now!" Psyche's teeth gritted. "And not by choice. Your mother said you loved me and still do now. If this is true, you would have found a way to make this right without hurting anyone. Now I don't know if I can trust you after you betrayed me to your mother!"

Left alone with her new husband, Psyche stared at Eros with a heavy heart. She had lost her family's land. Her home. Her legacy. She had nothing now. The option of dying would have been better choice. Eros kneeled down to offer his reassurance.

"I'm sorry Psyche it had to happen this way," comforted Eros. "I didn't want to reunite under these circumstances but I had no choice."

"Don't come near me!" she bawled as her eyes welled up with tears. "You had a choice! If you only came to me and told me, I would have compromised with your mother and sold you the land and we could have ended this family war!"

Eros placed his head in her lap.

"I wish can make you understand," he offered. "What can I do to make this right? My heart is breaking right now. I still love you."

Psyche pushed him away with her feet. "Get away from me! My father was right about not trusting a Stanislopilus! I do not love you and I never did! Your mother was right! You were my toy that I had fun with and now I have no use for you! I needed someone to take my virginity instead of some other selfish bastard. You seem to fit the bill!"

"That is lie!" shouted Eros. "You still love me Psyche. I know you do! Say it!"

Psyche spat in his face letting the drop of her saliva dribble down his cheek. He pulled to her roughly to his chest and kissed her hard. Eros's lips bruised hers as she attempted to withdraw but he refused to release her. Psyche decided to make her loathing for him known.

"Ouch!" he yelped as a droplet of blood dribbled from his lip. "You bit me! Fine. We'll play rough then!"

She protested as he carried her and laid her down on sleeping bags and blankets covering the ground. Psyche again tried to wriggle out of her bonds but the ropes restraining her wrists were too tight. She realized Eros now had dominance over her. He proved his mettle as he began caressing her thighs with his hurt mouth. Tracing his tongue over the flesh, she felt the prickles of goosebumps start to form on her skin as her body quivered with each sensation of his wet tongue. Damn him! Why did he have to be so good?

"I can see your body giving in to me Psyche," he observed her stroking her legs. "Just give me your pleasure. Give in to your feelings."

"Go to Hell!" she screeched.

"You still want to fight me. Fine," he told her. "You will lose the battle I guarantee you."

Psyche said nothing as she stared at the ceiling of the farm house. A dozen pigeons flew across the planks of the wooden roof as she felt her legs being pulled apart by Eros, her skirt being lifted, and her panties ripped off by strong forceful hands. Masculine fingers found her womanly opening as his thumb teased her feminine pearl before long fingers teased the folds of her entrance and plunging themselves right inside of her.

"Eros…please…no!" she protested but secretly begged for more as Eros inserted three more fingers inside of her.

"Shhhh Psyche, just give me your pleasure," he whispered to her as continued to please her with his hands.

Her sweet honey welcomed his hand as her body moistened to his touch. Once gain her precious pearl ached to be touched and Eros willingly massaged the circle causing her moan with such intensity that her siren song scared away the pigeons overhead. Her hands grasped the ropes binding her wrists as she tried to bear the feelings of that she long surpassed for so many years. Now coming to terms with longing, she would not allow herself to be imprisoned any longer. Eros withdrew his fingers, tasted the residue of her sex and massaged the side of her thighs as Psyche waited anxiously for what he was going to do next. He bent his head down to inhale her feminine scent before raising his head to look at her.

"I have waited so long to taste you Psyche," he whispered. "Will you allow me the honor?"

"Yes please Eros," Psyche agreed.

Lowering his head upon her sex, he flicked his tongue across her feminine pearl making delicate circles as Psyche moaned to each sensation of his mouth upon her. He descended finally tasting her sweetness as his tongue teased the sensitive bud of her womanhood while his fingers plunged in and out of her opening. Spreading the flaps of her entrance wide, he substituted his thumb to her pearl as his tongue now invaded her repeatedly as she gave her in to yearnings. Eros stopped, unzipped himself, and lowered his trousers exhibiting the enormity of his girth as held it to her sex and massaged each lip with its bulbous head.

"How much do you want this Psyche?" he teased.

"I want it very much Eros," she responded.

"Then tell me what you want," he demanded.

"I want…I want…I want you!" she confessed. "Eros fuck me please!"

"With pleasure," said Eros. "I'm going to untie your hands now. Wrap your hands around my neck for support."

Psyche felt the ropes loosen and fall to the floor. For just a moment, she pondered escaping but her pleasure had been too great to ignore and she willingly allowed herself to submit. Before she could form a thought, she felt Eros's hands on her bare buttocks lift her up as her legs wrapped around his waist. Doing as she was told, she hugged Eros closely as she felt her hot sex accommodate his tremendous cock. Liquid heat flowed through her as she followed the same pace of his rhythm as she rode him furiously.

"Say that… you'll be mine… Psyche! Now and forever!" ordered Eros as he entered her harder and deeper.

"Yes…Eros…I…am yours…For eternity!" she panted as she cried into his shoulder. Despite all the pain, she somehow felt safe with him.

The two lovers kissed as their entwined bodies fell against the sleeping bags and blankets on the ground. Eros could not stop himself and neither could Psyche as they got lost in their pleasure. Nothing in the world seemed to matter as the long as the two of them were united. Eros felt his release building and climaxed inside her sex filling her cup with his seed.

"I love you Psyche…AAAAAHHHHH!" he screamed.

"I…love…you…too…Eros…" she replied as her wetness mixed together with his seed inside her.

Eros kissed her hard and held her close forcing the two to really confront the realization of their situation.

"I'm sorry about this…I wish there was another way we could be together…" he began to say.

"Shhh, it's okay Eros," she comforted him pressing a finger to his lips. "I understand. I forgive you. I am happy to be your wife no matter what the circumstances are. Let's not dwell on the past and look toward the future. I love you."

Eros smiled and kissed her again. They made love over and over again releasing the demons that bound them.

Later that evening…

Eros slept wrapped in the blankets. Even in the moonlight, he looked like an ethereal creature. A love god with wings perhaps? Psyche snuck outside careful not to wake her new husband and dialed the number on the cell phone she kept hidden in the farmhouse.

"Hello Venus? Are you there?" she greeted.

"Psyche! You shouldn't be up," answered Venus Stanislopolus on the other line. "You should be with my son enjoying your honeymoon."

"I wanted to call you to thank you for everything," said Psyche. "You reunited Eros and me and I couldn't be happier. This kidnapping ruse worked out just like you planned."

"Well I had the perfect accomplice," said Venus. "Besides you made the perfect actress. I do apologize for slapping you earlier. I hope I didn't hurt you."

"No, I'm fine. We had to make it look real," commented Psyche. "Eros was concerned though and it was really romantic."

"One thing I don't understand though," questioned Venus. "Why would you betray your own father by coming to me and ordering him killed? If you hated your father that much, you simply had to give your share of the land to us and your family's debt would have been repaid. Do you despise him that much?"

"Absolutely," said Psyche. "He killed my mother. He beat her to death when he discovered her infidelity. But nothing compares to what he did to me when he discovered my affair with your son. Not only did he savagely beat me but he also murdered another family member that I loved with all my heart."

"Though I do not wish to dredge up such a painful past," began Venus. "But what family member did he murder?"

"Your grandchild," Psyche said bluntly. "I was pregnant with Eros's child when my father discovered our indiscretion. He beat me with every inch of his life that I miscarried the baby. Then he forced me to live with some crazy woman he said was my aunt up north in Ampiphilus for six years. I have plotted his demise ever since."

Long silence and Venus paused. Psyche wondered if she had hung up.

"I'm sorry for the ordeal you have been through," Venus finally spoke. "I'm glad you came to me and we dealt with that bastard. He will not hurt another another human being any longer. Have faith child, you are still young enough to have more children and I can't wait until I become a grandmother. For now enjoy you life as Mrs. Stanislopolus and welcome to the family. You'll make a fine protege as the next matriarch after my legacy has passed. This family needs a strong female leader."

"Thank you Mama Venus," Psyche showed her appreciation. "Oh and please do not let Eros know of this or the revelation of our lost child. He has been hurt enough. I will tell him when the time is right."

"Rest assured your secret is safe with me," promised Venus. "Goodbye and God bless."

Psyche turned off her phone and returned to her sleeping husband in the farmhouse. Some secrets were better left not known…

And there shall be for thee all soft delight

That shadowy thought can win,

A bright torch, and a casement ope at night,

To let the warm Love in!



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