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The lady's blindfold and restraint fantasy was so good she allowed to go a step further. She had no idea just how good it could be!

This is the first time I have shared my writing with anyone other than the person it was written for. I would really appreciate feed back!

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This time your hands and legs are tied, spread eagle. This time I had you bring your favorite toy. This time you are on your back. But, this time, you are still blindfolded.

With your body spread wide across the bed and the blindfold snugly over your eyes, your anxiety, anticipation is at a peak. In fact, after the last time, I would bet you are already a bit wet...and I haven't touched you. I can see that your nipples are rock hard awaiting my touch. Just for the fun of teasing you I lean down and fully tongue your belly button, you giggle and try to squirm. I pull away. The next sensation you have is breath near your face, then my tongue moves across your lips. Lightly, gently at first, then you feel my tongue being thrust hard and fast into your mouth. You kiss me in return and moan. I do love that sound. After several minutes of passionate, deep kisses, I pull away again, for not for long.
My breath next surprises you near your left ear, suddenly I am nibbling and kissing it. Then the right. I can tell you are enjoying, your tummy and tits have goose bumps on top of goose bumps. Finally I touch with my fingers, caressing your neck, teasing your ears. My mouth moves to your neck, taking in your sweet odor and taste. My fingers move to your breast, the right one first, making light circles around your areola. If it were possible, I believe your nipples just got harder. My hand moves to the other breast repeating the light circles. My mouth now moving down your chest, slowly kissing your warm flesh, but moving ever so slowly. Enjoying the waves of goose bumps you are having and your nipples begging for attention. Finally my tongue follows my fingers and begins to make small light circles around your areola, my hot breath on your nipples driving you mad. After teasing both tits, I pull away. And, just as suddenly return, consuming all of your right nipple into my hot wet mouth, flicking my tongue over the throbbing nipple, nibbling on it gently. My hand teasing your left nipple. Then I switch, the moaning is back, slightly louder now, more constant. Your nipples are so hard now you think they are going to explode....
My hands move across your tummy, teasing your belly button once again, my mouth follows, fully french kissing your belly button. You never knew how sensitive that spot was until just now. My fingers are now lightly stroking your mound. Playing with your bush, touching anything but what you oh so want touched. My mouth starts to move down as well. I smell your sent, the sent of wetness..hummm. My tongue starts to stroke the outside edges of your pussy. Up and down, up and down, top to bottom, my breath on your lips driving you crazy. Your legs trying to squirm, but the silk ties hold them. Suddenly I pull away, for what seems like forever. Then you feel my weight return to the bed just miliseconds before you feel my tongue plunge into your pussy. You scream! Shock and satisfaction. You wish you could see my eyes looking up at you as my mouth probes you, as my tongue flicks across your clit, your moaning is louder now and constant. You start to buck your hips into my face and just then you hear a strange but familiar sound, that buzz that you love so much. Slowly gently as my tongue moves to your clit, I slide your toy into your tight wet pussy. You nearly go through the roof in extasy..I thought for a moment you had cum but the hip bucking began again and I knew you weren't there yet. As I suck harder on your clit and start to move your toy in and out faster your hips move as much as the restraints will allow them to. Oh you are going to cum so hard. Just then I hear you say "Fuck Me!" I giggle and say, "oh no, not yet. Patience my dear. But you can cum for me..." And you do, hard, bucking and screaming as the waves of extasy engulf your body, you almost quiver you are coming so hard. As you go limp, you tell me to stop the licking, move the toy...again, I tell you to be patient. My work is not over.
I swap my mouth and your toy. Now your toy is moving up and down hard and fast over your clit as my tongue probes deeper and deeper into your dripping wet pussy. My god you taste good. I have one hand working the toy and another under your ass lifting your pussy into my face, I hear the breath catch and the bit of stiffness, you scream again as round two of pleasure rides over your body. Now you are nearly ordering me to stop with the teasing, toying, again, I refuse.
My tongue and mouth move back to your clit, I insert a finger then two in to your pussy and start the process over, you are almost mad with me because I won't stop trying to make you cum...really? Nevertheless, the sensations you are feeling bring you back to enjoying what is happening to you. Fingers moving in and out, harder, deeper, faster. Mouth consuming your clit, sucking it harder now. At just the right moment my mouth and my fingers find the perfect rythmn, your hips slam into my face and you scream louder than either time before. Your breathing is so hard and fast now, the hips move down and slam upward into me again, harder this time. This orgasm seems to go on for several minutes, I have not let up with the sucking and finger fucking. Finally you collapse, literally. I am a bit afraid I have pushed you too far. You float for a few minutes, I stop my antics, finally and your breathing gets close to normal again. And then you say it, very funny but I should have expected as much from you. You say, "I am so going to fuck you for this!"


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