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The Blindfold...

Short story By: DannyMarlowe

The lady has always had a fantasy about being blindfolded and restrained...thought it would be fun...she had no idea!

This is the first time I have shared my writing with anyone other than the person it was written for. I would really appreciate feed back!

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You can feel my breath on the back of your neck, then my lips lightly brush across your neck followed by the hot kiss. Chill bumps run down your spine. Part pleasure, part anticipation. You know more is to come but you don't know where or when. The silk blindfold is snug on your face, the silk neckties secure on your wrists, you can only hope I won't be too mean!

You feel my breath again, this time lower, on your shoulders, the the lips, then the wet tongue ticlking you. You squirm slightly. Hands begin to move down your sides, lightly stroking you. The hot mouth moves again, sucking its way down your body. Slowly, oh so slowly, moving between your shoulder blades now. Breath, hot on your skin, lips soft but wet, tongue flicking, teasing you with every long slow inch it moves. As my hot mouth continues to move slowly down your spine, you feel my warm hands start to massage your ass, you buck slightly, kneading your ass as my hot mouth and tongue continue to tease you, center of your lower back now, kissing and sucking your skin harder now, feeling your chills as you have waves of them.
My hands move as my mouth reaches the top of your ass. My hands slide up and under your breasts....damn hard nipples, you respond to my touch with a moan. As I tease your nipples, I beging to run my tongue up and down the sides of your ass, flicking your crack now and then. You begin to try and grind your ass into my face and by doing so start to dry hump the bed. My mouth moves to the bottom of your ass, kissing, licking, nibbling. Suddenly the mouth moves, the hands move......
You wait, anticipating, grinding your now wet pussy into the bed. As my mouth quickly starts sucking on the back of your knee you nearly scream with a combination of surprise and pleasure. The back of one knee then the other. Now, the mouth has changed directions, I begin to inch my way up your legs. Nibbling, sucking and licking every inch of your wonderful thighs. You can now feel my hot breath nearing your pussy lips, you start to drip from your wetness. Ever so slowly I spread your thighs enough to lick your lips slowly stroking them with my hot wet tongue, over and over...your moans getting more consistent and louder. You now spread your legs as wide as possible inviting me in. My fingers spread your lips and the hot tongue probes your wetness.....Tongue probing wetness, your hips bucking, you moaning...lightly, softly. My hands massaging your ass as my tongue enjoys your sweet taste...enjoys your heat, your juices. I tell you to get on your knees, you do, I slip my head under your body, under your torso, now you have me just where you want me, my face, my mouth, on your throbbing clit. I raise my head to meet you, no need, your hips plunge downward onto me. I begin to lick, nibble and suck on your clit. My hands slowly, gently, softly stroking your ass, your ass crack, your thighs. You start to rock onto my face harder, making long strokes with your hips onto my mouth. At times I grab your ass and pull you to me, at times you slam your wettness into me. Your start to move faster onto me, riding my face, my tongue.

As my hands continue their feather like light strokes of your ass and thighs you move faster, shoving yourself harder into me. Your moans have turned into a long whimper, I can hear your breath catch. God I am loving this. Your taste, your heat, your passion.
Moving faster now, both of us, your hips, my mouth, my tongue, stroking your clit, harder faster. I can feel your heat rising, you are working it as hard as your hips will allow, you want the release so badly. I can feel the desire, the burn. Between hips slamming into my face I am able to get out the words, "cum for me baby". With that simple statement, you suddenly relax, and let it go. At first the whimper turns into a short quiet scream, you tense, then, suddenly, you slam your hips into my face with all of the power your hips can allow, burying your pussy into my face, your body tenses, I feel you quiver, then I hear a long scream of extasy and the words, "holy shit". Just then you collapse onto me, limp, floating. You never knew such pleasure existed. I let you enjoy the moment as I was enjoying your juices flowing down my face....
Finally, with as much of a loving tone as I could muster I say, "get your ass off of me", you laugh and roll over. And again, with as much of a loving tone as I can muster I say....."your turn!"


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