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An affair between two new lovers...finally they are able to escape from the world to enjoy each other.
This is the first time I have shared my writing with anyone other than the person it was written for. I would really appreciate feed back!

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Yeah, really this time...we really get a room. We really plan to spend half a day together. We really want to have fun and we really want each other.
I get the room, drive around to the back of the hotel, where I requested. We look at each other before getting out of the car and briefly kiss. We both so want this and we are both so nervous. I unlock the door, you walk in first, I follow and lock the door. I turn around and you are grinning. Then I realize that I am as well. Unlike what we imagined, we don't attack each other but slowly move into each others arms. Slowly begin to kiss. Each of us truly enjoying the feel of the other. Arms around each other, mouths working the other. Tongues swirling, flicking, teasing.
My hands move down your back stroking it as I go, moving to your ass. I grab two hands full and squeeze. Your hands move up and down my back. I feel your nipples poking into my chest. Hear your whimper. Wonder just how wet you are. Me, I can't hide my desire. My throbbing cock is poking into you as much as my pants will allow. My hands move back up to your neck, ears. Gently stroking them. You whimper again. Your hands now grab my ass and pull me into you, you are enjoying feeling what you do to me. I slip my hands under your shirt, run my hands up and down your flesh, feel the goose bumps. Slide a hand under your bra, snap, yep I can still it with one hand. You extract it with one hand while grabing my ass with the other. Now your nipples are really poking into me. I move from kissing you to kissing and nibbling on your neck, you whimper again. Hands now teasing your rock hard nipples, one of your hands has found the front of my pants and you are rubbing me firmly. You tilt your head back inviting me to nibble on your neck, I do, you whimper. My hands make their way to your jeans, unsnapped and on the floor they go. Now rubbing your mound through your panties. Meantime you have unzipped me and have a handfull of briefs and cock. You move your mouth and start to kiss my neck, ears, I moan. You make your way to my nipples and suck each. My hands find the waist band of your panties and tug downward, you spread your legs and they fall to the floor. Now I can feel your wetness, and oh you are. You tug at my pants, I feel them fall, then the briefs. You fill your hand with my cock, stroking, tugging.
Next thing I know you are on your knees in front of me, looking up at me, teasing my cock with your hands before plunging me into your hot mouth. Oh god. You start to move up and down deep and fast. My knees start to buckle, I tell you to stop if you want any benefit of that. Finally we, still holding each other, make our way to the bed. We basically fall onto the bed in each others arms, kissing again. Lying on our sides, facing each other playing with our new toys. You roll over onto your back and start to tease your nipples, then start to finger your pussy, you look at me and ask if I like that. I am speachless until you ask if I want some of it. Then I move between your legs, mouth wasting no time getting to your wetness, I have wanted this so badly. You moan, loudly. I continue. I feel your hand on the back of my head, guiding me. My tougue working your clit hard now. I slip a finger into your wetness, you tense around it, then you relax again and buck your hips slightly. My mouth works your clit as one, now two fingers move in and out of your tight pussy. Oh so wet, I can feel you looking at me, I look up at you, remove my fingers from your pussy and suck the juice off of them, you smile. Fingers return to your tightness, mouth returns to your clit, tongue flicking, lips sucking, you moaning. I pick up the pace with my fingers and my tongue, you start to buck harder now, you are rocking almost, teasting your nipples with your fingers, bucking your hips into me. You tell me you want me inside you. I tell you there will be plenty of time for that later. Right now is all about you. Fingers and tongue find the perfect rythmn, you moan louder than ever, buck into my face harder, OH GOD, I hear you say, feel a flash of goose bumps move up your legs, then that cumming sound you make, your legs stiffen your pussy tightens around my fingers, you scream and are almost quivering. I stop and move beside you, you grab my face and kiss me deeper and harder than before. Grab my cock and start to tease it....Now, you say, "my turn".
You push me onto my back and crawl on top of me. You kiss me deeply again and then hang your nipples just over my face, just high enough to keep me from being able to lick them....dammit woman. But you want the attention as badly as I want to give it, you lower one then the other into my waiting mouth. I suck hard and flick my tongue over them. You begin to move down my body, dragging your tits across me, just teasing me even more. One falls to either side of my cock, you grab them and engulf my cock with them. You begin moving up and down having me fuck your tits. On each stroke as my head appears between them you lick it. Damn you are driving me mad. Finally you move further down my body and begin to suck me again, taking my cock in your hands holding it out of the way and licking my balls, taking each into your hot wet mouth, harder and harder you feel me getting, if that was possible. You lick the spot just behing my balls and hear me moan really loud, then suddenly you deep throat my cock, I nearly jump to the ceiling. You continue to do that over and over, finally I ask, "I am going to have to beg you aren't I?" You smile and assure me that I am. "Ok baby, please for the love of god, fuck me!" You straddle me and slowly guide my dick into your waiting wet pussy. Slowly you lower yourself onto me, I am in heaven. You start to rock forward and back, driving me deeper and deeper into you. I pull you forward so that I can suck your tits while fucking you. We are both moaning now, both wanting to explode, both wanting this to last forever.
I had been so into enjoying finally having you with me that I had not noiced my surroundings. I happen to look over your shoulder and see a mirror hanging directly behind you. I raised my head a little more and could see your ass moving up and down, my cock sliding in and out of your pussy, oh my god. That was all it took, a couple of seconds of seeing that view and I exploded inside you. You feeling me tense and hearing my moan of passion, started slamming down onto me even harder and faster ensuring that everything I had was spent.
Now lying side by side, we look at each other, I look at the clock and realize we've only been here an hour. I grab you and kiss you yet again. I then ask what are we going to do for round two?


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