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Office Quickie Blooper (formerly Office Quickie Oops)

Short story By: DannyMarlowe

Office quickie with an "oh shit" moment.
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"We really can't do this, its at work for God's sake." She had been at this since I suggested the idea of "working late" one evening and having a go on the big oak table in our office's conference room. As I kept telling her, this place was a ghost town at 5:05, stop worrying. Nevertheless she kept it up. Yet, I knew that not only was she a bit of an exhibitionist, despite what she was saying, she loved the idea of it. The thrill, the excitement.

"Honey, no one is here. No one has been here for over an hour. Have you ever known anyone in this office to come back after dinner to get some extra work in? It never happens. Besides, everyone knows that Dan has been banging his mistress in this office for years. It's not like he would fire us if we got caught."
"Ah ha!" she said, " so you admit it, we could get caught?!"
Ok, I told her that I did, I also told her that a tornado could strike just as my cock is pounding her but it wasn't real likely. With all the arguing and telling me how wrong we were to do this, the proof of her willingness stood before me. A very short skirt and thong, just as I had requested.
Finally, I managed to nudge, cajolle, drag, push her into the conference room. With the door closed I slammed her against it and starting kissing her as hard and deeply as I could. I could feel my kisses having the right effect. She was relaxing and, if history was any indicator, she was getting wet, very, very wet. I dropped to my knees and lifted her skirt. I pulled her thong aside and ran my tongue over her smooth pussy. Yep, she was wet. As my tongue worked, she began to moan lightly, then I could hear her breath catching. When I looked up and she was teasing her nipples I knew it was time.
I escorted her to the back side of the conference room table so that we were facing the door. I leaned her over the table and lifted her skirt. I was so excited by the idea that I needed no encouragement. I upzipped my pants and freed my manhood, throbbing, wanting. I quickly slide her thong aside and slide myself into her. Almost immediately she began backing her hips into me, driving me deeper and deeper into her. Her breathing was getting faster, with her ever present moans starting. I was helping her hips pulling her pussy on and off of me. From the moaning and the breathing I could tell she was getting very very close to orgasm. Then "CLICK!" The door opened.
We froze, nothing else we could do. We looked up. Standing in the doorway was our boss, Dan, with his mistress in tow. The four of us just stood there for what seemed like a lifetime. I didn't know how this was going to end but knew that some levity had to be brought to the situation.
"Well dear, I guess you were right this time." Was all I could think of to say. All four of us burst out in laughter. Interesting to laugh that hard with your cock inside a pussy the owner of which is laughing just as hard.
Our boss regained his composure and simply ask, "Is this a table for two or may we join you?"


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