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Two lovers meet for their usual, and very hot, evening together. While the normal routine is expected that is far from what the lady has in mind.

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I can't say that I didn't know what to expect when we got together. But, I suppose I expected what had become normal for us. A little wine, a lot of making out plus lots and lots of foreplay then incredible sex. Well, that was not in your plans.....

After our usual wine and making out you started undressing me. But wouldn't let me do the same to you. No hands you continued to tell me. So, I was more than willing to play along. Soon I am naked sitting on your sofa and you are fully dressed sporting a very evil grin. You tell me to get up and come with you. Again, I am game. You lead me upstairs to your bedroom. Great, now we get down to business. But not so fast.
As I move toward the bed you instead direct me to a chair in the corner. I obey. Then it gets even more strange. Out of your closet you grab two long pieces of silk. You tie one around each of my wrists and then time them behind me around the chair. It just occurs to me that instead of your usual candlelite bedroom that I have become accustomed to, every light in the room is on including those blindingly bright make up mirror lights.
After you are certain that my hands are secure behind me, you grab a glass of wine, give me a drink and take one yourself. Then you kiss me very deeply and say, "I hope you enjoy". You put on some very sexy music and begin to remove your clothing one long slow painful button at a time. I see where this is going, I think, and I love it. Button by button your take your blouse off and toss it at me. As it falls you begin to tease your nipples through your bra. I can clearly see that both are rock hard. You slip off one bra strap then the other. As you do this you lean down into my face so that I can enjoy your full clevage, and I do. With the bra half on, you begin undoing your jeans. Again, one slow teasing button at a time. As they are loosened, you wiggle your hips and let them slide to the floor. And, of couse, you have on my favorite, the pink thong. You walk to me and rub your pussy, through damp thong, against my nose and mouth. I oh so love your scent. Then you turn and bend completely over, putting that fabulous ass directly in my face. Just far enough away to keep me from licking it.
Back to the bra now, slowly, as you have done everything else, you remove one breast from its cup, you lift it and begin to flick your tongue over the swollen nipple. I know what this does to you and sure enough, you make yourself moan. And, you know what that does to me. You walk to me and grab my throbbing cock, just because you can! Then you extract the second breast and repeat the licking process but this time start to suck your nipples as well. Now I know you are not only wet, you are wanting. The bra finally is tossed at me. And purely for torture factor you wiggle your ass in front of my nose once more.
You grin again and walk to your bed. You position yourself so that when you lie back your thong covered pussy is facing me directly. You finally pull the thong aside and give me a peek. Now I moan. You begin to tease your clit with your fingers, I am dying here. You know full well what this does to me. I am gathering you have had about all you can stand when you toss the thong at me. And lie back down. Now you are fully working your pussy, fingers teasing clit, slipping in and out of your tight wetness and then back to your clit. You begin to buck into your hand slamming fingers harder, deeper and faster into your pussy. Thumb working your clit. Faster and faster you buck, bed shaking, your legs working hard lifting your torso into your thrusting hands...then the first wave of pleasure engulfs you. You moan loudly and squeeze your legs together. After several minutes you come up for air and look over at me smiling, wanting to know if I liked that. I, quite obviously, look down at my throbbing dick and ask what you think. You reply that I will only like what is coming more. You get up from the bed and go digging into a drawer. Out comes a glass dildo. You proceed to deep throat it just in front of my face. You then turn your ass to me, just inches way, and begin fucking yourself with the dildo. So close to my face your hand is nearly hitting me. I am now truly dying.
You are so wet you are litterally dripping onto the floor. I am speachless, just watching the dido working your tight pussy from this angle. God that ass! As your knees get weak and you moan loudly again, I am nearly about to cum from just the view and the sounds. When you get your breath back I ask, "Do I have to beg?" You smile and move my way.
You turn around, ass to me again, and lower yourself onto me. Slowly you guide me into your drippy wetness. I so want to touch you, grab your tits, tease your clit but cannot. You begin to move up and down on me so incredibly slowly. Taking me and and pulling me out inch by slow inch. I try to buck and meet you but cannot. Again and again you raise and lower your tight pussy onto my cock. I need to grab your ass and move you faster....
You move off me, turn kiss me and ask if I am having fun. Between breaths I say yes, but I had no idea you were so mean. You laugh, turn back around and begin moving hard and fast on my cock. Yes, Yes, Yes, I am screaming, fuck me baby. That apparently sends you over the top as you clinch my cock and moan. Which of couse, sends me over the top, and I explode within you.
Both our breaths caught now, you turn kiss me oh so deeply and untie my hands. "See, you really didn't need those now did you?" you say with that evil grin.


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