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Female of cheating couple decides to get a little risky with location...

This is the first time I have shared my writing with anyone other than the person it was written for. I would really appreciate feed back!

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Out of the blue you call me and ask what I'm doing after work. I tell you I have no real plans but need to get home by 6:30. I ask what you had in mind? You tell me that you are going to be downtown for an interview and should be finished by 5. My evil mind immediately kicks into gear and I suggest that you come by my office. I say this knowing that my office is like a morgue at 5:05. I also have had very serious fantasies involving you and my office. I tell you how to find me and not to arrive until 5:10. From the time we end the call until you arrive I have a difficult time leaving my desk. Not because I can't get around, not because I am busy. It's because my pants look like a circus tent. All I can think about is having you in my office and consequently I am sporting a major boner for over 2 hours. When the appointed time finally arrives I see your head peek around the door frame and smile at me. My first thought is did she really have an interview and if she did for what kind of job? Damn lady, you have one of the most revealing tops on that I have ever seen. Add that to the tight short skirt..wow. Never seen you look hotter. I say hello, tell you to come in and close the door. You do so and before you can take another step toward me I have you in my arms. I left your chin and kiss you with a hot deep passion. I also feel your nipples poke into me, already very hard. My situation doesn't get by you either. You grab my cock and ask if I'm glad to see you. I laugh and ask how the interview went. You laugh and say you will let me know in about an hour! Ah ha, this is just for me. If getting harder was possible I did. Knowing this I am certainly going to make sure I repay the favor. I kiss you again and pull you hard to me. My hands immediately go to your bra strap and unsnap it, you let it fall away. I move my hands inside your blouse and tease your nipples with my fingers. I hear the first of many moans. At some point between kisses and nipple teasings you actually look around my office. You tell me what a wonderful view I have. I respond by saying they I love the view I have as I very obviously look down your blouse. You giggle and tell me just to cool my jets. Oh? I say. You tell me you have gathered that this was a fantasy of mine and that you have plans for me. I tell you that I am placing myself fully into your hands. You giggle again, grab my cock and say that I'm am indeed. You lean up and kiss me lightly. Then you tell me I get to be president for a bit. President? I ask. "Yes, Bill Clinton. You are about to get the blow job of you life while at your desk." I'm stunned and just back into my chair as you nudge me in that direction. I sit and you get to work. Slowly you unzip my pants, maintaining eye contact the entire time. Then you grab me, stroke me through my briefs. Then you pull those down. Taking me in your hand you ask if I am enjoying? What do you think baby? You ask if I want more. You know what I want. Your tongue flicks over my head. Feather like strokes, driving me mad. Hand working me, tongue teasing me. Are you ready you ask. God woman do me, please! Just as the words cross my lips I feel the head of my cock in the back of your throat. Oh god! You proceed to suck and suck my dick hard. I can't help but buck into you face. You move to my balls nearly swallowing each then move back tony cock, in, out, deeper, wetter faster. Damn woman I want to fuck you I say between moans. You move off me long enough to say "Wanna fuck with a view?" What? You have me stand, you removed my shirt and pants then you have me watch, no touching, as you undress ever so slowly. Making special effort to tease me with your fabulous naked ass. Finally with both of us naked you lead me to the front of my desk were we both can look out my window. "This is what I was talking about" you say as you lean over my desk sticking your ass in the air. Now I get the message as I step behind you, rub my hands across your ass and then guide my cock into your waiting, wet, hot pussy. Damn baby, so tight, so hot. I start with long slow strokes. You continue the game by commenting on the view again. Makes me feel that I don't have your attention. I grab your hips and slam my throbbing cock into your pussy so hard all I hear is you saying almost under your breath "fuck"! I continue the pounding. My balls slamming into your ass with every thrust. Your moan is now back and continuous. I see you grabbing the edge of the desk, see your back arch as I continue thrusting myself into your pussy. Suddenly your pussy tightens around me and you nearly scream you cum so hard. I continue to fuck you hard and deep. You feel me, hear me getting close. You push back into me then in one swift motion stand, turn and hit your knees. Just as I exploded your mouth engulfs me again and you suck every single drop of hot cum from me like it is chocolate syrup...and eagerly you swallow every drop like you are looking for more. We both collapse into the floor and start kissing once again...enjoying the view.


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