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Woman with amazing oral skills and an unusual talent!

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I had known a number of women who enjoyed giving oral sex. Sought them out in fact. But never in my life had I ever encountered anything or anyone like her.....

I was at a convention and, of course, looking for female attendees looking to have a little fun while on the road. One particular night the group had decided that the evening should be spent at the hot and happening bar in town. Of course, it was overrated, neither hot nor happening. Two other guys and I were in a corner scoping out the few women in the crowd. Most of them were either locals with their significant others or were conference attendees who had re-connected with friends met at conferences in years past.
I noticed one lady at the bar, apparently sitting alone. Quite attractive, and just my style, a big beautiful woman. Very curvy. I said something about her to the other guys and they encouraged (dared) me to make a move. I had had a couple so, what the hell. I walked over and asked if the chair next to her was taken. She said no. I sat and started the basic small talk. Where you from, what do you do, are you attending the conference, etc. She was attending the conference and this was her first such trip. Bingo! While chatting I couldn't help but notice the rather short dress she was wearing had climbed up her thigh nearest me just a bit more than it probably should have. And it was a very nice thigh. Now she definately had my attention.
The flirting quickly began and based on the responses I was getting from her I could tell she had the same thing in mind that I did. I decided to find out if my hunch was right or to get slapped off the bar stool. I dropped my hand down onto the exposed thigh. I didn't need to duck as she just looked at me and smiled. Then asked, "So, you like what you see?" I assured her that I liked it very much and would love the opportunity to see more. She suggested we take a walk.
The bar sat about 2 blocks from the beach. Naturally we started walking toward said beach. On the beach we stopped, kissed for the first time and both quickly discovered that we were gonna be spending some time together. Unfortunately kissing was about the only thing we were going to do on the beach without getting arrested. For 10 pm it was amazingly crowded. So we strolled back up to the row of beach front hotels nearby. Just about all of them had parking areas on the ground floor. Typically these were dark and, at this time of night, deserted. We were fortunate enough to find a bench in one the parking areas. We sat and started kissing and fondling each other in ernest.
Our kissing of couse lead to her top being unbuttoned and her ample breasts being exposed for my nibbling, licking and sucking pleasure. She seemed to be enjoying the attention as her hands quickly found my bulging cock inside my pants. She began rubbing me as I was now sucking very hard on very hard nipples. Just then I heard it, heard her say something that, had I known, was a hint of things to come...."I must have that in my mouth.." It was said almost under her breath, but that made it more intense.
With movements of a cat, she slipped from my side to the floor in front of me, in the blink of an eye, my pants were unbelted, unzipped, briefs yanked out of the way and my cock in her mouth. She was good. And, I quickly learned why she was so passionate about this. She began giving me the blowjob of a life time, I began fingering her nipples. She worked me up, down, deep throating me. Licking me from head to balls, sucking my balls into her hot mouth, devouring them. Back to my cock,deep throating me again and again, suddenly she moaned loudly and sucked me harder still. After a couple of minutes of this she removed me from her mouth and looked up at me and smiled. I asked, "What just happened? Did you cum?" She smiled wider, "Yes dear, the best orgasims I have are when I am giving head."
The conference was a week long. I am not stretching the truth at all when I say that I probably received over 50 blowjobs that week. At every break, every meal time, she would find me and take me to a private spot she had already scouted out. She would give me a blowjob to die for and cum. It was amazing. She never touched herself and, during the little sneak aways, I never had time to get to her nipples. She just got off sucking dick. It was incredible.
The final morning of the conference she called my room and told me to get to hers now. Her flight had been delayed and she had time for one more. I nearly ran to her room and she once again sucked me dry, drinking every drop of hot cum as she experienced a body shaking orgasm. She then stood, we kissed deeply and long. We told each other how much we would miss the other and said our goodbyes. Just as I was about to close the door, she said, "You come to this conference every year?" I told her that I did. She grinned from ear to ear and said that she would be waiting on me next year!


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