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A few moments alone..or so she thought!

Submitted:Apr 16, 2013    Reads: 2,056    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

Oh, how great that feels. That guy has been killing you all day, constant teasing with such hot, realistic, detailed stories. Seems like you have been walking around wet for days. But now, finally, some relief. You slowly get undressed, enjoying feeling your own touch against your bare skin. Naked, you get comfortable on the bed. The lights are off so that only the sun coming through the curtains lights the room. You begin to tease your nipples, getting them hard again, thinking about the details in the stories, you lick your fingers and tease your nipples with the wetness. Nipples hard and your pussy getting hotter with longing, your hands move down your body. You want it so badly but you are trying to go with the stories you read, long, slow teasing.

Finally you allow yourself to touch your pussy. Hot, it is so hot and really, really wet. Been a long time since you have felt yourself so wet. You take your time teasing your labia, slowly stroking your lips, sliding a finger in to gain some wetness, then back to the lips. You are just about to explode, you roll over and grab your toy. But again, you try to slow yourself down and start by rubbing your vibrating lover over your nipples, long slow strokes. Gradually you allow the toy to move down your body but only tease your lips, wanting this to last. Sliding it ever so often over your throbbing clit, then into your pussy to get it wet again. Now you add your fingers to the mix, first sliding in and out of your wetness then up over your clit. Finally you slide your toy into your tightness and start to slowly fuck yourself, fingers still at work. Then, you hear something, you stop, cover up with a sheet and listen....nothing, you start back at your work. Trying to be very quiet just in case. Finally you throw the sheet back and start bucking into your toy and fucking yourself very hard. You are getting closer and closer when you are shocked to hear a voice say, "Don't waste that!" You nearly scream until you open your eyes and see me standing in your bedroom doorway. "What the hell..." is all you get out of your mouth before I throw my shirt at you, then my pants hit the floor followed by my briefs. "I'm here to live out a story or write another!"
What you don't know is that I have been watching you for the last few minutes. Not much makes me as hot as seeing a woman getting herself off. And you are no exception. Hence my throbbing cock now moving toward you. And you don't miss a beat. Just as soon as I within reach, your mouth consumes me. Now I am the one moaning. As your hot mouth moves up and down my cock, you look up at me and grin....damn you are hot lady! Soon I have had all I can stand. I push you back on the bed and kiss you hard and deep, my hands moving all over your body, teasing your nipples, grabbing your ass, pulling you to me. As we continue to kiss you spread your legs, grab my cock and guide me into your wetness. "Oh my God!" We start to move together, both of us lapping up the sexuality of the other. I move into you harder and faster, your hips rising to meet mine. Faster and harder we move, "fuck me, fuck me" you say between moans, then "don't stop, don't stop", I move even faster now. Suddenly I feel your nails dig into my back as your body stiffens and your pussy tightens around my rod. And when I hear that scream it sends me over the top, filling you with hot cum.
We collapse in each others arms, kissing again and again......


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