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Business Arrangement

Short story By: DannyMarlowe

Man needs a loan, woman has money. But can he deal with the terms of the loan?

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It was really good to see Linda again. Really good. She had taken care of herself over the last 5 or so years, even lost a few pounds but still the curvy, busty lady I remembered and she was dressed to kill. Showing plenty of leg and clevage. Not only was she very attractive, she was fun. Linda had always made me laugh. I had known her for nearly twenty years now. We had worked together for fifteen of those some time back. There had always been "something" between us. Neither had ever pursued the other but we just knew. The flirting was too natural, too comfortable.
We had met for lunch at my favorite Italian place. Typical small italian, dark, (in an attempt to be romantic), linen table cloths and napkins, not a bad place. We had a table in the back because I was here to talk business. I had finally found the small business that I had always wanted. Had dreamed of owning. Now all I had to do was come up with the cash.
Linda had done well for herself. She had invested well but mostly she had inherited well. And, she was single again, after two divorces. In short, she was loaded with no one to spend it on. Considering that we had been friends for a very long time and that I knew she trusted me I thought maybe, just maybe, she would help with my backing.
After the old friends catching up chit chat was over we had flirted a little. It was at that point that I remembered what had caused the "something" at least for me. This woman exueded sexuality. There was just something about her that said "I want you". Nevertheless, and despite the interest being shown by my little head, my big head was here for business so I steered the conversation to my purpose. "Linda, for years I have tried to get in your pants, now I want in your purse!" She said something like "typical man" laughed, and asked what I needed. I explained my opportunity, the money I had to invest and where my shortfall was and why. Amid this discussion, she surprised me by ordering a glass of wine. I didn't remember her being much of a drinker, especially at lunch. When I finished my pitch for her cash, I simply said, "You know me, you have known me for a long time. You know I can make this work. I will repay your money with a good return. Linda, I won't screw you unless, of course, those are part of the terms."
The next thing that happened shocked me. She looked me square in the eye and said, "This is a very serious investment you are asking me to make. I will need some time to think it over, say 48 hours. But one thing you can be sure of is that you will, in fact, screw me." This was said as her hand moved to my crotch and started massaging my cock. "I have wanted you since the day I met you. But with work and spouses.... Now, I have the chance to own you! Seems that there is a bit of interest on your part as well."
I laughed and said, "Well, I suppose you can own me. Do you want your first installment now or after you are sure this is the right opportunity for you?"
"No, I can wait. I have waited nearly 20 years, I can wait another 48 hours. I will call you with my answer day after tomorrow."
She removed her hand from my crotch and now very hard cock, we stood, hugged and said our goodbyes.
I drove home still not believing what had just happend and what I had learned. I knew we had hit it off but never knew she had always had the hots for me. Interesting that I didn't remember how sexual and sensual she was. I suppose the time apart made me realize what I had apprently gotten used to by being around her daily. Eitherway, I believe that I have my needed funding taken care of!
At nine o'clock on the dot two days later my cell phone rang. We exchanged pleasantries and I was asked if I could meet Linda at her home for lunch and to discuss the opportunity. I said certainly and that I looked forward to seeing more of her. She said, "I just bet you do!"
About five before noon I pulled into Linda's drive. I had forgotten what a fabulous home she had. She certainly made no effort to hide the fact that she had money. I mentally prepared myself for whatever lie ahead. I figured either I was going to get the money I wanted and get fucked, or possibly, just get fucked. Figuratively and literally. I made my way to the door and rang the bell.
Linda's plump, curvy, attractive 45 year old hot body opened the door wearing a dress that had to have been made for her. It hugged every curve, accuentuated all of her assets and made her look like one of those plus sized models. Based on some of the hugging the dress did, I was pretty sure that there was nothing between that dress and her nice ass. Add the hot dress to the red stilleto heels and I was smitten. I could feel the interest returning to little head.
Linda invited me in and offered a glass of wine, to match the one in her hand. I accepted. There was nothing I wasn't going to say "yes" to today. We strolled into her kitchen to get my wine and I couldn't help but notice that the oh so sexy dress just got sexier. There were slits running up each leg nearly to her waist. And the lady had fine legs.
Linda seemed a bit more business like than at our first meeting. I assumed she had realized what exactly I was asking for and it was no small decision. Turns out I was right.
We sat at her breakfast table and sipped our wine as she asked how the research on the business was going, how the business plan was coming and the like. I could tell she was being polite and trying to warm me up before getting to the heart of the matter. Honestly, I had the feeling that a big fat NO was headed my way.
"Tom, I trust you. Otherwise this conversation would have ended before it began. I believe you can and will do what you say. However, I am not yet certain you are the man for the job." Oh geez, I thought, here it comes.
"Linda, I know I have never owned or managed this type of business but....."
"Tom, I have no doubt in your abilities to run this business. If this were purely about making an investment in a business you would be on your way with a check by now. No, Tom, I am talking more about the terms of this loan. I am not yet sure you are man enough to deal with the terms."
"Linda, I am sure you will be reasonable to work with. Tell me what you have concerns about."
Linda then got up from the table, took my hand and told me to come with her. As we started to move away from the table we both grabbed our wine glasses. I knew I was going to need mine. Linda led me upstairs and down a very long hall. So, I am thinking, she wants to get laid before she tells me no. What the hell. Linda stops before a door at the very end of the hall. She looks at me and winks as she opens the door. She steps inside and I follow to find a room with a large bed in the center, lit candles on every possible shelf and mirrors strategically placed on walls and the ceiling. After taking this in I heard the soft jazz playing in the background.
Linda turned to me, leaned in and kissed me deep and hard. She then grabbed my hand and shoved it under her dress and over her noticably wet pussy. "Tom, I need to know that you can and will satisfy me. I need you to prove it. Hear me when I say this, I don't care about the money Tom. I want you!.
With my cock now throbbing, I have decided that this woman will be pleased in every way I knew how. I fell to my knees, lifting her dress and allowing my mouth to replace my hand over her pussy. The dress falls over my head and then I feel Linda's hand guiding me. She spreads her legs wider inviting my tongue inside her. Man she tastes good. I flick my tongue around her pussy lips, inside her pussy over and over. Avoiding her clit. I want her to remember this. She bucks her hips into me, I know what she wants. I flick my tongue over her clit, then rake it across again long and slow. She moans and pushes my head harder into her. Finally I take her clit into my mouth and suck hard. Her hips start to slam into me. Harder and harder, faster and faster she slams into my mouth. Her heat is amazing, her wetness is uncontrollable.
Just as I am about to slip a finger insider her I hear a long low gutteral moan and she just holds my head to her.
"Tom, your first part of the loan interview has gone well. Now can you fuck?"
"Crawl on the bed baby and let's find out!"
She only thought I was finished with my tongue. After that reaction, I wanted more of it and I know she did. With her on her back, I was between her legs. Starting at her knees I began to lick, suck and kiss my way up her legs. She started to protest, apparently wanting a dick insider her now. I told her that I could live with her terms in general but how we got there was up to me. I continued my slow path up her thighs. Nibbling, sucking, kissing. When my hot breath hit her pussy again I heard her breath catch. I begin to again run my tongue around her pussy, teasing her lips, blowing hot breath onto her clit. She starting arching her back, trying to buck again. I suddenly turned my head sideways and thrust my tongue deeply into her wetness. She grabbed my head and pushed me further in. I fingered her clit as my tongue probed her. I began to move my tongue in and out of her faster with as much force as I could muster, fingers working her clit. Just as I feel her getting close to the edge, I stop. I crawl up her body, again, kissing, licking and sucking my way along. Stopping to pay special attention to her rock hard nipples. She moans as I suck each. Finally I kiss her, deep, long and with power. She moans again longer this time. Just as I begin to kiss her again I slam my throbbing cock as hard as I can into her drippy wet pussy. She screams, I repeat the action, the movement. Balls slapping her ass as I fuck her hard and deep. She screams again. I cover her mouth with mine, kissing her hard and deep again, as my dick pounds her again. On the next thrust she twists her head away from me so she can scream even louder. Scream and buck as hard as she can. Her entire body quivers as the waves of pleasure run through her. I lift her legs to my shoulders and start a fast short stroke rythmn. Faster and harder. She screams again. This time her scream sends me soaring. I pull out of her pussy just in time to fire my hot juice all over her tummy. Then we both collapse. Kissing again, trying to catch our breath.
After we have relaxed a moment in silence, I looked down at her and asked "Well?"
"Well, what?" she asks.
"Can I fuck?"
"Tom, you have shown me that you certainly grasp the concept. But, anyone can get lucky and knock it out of the park once....roll over."
I did as I was told and rolled over on to the bed. Linda got out of bed and walked into her bath. When she returned she was carrying two bottles. One I learned right away was a bottle of massage oil. The other she sat on the nightstand. She poured some of the massage oil into one hand and began to bathe her ample breasts with it. Despite having just had one of the greatest orgasmisms of my life, little head stirred. "You like this Tom?" Linda asked.
"Yes babe, you are quite a hot lady and a great fuck by the way." Linda smiled and told me to get on my stomach. Again I rolled over to accomodate her wishes.
She rubbed my back and shoulders with the massage oil warmed in her hands. This felt not only arousing but relaxing. After all of the stress of this business deal, I was quite tense. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the moment. Then I felt Linda's weight as she got back onto the bed. Felt her straddle me so that her still hot and wet pussy was over my ass. She leaned forward and began rubbing my back with her oily tits. Now little head was really coming back to life. This time I didn't close my eyes but began to appreciate her mirrors. Watching this great looking lady rub my back with her tits was getting me going once again. She worked her way down my back to my ass and rubbed her tits there for quite some time. Now this was starting to make me nuts. She sat up again and slid a hand under me to find my erection. Her hot oily hands felt fantastic on my cock. And watching her work in the mirror was just making me harder.
"Hon, slide up on your knees for me," Linda asked. I did as she said. With my ass in the air she started massaging it with her hands. Nice slow strong strokes. Ocassionally reaching between my legs to tease my cock. She began to blow up and down my crack. I moaned. She spread my cheeks and ran her tongue around my ass hole. Oh my god. What a sensation. She ran her tongue up and down, up and down, I moaned again. "Like that baby?" she asked. "Love it hon." A hand moved from my ass back to my cock and she stroked it just as she poked her tongue into my ass. I was in extasy. She replaced her tongue with a finger and at the same time laid her head on the bed between my legs, pulled my cock back to her and started sucking it as she was fingering my ass. At first she was moving very very slowly taking me in and out of her mouth, killing me. The she picked up the pace, sucking me harder and faster as her finger in my ass also moved in rythmn. My moaning was constant now. I finally managed to say, "hon if you want some of that you better stop."
She stopped long enough to ask, "do you like my ass?" I said "yes baby, you have a great ass, why?" She told me to get out of the bed. I did as I was told once again. By now she was standing as well. She moved to the foot of the bed leaned over and said, "well fuck it then. The bottle on the night stand should come in handy."
I moved to the night stand and grabbed the bottle of lube. I bathed my cock in it and began teasing her rose with my lube covered fingers. Soon I had a finger inside her and she was rocking back and forth into it. I gently probed her with my cock. Easily slipping my head into her tight ass. She wanted more now. As I was trying to work my rod slowly into her she shot back against me forcing me completely inside her. She screamed and then said, "fuck it." I grabbed her hips and started to move firmly and quickly in and out of her ass. Her moans and screams were constant. I reached under her and slipped a finger into her pussy. I started trying to get a rythmn going with my finger and cock. A second finger as added to the pussy and I started moving faster and faster. Now she was again rocking back into me hard and fast. Her sounds driving me crazy. I placed my free hand in the middle of her back and started gently dragging my nails down her back. After about three times of that I heard, "oh fuck!" She slammed harder back into me taking me deeper than I thought possible. Then she slammed into me again and stopped holding me deeply inside her and screamed loudly. I felt every muscle in her tense....I pulled back and started my finger and cock rythmn again. This time I allowed myself to look at the mirror on the wall. That did it, I tensed, and expolded within her ass.
Back on the bed, both of us spend, we kissed for a bit and relaxed. "I never knew you had wanted me all that time."
Linda looked up and me and said, "Baby from the day you walked into our office I started having dreams about you fucking me."
"Well dear, do I get the loan?"
"Tom, you have shown you can fulfill part of the terms, but there are others we need to discuss."
"What would they be?"
Linda smiled and told me that she wanted weekly payments made in person. I was to meet her here, at her home every Wednesday morning at 9 am for lunch. "For lunch?" I asked. She laughed and just cocked an eyebrow at me. I got it.
After we got dressed and I assured Linda I could live with the terms of the business agreement she wrote me a check for $10,000 more than I had asked for. She said that there were always unexpected issues with starting businesses and some extra cash would come in handy. I kissed her, hugged her and thanked her sincerely.
As we moved to the door, I asked her if she wanted cash or a check each week. She laughed out loud. "Honey, I want cock! Your cock! Don't worry about the money."


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