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Lust Cafe 2: The Red Wine

Short story By: Damaelle

Greg finally gets his chance to make his sexual fantasy a reality...then something strange happens...

Submitted:Jul 17, 2007    Reads: 1,057    Comments: 5    Likes: 1   

Lust Cafe 2: The Red Wine

Greg was in disbelief. The girl he had just dreamt about stood right before him; and it wasn't a dream. He was so surprised he couldn't even smile. His grey eyes stared right into hers as a stir of sexual excitement came to him.

She held her smile yet something in her eyes changed. Her expression weakened as if she had lost confidence in herself due to his lack of response. She set her gaze down to the cracked dry sidewalk. Winter's early chill made her shake. Finally, he spoke.

"I'm sorry. You're the lady from the diner.." he was interrupted by her next gesture. She handed to him his credit card which he hadn't even missed. Usually, he was very careful about those things but recently he'd been so busy-minded with the drinking and work. He was only half-surprised. Shyly, he smiled.

"You left this inside at the café. Greta asked me to bring it to you. She's a good friend of mine." Her voice was beautiful to him. He stared at her as she talked and he so badly wanted to touch her; to kiss her.

"Oh." He said with a shy smile and proceeded to put the card in his wallet. He didn't realize that Greta was the old red-headed waitress from the diner.

"Thanks." He didn't know what else to say.

"You're welcome. I'm Juliana, by the way." She reached out her hand for him to shake. He did so softly letting go slowly. She had a flirtatious smile on her face.

The day gave way to night with an orange glow in the winter sky. Greg, without a jacket, was already beginning to feel the chill. He shoved his hands in his pockets. This helped the nervousness as well.

Many thoughts ran through his head now. He tried to quickly think of something to say before she walked off and he'd lose connection with her again. It didn't seem to him like the right time to ask her out, yet he couldn't think of a better way to approach the situation. He never was good at these things and besides, he didn't really think he had a chance with this one. Sure, she was beautiful. She had something different from most his other girlfriends, though. Intelligence. He didn't know how to approach it. It was much easier talking to a girl with no brains, so when beauty and brains came along, it was hard not to "freak out". Silence and tension filled the air.

"Well..it's very nice to meet you, Juliana. Are you….headed home?"

"I am actually." She started to walk in the direction in which Greg had just come. She turned her head slightly toward him as if expecting him to follow. Without hesitation, he did so.

"You know, I really appreciate you getting this to me. Perhaps I can buy you a drink sometime. Maybe tonight?" He didn't think she'd respond so quickly.

"Sure." Her smile was shy and sincere. She looked down at the sidewalk as she walked.

Greg flagged down a taxi for her. They made arrangements for him to pick her up at her apartment in about 2 hours. As the cab drove off, he started again toward his lonely apartment. As he walked a twinge of excitement ran through his body. He didn't believe in love at first sight, but lust at first sight was definitely existent.

Back home, he decided to keep it simple; a shower, single spray of expensive cologne and blue jeans accompanied by a nice black long sleeve dress shirt. It was almost time for him to leave. That little excitement turned into nervousness as he checked his wallet to make sure his driver's license and credit cards were all in there. He glanced into his bathroom mirror for the last time and with a deep breath turned off the light and started toward the door.

He took a taxi to the other side of town, deciding I'd be better so that he wouldn't have to drive after drinks. He stared out the window at the big city lights as if in a dream. Would she really be there? Had she given him the correct address? His hands shook slightly and he continuously checked his phone, though they hadn't exchanged numbers.

It was warm inside the car and he tried to relax but without even a beer in his body it was hard to stay still.

The old man driving looked like he himself might have had a few drinks. He drove dangerously, too, so that may have been the case. They had a near miss with a small car but the old guy had only laughed it off, his fat belly jiggling against the steering wheel. His voice was rough and cracky.

"This the place?" he asked Greg as he began to pull to the side of the huge apartment building.

"Yeah, I'll only be a minute." Greg jumped out of the car in search of apartment number 147. Luckily, he only had to walk up one set of stairs to reach it.

His heart jumped in his chest. He rang the door bell. A few seconds later, the door creaked like those in the old horror monster movies. There she stood in a white evening dress barefoot as if Greg had been early. He looked her up and down. She had that cleavage he'd dreamt about and her luscious hips had beautiful shape.

"You're a little early. Come in." She gestured him inside.

Her place smelled of incense and flowers. He stood at the entrance between the front door and the living room. It was dimly lit by a small lamp at the far corner of the room. It was clean and arranged professionally. On the walls, were not pictures but paintings, very large and expensive looking from what he could make out in the dim room. The sofas surrounded a table which on it had a tablet with numbers and letters on it. The door closed behind him. Juliana stood behind him looking into the living room as well.

"You like it?" She asked.

"It's nice." He stood nervously without looking back at her.

"Here. For the wait." She held out to him a glass of red wine which he took without hesitation. Who could deny those beautiful hazel eyes? She had a devilish grin on her face when she asked him to sit down.

He took a soothing sip of wine and made his way through the darkness to sit. The sofa was comfortable. It smelled of burned wood. After another sip of wine he set his glass down on the table next to the tablet. All went black as he passed out on the sofa.


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