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An excerpt from a work in progress - Novel - This is the opening chapter that introduces Leanne O'Riley to the story - somewhere in the first 1/3 of the book. Leanne's a psychologist who is assigned to Mia McArthur's rape case........Leanne too, many years before, was a rape victim and Mia's case is particularly heart wrenching for Leanne as she feels a close bond to the young girl.

The scene in "alleyway" happens just before Leanne's own rape..........

(Just for the record this was written into the story to tease my husband who could not understand what kept me typing away at my computer and ignoring him.......)

Will be edited and refined later.... enjoy

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Now on this wonderful night of celebration and enjoying their last night in this charming little town that had adopted them, he was feeling quiet relaxed due to the effect of the alcohol he had consumed and as they ambled along the quite street he was fondling her sexy derriere and quite he felt a desire that was all consuming for the woman that he desired first and foremost and the was forever lFeeling the gentle sway of her hips as they ambled home, he looked forward to making love to her for the last time in their tiny bachelor apartment.
Quite unexpectedly he pulled her into a dark alleyway close to their apartment block. She gasped in surprise as he pressed her against the wall and kissed her keenly. His carnal
The bottle of bubbly he had consumed in celebration of their first wedding anniversary had relaxed his usual restraint as he was not one to exhibit such affections outside the bedroom. Pulling her deeper into the alleyway he swiftly unbuttoned her blouse, lifting her breasts out of her bra he tenderly caressed them in the dim light.
'Aye! But you're a lass to behold,' he said as he bent his head toward her breasts. The cool night air felt good against her warm skin, her nipples hardening eagerly, anticipating the hot wet mouth that would suckle on them.
Nibbling and pulling gently on each nipple in turn as one hand trailed a familiar downward path, stopping to gently pat her slightly rounded abdomen.
He loved kissing her, remembering how the first time he'd set eyes on her he was entranced. Her eyes were captivating but her mouth was the allure of this woman that was now his adoring wife.
He unzipped her trousers, pulled them down a little and slipped his hand under her panties, he found the little nugget that sprung up beneath his fingers.
Pulling her mouth away from his and pushing him back a little she said, 'No Phil wait, lets go home and do this properly, I'm so hot for you but this alleyway is giving me the creeps. What if someone discovers us, I can't be caught half undressed.' She was feeling sexy again now that the morning sickness had disappeared she was ready to make love with her husband again.
His breath hot in her neck, trailing kisses from her ear moving back down he took a nipple in his mouth saying in a muffled voice, 'Ok babe, but just give me a couple of minutes, I want to do this for you. It's been a while and I'm so glad you're in the mood again.' pressing his fingers against her, slowly rotating. Lifting his head he said, 'Open your legs a wee bit babe, I can feel she's hot for my touch.' He said pressing her thighs wider with his knee, 'When we get home I'm going to tear your clothes off and wrap these sexy legs around my neck and then I'm going to eat her all up like a good papa bear.' Increasing the movement of his fingers and pressing his hardness against her thigh.
She giggled enjoying his playful acting that melted her feeble resistance, 'OK Phil, but do hurry, I want you and you know this gets me desperate to have your wicked soldier inside me.' She lent back against the wall and pressed her hips forward opening her legs as far apart as her trousers would allow.
His lips pressed against her mouth, his tongue moving to the rhythm of his fingers as they rotated faster and pressed down harder. Then up and down along the sides, squeezing gently then releasing, now moving up and down again faster now, then squeezing again harder this time. Knowing exactly how to pleasure her he continued until he felt her push further forward, the movement telling him she was ready for the next level that would liberate her ecstasy. Pressing his hand against her and using only his fingers he began to flick back and forth, his tongue emulating the movements against her mouth.
Starting slowly then increasing speed as he felt her tensing, getting closer, then rubbing fervently feeling the tic of the first little spasm, knowing more were on the way he continued. Rubbing backward and forwards in short rapid movements, keeping a constant amount of speed and pressure increasing the speed through the ripple of each of the next few spasms, anticipating the seizure that would be long and hard and would take her over the edge. His lips released her mouth and she lifted her head back against the wall. He waited for the sexy moan that would announce the final convulsion.
It began as he felt her hot juices wetting his hand as he ceased moving and pressed hard as she thrust herself against it, her buttocks twitching in time with the shuddering movements. The moan came from deep within, rising to meet the final spasm and then quieted to a soft throaty purr as she fell limply against him. Her pulsating heat ebbed as her muscles relaxed from their upward tension. He slowly released the pressure as the twitching slowed against his fingers.


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