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Mistress Amor - Part 1

Short story By: cynnimon

First time with a Mistress with no idea of what to expect .

Submitted:Dec 22, 2012    Reads: 1,533    Comments: 8    Likes: 8   

After appyling her red lipstick Andrea took one last look at herself in the mirror and smiled. It fascinated her that a few layers of makeup ,contacts a blond wig could transform her from a homely looking nerd to the tantalising Mistress Amor,When she was satisfied at how she looked ,she left the makeup room with her heels clicking against the floor headed to the room that held her first client of the day.

For the past 4 years Andrea had made a living working at a company designed for wealthy men who explore their sexuality and fantasies. Through word of mouth Mistress Amor had created a good reputation in the company.Out of twenty employees she was the most requested, and it was very competitive to become a client of hers.

Once Andrea reached her destination , she took a moment to get into Mistress Amor state of mind.When she entered the room , it was dimly lit with a few candles and a tall male stepped forward.

"Mistress Amor,it's so nice to finally be graced with your presence ",the man said.

"Likewise.What is your name?"


"Hello Drake"

I've heard so much about you,Mistress Amor.A few of my business partners have been clients of yours in the past. They all rave about how great a fuck you are and that you're hotter than Blake Lively,Kim Kardasian and Jessica Beil combined .


"Yes", he whispered .

Andrea shivered when Drake's cold hands touched her elbow .His warm breathe brushed her face as he leaned closer to her.Mistress Amor quickly dodged his lips and walked away from him.

"What exactly brings you here,Drake?"

"I'll be honest,I want some hard core fucking".

"Everyone wants that".

"Look Mistress Amor didn't come here for a fricking interview , I need some pussy now!"

"Oh yeah? Well then......" Mistress Amor reached for her riding crop stashed beneath the bed.Walking toward Drake,she grabbed his hair pulling his head down to her height,dragging her tongue alone the side of his neck,making him moan.He responded by gripping her ass and pushing his stiff cock against her.She was actually impressed with his level of arousal .He was definitely packing major heat below the waist.

"NO",she warned and flicked her wrist slapping the riding crop on Drake's ass.

"Ow!",he shouted as he jumped in surprise .

"Don't touch me",Mistress Amor said firmly.

"Fuck this,I didn't come all this way for this shit".Drake huffed as he began to walk away.

Mistress Amor kept her cool,and before he could even take two steps ,she placed her hand on his dick.

"Did you really think all I did too your friends was fuck them?",she asked.


"I guess they didn't go into full detail on exactly what my speciality is.Sex is more than just fucking Drake."

"Take off you clothes and follow me",Mistress Amor said as she walked to her favorite wall.Leaning against the wall she slid her hand between her legs and gently stroked her swollen clit.She couldn't wait to start he time with Drake.It made her wetter knowing she had power over a newbie.


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