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Tags: Crush, Shy, Love

Cherry is the sweet and innocent 20 year old girl. Her parents have always been strict on her education and friendships. Now she has moved out and has a crush on her next door neighbour. She is to shy to make the next move. Hopefully he can show her how to move to the next level.

Submitted:May 18, 2013    Reads: 1,532    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

His smile makes me melt like butter. The way he talks makes me want to kiss him passionately. We first meet was when I was moving in. He helped me move some boxes inside. I was a little shy to talk so I didn't say much. 1 year has nearly gone by and we have become good friends. But I want to be more. "Dang it!" I say frustratedly. Just burnt my pancakes. Who could blame me though, I was texting Yonas my hot neighbour. Oh well I will have to pass breakfast today. I resieve a text from Yonas. "Hey, just wondering if you want to come over for breakfast?" I read the message allowed. I reply saying "Loved to". I fix my hair and head out the door. I walk to Yonas's house. I knock on the door. He answers and my heart starts to beat alittle faster. "Hey Cherry!" He says. "H-hey" I stutter out. He smiles and leads me inside. "I just started cooking so you can just sit on the couch if you like" he says. I nod and sit on his couch shyly. He walks over and joins me. "So how's work" he asks. "Good" I croak out. "How about you" I ask. "Great, I got a promotion yesterday" he replies. "Congrats!" I say. "Thanks" he says. He looks into my eyes. He moves closer. He leans down the kiss me. I freak out, I have never kissed a boy before! His lips are soft and warm. We start open mouth kissing. This is a great feeling. Something about this feeling is nothing I have ever felt before. His tounge slips into my mouth. A moan escapes my lips. I blush. We kiss for a longtime. His hand goes to my bottom. I flinch for a second and stop kissing him. I am breathless. But it is something I have been waiting for. "I'm sorry" he says. "No, I liked it" I say blushing. "Cherry, I have had a crush on you from the first time I meet you" he says. I am surprised. "I-I like you too" I stutter out. He starts kissing me again. He picks me up and carries me to his room. He lies me down on his bed. He gets on top me and starts kissing me. A moan escapes his lips. His hand goes to my dress. He lifts it up slightly and places his hand on my panties. He starts rubbing my clit. I start to moan. This makes me blush. The feeling is so good. My panties start to get wet. The feeling is getting stronger. "Please" I beg. He stops kissing me. "Cherry are you...a virgin?" He asks. I nod shyly. He nods back. "Are you sure about this?" He asks. I nod. Bitting my lip. He pulls my dress over my head exposing my breasts. I cover them with my hands. "It's ok" he says. I blush slowly removing my hands. He leans down licking my left nipple, while playing with my right breasts. I moan loudly. "Please!" I beg. He stops. He pulls down my panties. He spreads my legs apart. I start blushing again. "Your so beautiful Cherry" he says. I can't stop blushing. He takes off his shirt and shorts. Wow! He is huge. Will it even fit!? He must have read my mind "I will be very careful" he says. "Ready?" He asks. I nod biting my lip. He pushes his self into me. It hurts so much! I groan in pain. He looks at me concirendly. He starts thrusting in and out of me. Pleasure starts kicking in. The feeling is amazing. Each thrust is something I have never felt but I love it. We both moan at the same time. "I'm so close!" I scream. My insides close around him. He kisses me on the cheek and thrusts one last time before calapsing on me. Our breathing is uneven. "I love you" he whispers. "I love you too" I reply. To be continued...


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