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View from the Closet

Short story By: CRWestminster

A man and wife explore their fantasy of exhibition and voyeurism.

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Crouched in the dark and confines of the closet Paul waited for his wife and the man she had picked up at the bar to come into the bedroom. He heard them in the living room talking in low tones and sporadic muffled laughter. In his mind's eye he could see them sitting on the sofa drinking and teasing each other. "I wished they would get in here, this closet is claustrophobic," he thought.

Paul was confident the man was excited with the prospect of bedding her. Jennifer is a real prick teaser without doing anything. Just the sight of her was an erotic temptation to men. He watched other men's reactions for years. Jennifer created comment and erections around the room at parties, nightclubs, grocery stores, practically anywhere. Jennifer is a dancer and since Paul doesn't dance enough for her, she will often dance with other men. He encourages her because of the benefits he reaps when they get home. Men make fools of themselves on the dance floor, trying to put the make on Jenn and she likes to tantalize them too, dancing just as dirty as the men do. It makes her hot to have other men flirt with her and try to pick her up. Paul had to admit it made him hot to watch the effect she had on other men.

Alone in the darkness Paul's sense of smell, touch, hearing and a vivid imagination became more acute as he peered into the bedroom through the louvered door. The closet smelled faintly of worn clothing and leather. He could smell Jennifer's fragrance, not just her perfume but her femininity, all about him. She always smelled so good, he could never get enough of her. Blindly reaching around he found the hamper and chanced upon a pair of panties Jenn had worn earlier in the day. Putting them to his nose he breathed in that sweet familiar bouquet that he loved so much. A tingle started in his crotch and quickly flooded him with desire for her, causing him to clench those muscles.

"I'll be right back...make another drink." Jennifer's voice was in the bedroom. She closed the door and whispered, "Paul are you here?"

"Yes, what's taking so long?" came Paul's muted response from the closet.

Jennifer opened the closet door and squat down to where he was sitting, still holding her panties in his hand. Her dress rode up her thighs showing her panties already wet with desire. "We're about ready to come in, are you sure you're going to be alright with this?"

"Yeah, yeah just hurry up. I'm going crazy waiting for you." he pleaded. She gave him a wet kiss, swirling her tongue around his lips before she broke free and stood. "I'll make it good for you, sweetie," she whispered, closing the door.

Jenn and Paul fantasized about this moment for a long time; now it was finally going to happen. They talked at length about how she would go to a bar not far from their home and pick up a man. (Something she had always fantasized but had been too afraid of doing on her own.) She would bring him home, saying that her husband was out-of-town, not to be home until the next day. Jennifer would complain about how he didn't satisfy her and didn't take enough time when making love to her. Paul would conceal himself in one of the two closets, watching through the louvered doors. She in turn would put on a sex show for him with the other man. Jennifer wanted Paul there in case anything undesirable should happen. Paul was a voyeur at heart and loved to watch others in the act. Both felt this way it wasn't like they were cheating on each other and could still experience their desires covertly. Sort of having their cake and eating it too. Paul and Jenn had great sex when they acted out fantasies and both loved to share their imaginations. It added dimension to their lovemaking allowing them the freedom to experience anything they wanted.

Light burst through the louvers of the closet door. In his surprise, Paul almost lost his balance and fell against the closet shelves. "Now that would be great, he thought, Murphy's Law in the bedroom."

Jennifer quickly dimmed the lights and chided the man for breaking the romantic spell. He responded by grabbing her around the waist, pulling her close, his mouth finding her plump scarlet lips. She pulled away shoving the man to the bed, not interested in kissing him or having some "romantic encounter". To her, this was purely sexual. Once he was seated, she slipped off his shoes and socks and then began undoing his belt.

"Hey there honey, you're in a hell of a hurry aren't you? Slow down." he said in his drunken drawl. He fell back on the bed as she pulled the pants from his legs. I could see the huge bulge in his jockey shorts.

"Just relax and let me do my thing, believe me you'll get your chance," she said smiling.

Jenn kicked off her shoes and crawled between his legs. Remembering her husband, she positioned herself to the side so as not to block his view. She reached inside the man's underwear and removed that bulge. He looked thick and heavy in her small hands as he rested on his elbows watching her every move.

She waved his growing cock in the air and said, "This is what I've been wanting".

"It's all yours tonight baby!" he said falling back against the pillows. He was a big man, Jenn barely stood to his shoulder and it looked like everything else was proportional.

A flame of jealousy flared in Paul's head but was quickly extinguished by the rising excitement of watching Jennifer have sex in front of him with another man. He squeezed his own cock and clenched those muscles again and again.

Shooting a quick smile at the closet doors, Jennifer began to pull on his cock feeling the weight and girth of it in her hand. Bringing it to her eager mouth, she kissed the head and ran her tongue around it, leaving a wet trail of saliva. The man moaned. Paul couldn't see his face but he knew what the man was feeling. He watched breathless as his wife's mouth slowly enveloped the man and started working up and down the length of him. Her hands gripped what she couldn't take in her mouth. He grew longer and thicker as she manipulated his shaft. "My God," Paul thought, "this guy is hung." Another pang of jealousy struck him, or was it penis-envy?

He rubbed his own hardness through his pants and could feel a wet spot developing. He undid his pants and let them slip quietly to the carpet, exposing his own naked stiffness.

Jennifer's skirt was around her waist and the man's fingers searched the thin fabric of her panties for the leg opening. His broad fingers disappeared beneath the flimsy material as her legs spread for access. Frustrated with her panties, the guy ripped them off roughly.

"Oh what a cave man! I think I like that. Are you going to fuck me hard from behind too?" Jenn's glistening wetness exposed on her pussy and inner thighs. She was seldom dry, always wet and willing after minimum foreplay.

"I plan on fucking you as many ways as it takes until we both come so you better be ready."

"That's what I wanted to hear, now lay back and let me suck on you."

Her mouth was busy on him now, making vulgar slurping sounds as she devoured his hardness. Knowing Paul was there watching her increased her lustfulness making her fluids run. She took her mouth from his prick to look hungrily at it and slowly jack him off. Pulling his cock like a cow's teat, she urged crystal drops to fountain down the head of it, licking it off before it fell to the bed. Paul watched intently as she pulled the skin back and forth over the wet and shiny head. She smiled in his direction and point the wet and shiny cockhead at Paul, teasing him, before plunging her cherry lips over it again.

The man fingered Jennifer's wet slit, spreading juices over her shaved, puffy, pussy lips. Two sausage-sized fingers slipped into her making her quiver and sigh with pleasure.

"Oh god, I need your cock inside me now." as he pulled out her sweet nectar.

Jenn rose to her knees and swung a leg over him, sandwiching his engorged dick between her wet pussy and his stomach. As she slid back and forth along the length of him, with one fluid move she pulled her top over her head and tossed it on the dresser, releasing big, beautiful, firm tits to his eyes and hands. He attacked them greedily, massaging them and sucking her erect nipples. Reaching between her legs she played the bulbous head along her glistening slit. Her lips parted, swollen and wet in her excitement. Protruding provocatively amid them was her pink and very erect clitoris. She pressed his shaft into her ever so slowly consumed the entire length with her pussy. Paul watched, transfixed, as the massive cock stretched her open, disappearing an inch at a time.

"Oh Fuck! You're big, take it easy on me. Let me adjust," she pleaded.

He didn't respond as Jenn slowly rode him with that hip rocking motion he too loved so much. The reflection in the mirror was confirmation of her pleasure. With her head thrown back, mouth open and eyes squeezed tightly closed, she slowly rode his fleshy tower. Hands spread her ass cheeks giving him a perfect view of the action. Their succus flooding down his cock with each stroke as it slipped into her.

Paul stroked his own hard on as he watched that cock disappear again and again into his wife's hot, libidinous cunt.

Jennifer began to bounce wantonly on the man's lap. Her breath was coming in whistling gasps from between her clenched teeth. Suddenly, with an "Oh god...oh god...yes," she came; her body frozen in orgasm. The man continued to pump away into her rigid body, prolonging Jenn's shattering climax. At length, she fell to his chest and he slowed his thrusts to a more leisurely pace once more. For a few minutes he kept up the unhurried probing as she lay regaining her breath and savoring the delicious feeling of him inside her.

"Let me up, I want you on your knees, I'm gonna fuck you from behind so I can look at that beautiful ass of yours," he demanded. Jennifer did as he commanded, his eager cock popped out with a flood of wetness, slapping heavily against his stomach.

"Damn girl, you sure are one juicy little piece of ass."

Rolling over to her knees, she positioned herself sideways for Paul's benefit. With her ass high in the air, back arched and her face deep into the pillows, her sex clearly visible, pink, swollen and wet with her climax, the man maneuvered behind her, his large prick bobbing salaciously in front of him. He took hold of it, and guiding it to her waiting opening. It slid into her gaping hole with ease. His balls were tight and cuddled closely to his body signifying that he too was close to orgasm. After a moment, he began to move his hips to some languid rhythm, using the long, deep strokes that Jennifer loved so much.

On his knees, Paul continued to stroke himself. He was wet and slippery now from his own juices and spread them over his rigid length. He was so aroused watching these two fucking in front of him that he felt several times that he would either come or pass out. Paul was especially aroused because this was a dangerous, covert act that reminded him of when he was a boy watching girl next door shower through her bathroom window. The illicit nature of the act and the thought of being discovered was exhilarating beyond belief. His face felt hot and flushed, his breaths came fast and shallow. He felt dizzy as the blood rushed loudly in his ears. "Can they hear me?" he wondered. "Would my breathing or heartbeat give me away? Would I be found out?" Thankfully, they had left the radio on in the other room just loud enough to cover any extraneous noises that he might make.

He forced that notion out of his mind as the man picked up his thrusting tempo. The man was now close to coming, he looked huge and hard as steel as he repeatedly impaled Jenn on his pistoning shaft. Sweat collected on their bodies, making them both glisten and shine in the low light of the bedroom. They were both groaning now in time to his thrusting. Jennifer eagerly met his lunges with her own as they both worked toward an explosive climax.

Paul too was nearing orgasm as he watched them and stroked himself with ever increasing vigor. He wanted to come out of the closet and give his bursting dick to her to suck while she was being jammed with this other man's cock. He wanted to join in their reverie, be a part of the show, he wanted to give her the gratification of a two-man orgasm. She fantasized having sex with two men at once and the mental picture of it sent him over the edge. Paul's cock jumped repeatedly in his hand as he came into the panties that he still held. It was all he could do to hold back his own cries of ecstasy by biting his lip as wave after wave pulsed through his body.

He was not alone. The stranger's orgasm burst forth.

"Oh... Baby...Oh my God...you feel so good on my cock!" his teeth clenched tightly. His muscular ass contracting with each load as he spewed his white lava into her. Jennifer continued the motion with her hips, squeezing every last drop from his throbbing prick. Still planted deep inside her he crooned his satisfaction with her performance as they finally collapsed to the bed. They lay next to each other in silence for a while until at last Jennifer asked that he go in the event her husband came home early. She grabbed a wrap and closed the door behind her to the bathroom. The man, gratified, dressed and left the bedroom without another word. The room was humid with the smell of their sex.

Paul appeared in the living room just as Jennifer closed the door, falling against it with a sigh.

"Was it as good as you expected?" he asked. "I hope you enjoy your fantasy fuck, I certainly did!"

"Oh yes", she swooned. "I thought of you watching me, watching him with me. I couldn't stop coming. Did you like watching us?" she asked with that evil grin she gets when she talks about sex.

"I'll say, I came buckets all over your panties, sorry."

They talked and played with each other into the early morning hours reviewing the night's action and made plans for their next adventure.


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