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The Unexpected Guest

Short story By: CRWestminster

Old friends get together again and enjoy a sensuous evening.

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Bob drives truck hauling hay to farms in the great valley. He's been a friend of mine since high school but since he and Jessica live nearly three hundred and fifty miles away, we don't see a lot of each other. They are unusual people and often we won't hear from them for a year or two. Strange as that may seem, it helps our friendship. This was one of those occasions.

It had been 6 or 8 months since Surena and I had visited them. That weekend we swapped partners for the first time. Now mind you no one was hurt or angry, we had all enjoyed ourselves immensely, it's just the way Bob and Jessica are. We hadn't heard from them in probably 4 or 5 months when the phone rings and it's Bob.

"Hi guys...what's up? I'm passing through town and was wondering if I could catch a shower and maybe spend the night?" Of course we agree and a few minutes later he's at the door. You never know who's going to walk in when it comes to Bob. He's been a race car driver, a cowboy, a "Hells Angel", and God knows what else. I couldn't begin to count how many cars and motorcycles he's owned and sold since I've known him. One thing about Bob, there's never a dull moment even when he's pissing you off.

We sat watching TV, smoked a joint and caught up on things after Bob took his shower. As usual, I had to supply him with some sweats to relax in. All he had was his less than clean Levi's, a shirt and a jacket. I don't think he gets out of them much when he's on the road. The conversation turned to sex when we started to recall the last time the four of us were at the "Squaw Bath" hot springs together and the night of lusty pleasure we shared afterward.

Bob said something about how much he would like to watch us have sex so we tossed the idea around for a while and finally said OK. He said that he had to call Jessica first to see if she would mind. I thought that was nice of him, that he cared enough to consult her before doing something like this, even with us. He told her that he just wanted to watch us and didn't expect anything more to happen. Surena got on the phone and talked to Jessica for a while and Jessica said we could do whatever we wanted. She trusted us and at least Bob was in good hands.

I guess I kinda started things when I opened Surena's robe exposing her breasts and started to fondle them. The TV droned in the background as Bob's eyes were on us and Surena's bountiful breasts. I divided my attention evenly between each tit as I sucked and squeezed and teased Bob. Her nipples were standing out dark and stiff. I rolled one between my thumb and forefinger pulling on it just to the point of pain. Surena flinched and moaned, her hips beginning to rotate signaling that she was getting excited. I knew tonight would make her hot because she was an exhibitionist and liked men looking at her, wanting her.

On our last trip to Bob and Jessica's, she occasionally flashed her tits at truckers as they sped by. There were nights when we went out to clubs that she wore a dress or skirt with no panties so I could have easy access to her and she could 'accidentally' flash other men. Sometimes she would dance with other men and ride their leg during a slow dance. They would get hard right there on the dance floor. Embarrassing for them, a hoot for us. She loved to tease and I loved to watch her. It made us both hot. Sex on those nights was especially passionate because of the long public foreplay.

Bob watched intently as I entertained Surena's body. His loose sweats belied his calm exterior. What was once just the bulge of his manhood had grown to nearly escape from the waist band of his sweats. His hand found its way and began to slowly caress that impressive bulge.

I opened Surena's robe to expose her closely manicured mound. Bob's cock twitched. Spreading her thighs he could see her slit, already dewy. Her clit rose from between her swollen lips, just begging to be kissed. We both loved oral sex and many nights we would spend hours trading oral delights. I slid my finger along her wet opening tantalizing her and our spectator. Bringing my finger to my mouth I tasted her juices and enticingly fucked my mouth. Bob now had his cock out and was stroking it's length with one hand as he cupped his balls with the other. He watched intently as I dropped between Surena's legs to give her what she decidedly wanted.

Raising and spreading her legs over the arms of the overstuffed chair revealed her nearly bare pussy. She always kept clean-shaven except for a small heart shaped patch of hair on her mound leading to her cleft. She loved the feeling of her wet lips sliding together or slick silk panties riding up her crack. I liked it because it exposed her treasures to me when ever I caught a glimpse of her bending over to dry her hair or when she was dressing. It made me instantly aware of my own desires. When we traveled I would demand that she not wear panties and to wear a dress or skirt so that I could touch her and watch her touch herself as we drove.

I played the scene to Bob as if he were the audience in a live sex show, which he was, making sure he could see everything I did. My tongue would snake out to tease her hot furrow and then disappear within. My hands squeezed and fondled her tits as I lapped away at her. Backing away, I spread her lips with my fingers to show Bob her engorged clit. The wetness reflected the flashing light from the television. A trickle of her juices ran down her ass and deposited itself on her robe. That and her moans signalled her intense excitement and I knew she wanted to be fucked right then.

Rising from my knees I said, "I think it's time for bed," as I took her arm and helped her from the chair. A wet spot was clearly visible on the front of my pants where my cock hung long and heavy. I motioned for Bob to follow us into the bedroom where he sat silently in a chair a few feet from the bed. I stripped Surena of her robe and laid her down on the bed. She was totally compliant, as if in trance, following my every lead. I spread her legs and dove again into her sex with my mouth, to her squeals of delight.

"Are you enjoying this, Bob?" I said. He nodded, smiling as he continued to stroke his fat cock.

"Would you like her to suck your cock, while I eat her pussy." my low voice rough from the pot and excitement?

Again Bob nodded, stood and moved to the edge of the bed where Surena could reach him.

"I thought you just wanted to watch," I mused, as he replied by rolling his eyes.

She grasped his dick and began to pull the skin back and forth over its large, wet head. Bob was blessed with a thick cock that must have been all of eight or more inches long. It was proportioned well and the head flared broadly. Veins stood out and traced the length of his erect shaft curving and wrapping around it. As Surena squeezed him a drop of clear liquid emerged from the tip, only to stretch into a thin string like a spider's silk as it surrendered to the forces of gravity, disappearing on the carpet below.

I was lying between her legs and had a perfect view of the action while still creating some of my own. Pulling him closer, she flicked the head of his cock with her tongue and kissed it with her lips. Another crystal ribbon formed between his cock head and her lips as she pulled back to view his throbbing meat. Running her tongue around her lips, she spread out the lubricant before guiding his prick into her mouth. Only to begin a slow fuck as I maintained the same rhythm with her pussy. His size strained her lips as they struggled to enveloped it, forcing saliva from her mouth as he pumped his hips.

Watching her suck his cock as I tongued her pussy made me woozy with pleasure. I could hear and feel the pulse pounding in my head. It was as though I were a director and actor in my own hot porn video without the distractions of lights, cameras and others.

Surena was overflowing with her juices. The towel I had put under her ass was soaked with her wet effluent. My face drenched with it. I reveled in the scene before me. I had wanted her to have the experience of two men for a long time and now the fantasy was turning out better than imagined.

Bob began to fuck her mouth faster as she moaned around his thrusting cock, holding him snuggly with her hands. With a loud grunt he pulled his cock from her grasp as it erupted in long spurts.

"Let her have it, Bob." I demanded.

Bob couldn't hear me through his overwhelming orgasm. I wanted him to fill her mouth with his cum and so did she but he too soon pulled away as the milky fluid shot over the pillow and onto Surena's hair and face. Bob's body was rigid as his bursting cock pumped out shot after shot. He relaxed as the tension released it's powerful hold and collapsed back in the chair, his spent cock lying slack across his leg. Cum still drained from him in a shiny rivulet down his thigh.

"Damn, that was better than I thought it would be," he croaked breathlessly.

After a minute or two Bob stood up, "Thank you so much. This was wonderful but I'm drained in more ways than one. I have to go to bed. I'll see ya in the morning." He disappeared down the hall to the spare bedroom. Hearing the door close we looked at each other and shook our heads and laughed, a little shocked and disappointed at his hasty withdrawal.

"Oh well, that's just Bob", I said.

"Now, where were we...Oh, yeah." I cupped her ass cheeks in my hands and brought her to my waiting tongue...


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