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The Swimming Hole

Short story By: CRWestminster

John and Laura try to find an old swimming hole only to discover a couple have beat them there. They watch in fascination.

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"Come with me, and bring your towel." Laura said as she tugged at John's arm. "I know a place that's not far ...nice for skinny-dipping and private."

"Oh you do, do you? Let's go." John replied with a glint in his eye.

The two set off on a trail from the campsite into the woods and along a stream that rushed through the rocks and underbrush. Not many people come this way as the trail was becoming overgrown with brush and tree limbs, though not impassable.

"I thought this was going to be an easy hike," John said pushing a branch out of his face.

"It's been a while since I was here last and it is out-of-the-way but you'll like the swimming hole."

They both became quiet as they made their way along the stream. The way became easier and started to open up with fewer obstacles. Suddenly, they heard voices from somewhere up ahead. "Shussh," John said as he ducked behind a thicket, pulling Laura with him.

"Who is it, can you see?" Laura said whispering.

"No I can't see anyone yet, but they must be right up the trail and fairly close."

"What are we going to do now?" Laura said with a touch of disappointment in her voice.

"Well, let's just wait, maybe they'll move on or leave soon."

John and Laura squat in the bushes behind a large outcropping of rock and listened to the voices and laughter without being able to hear what was being said over the sound of the rushing stream. Soon the voices died away and John decided to take a look to see if they had indeed moved on. He told Laura to stay where she was and set off quietly up the trail. Rounding another rock outcropping he was stopped in his tracks by what he saw. In a clearing close to the river was a couple laying naked on a blanket kissing and fondling each other their clothes tossed on the ground or hung on tree limbs. Apparently they had been swimming before they became involved in what John was witnessing.

At first John thought that he should just quietly turn and leave, taking Laura back to the camp, but something kept him there. The excitement of watching others when they were not aware of being watched, or even if they were aware, was an aphrodisiac to him. He couldn't tear his eyes from the sight, waiting for them to do more than just touch and kiss each other.

He quickly got his wish as the woman turned on her side and began kissing the man's stomach inching her way down to his crotch. He lay back as she fondled and kissed his growing cock, sliding it slowly across and around her lips. John's breathing became faster and he could feel that growing sensation in his shorts. He reached down and touched himself through the thin material. He could feel the ridge of his cock head as his fingers traced its outline pressing against the fabric. The woman was now taking the man's whole shaft into her mouth in long, slow strokes. He watched as it had grown to a size that she could not accommodate in her mouth any longer. John's juices were stirring now and he squeezed the head of his cock hypnotized by the action scant yards in front of him.

Laura walked quietly up behind John and touched his shoulder. He nearly cried out in fright but managed to control himself and signaled Laura to be quiet with a finger to his lips and to look around the stone outcropping. Laura saw the couple and jerked back with her hands covering her mouth. She snickered and John had to scold her to keep her from making noise. She looked around the rock again and was intrigued by the sight. Never had she seen anyone else making love unless you count the times at the drive-in movie where their double date was feeling up her sister in the back seat.

But this was different, these people were naked and actually having sex! She couldn't keep from watching as the woman was still hungrily devouring the man. She could feel the rise of heat in her face from the nervous excitement her body was experiencing. This was exhilarating. This was kinky, maybe perverted, but she loved the tension in it. She never thought of herself as a voyeur before but she was transfixed on the scene playing out before her. She thought of all the times she had covertly watched her brother when she would chance upon him masturbating. It didn't seem so arousing then but now she felt that arousal deep in her belly and even those old memories now took on a certain mischievous excitement. A warm, tickling sensation came from between her legs. The feeling made her want to touch herself and she pressed her fingers hard against her clit.

John was still watching from over her shoulder and she could feel his hot breath on her neck. It stirred her passions and she found her legs wouldn't stay still as she repeatedly squeezed her thighs together. She backed into John and felt his hardness against her ass, causing another wave of arousal to spring from her crotch.

The woman came to her knees and threw one leg over the man guiding his stiff member into her. She slowly slid down the length of it as Laura watched in complete fascination. She could see everything from her angle, how his fat dick spread her open, and how it disappeared deep within her. Laura was so hot now that she found herself rubbing her ass on John and imagining the big cock she was watching was actually going inside of her. That was it!

As if John could read her thoughts, she felt his hand reach around her waist and undo her shorts, they easily fell to the ground and she worked them off her feet, eyes never leaving the sexually stimulating display unfolding in front of her. She felt his warm, naked hardness against her as he slipped his shaft up and down between her ass cheeks. Laura spread her legs and reached through to bring his dick where she really wanted it. Her sex was so needy and wet she desired only penetration. She guided John's member back and forth across her wet lips to moisten him and tease her clit. Without further play John found his mark and pressed his aching cock into Laura's hot, slippery pussy. He had never felt her so wet.

The show in front of them played on with the woman riding this man's magnificent cock; changing positions from sitting up to laying on his chest to squatting until he took her in his arms and flipped them both over in one smooth motion to where he was now on top. Laura watched as this man's muscular ass pounded between her wide-spread legs. He was up on his hands and toes doing push-ups over her. The woman thrusting her hips up in rhythm with his assault.

Laura's own orgasm was building quickly as John accelerated his pace, his cock touching all the right places deep within her. He looked down at Laura in front of him as his sweat dripped on her back and ass. He watched as his powerful cock plunge into her wetness, their juices mixing and covering them both with its slippery sweetness. With her eyes now closed, Laura could not hold back the flood of feelings racking her body. Her orgasm welled-up from somewhere deep inside overpowering her. For long minutes she reveled in the excruciating joy of it, feeling John stiffen and knowing he was also reaching his climax. His rod was on fire and as hard as she had ever felt it, bathing her insides with his flow. It was so hard to keep from crying out with her ecstasy.

John felt his climax coming and tried to hold back not knowing for sure Laura was there yet. Just then he could feel her clamp down on him and knew she was in the throes of her own orgasm. He let himself go. The emotion and intense feelings within him came out in one long explosive orgasm that pulsed through him continuously for what seemed a very long time. He couldn't keep his hips from thrusting until the rush of his orgasm subsided. Only then did he remember the other couple a mere thirty feet away. He looked at Laura and she was leaning against the rock spent and smiling. Beyond her the other couple was just reaching their climax as the man now began to thrust deeply and slowly. The woman had her legs locked around him and both were making throaty sounds and breathing hard as they both came together just as John and Laura had done moments before.

Laura and John looked at each other smiled their contentment and quietly gathered their clothes and quickly crept away in silence.


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