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The Kitchen Window

Short story By: CRWestminster

One man's first person account of his act of voyeurism and masturbation.

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The Kitchen Window

I stepped out the back door of my apartment, quietly closing it behind me. The night was dark and moonless with low hanging, moisture-laden clouds scudding by and a light mist falling. Leaning against the wall, I lit a cigarette and took in the close and quiet nature of the night. Exhaling the thick grey cloud, I was fascinated by the sight of the smoke curling gracefully, intermingling with the mist only to disappear into darkness. Tonight nothing illuminated the small backyards of the single story apartments but dim reflected light from the clouds. Embraced by the intimate blanket of darkness,my thoughts returned to the erotic short story I had just read in a men's magazine. Visions of those sexual acts still danced through my mind's eye and my pants were tight in the crotch from the provocation. I found myself mindlessly rubbing the bulge in my pants and wishing that my girlfriend was with me. She had gone to the Los Angeles area to see her family for two weeks. It had been just over a week now and I felt the lonely absence of her intimate embrace.

Suddenly, a flash came from the next door neighbors kitchen window as a light came on shaking me from my erotic musings. I heard water run for a moment and then the light was extinguished. Again, alone in the night with my thoughts. "Just who were the new people that had moved in two days ago?" I had not met them yet other than the friendly wave we gave one another as I left for work and they were moving in. I only knew they were a nice-looking young couple about my age and I vowed to welcome them when I had the time this coming weekend.

With increasing curiosity and a budding excitement I found myself edging toward the window where the light had been. There were no fences to separate the backyards of the adjoining apartments except for the one that ran the length between our small complex and the neighbors to the rear on the next block. The fence long ago taken over with Passion flower, a prolific vine that covered it completely. It was so dark that I was afraid that I'd trip over something stored against the back wall, making a loud noise and being caught where I shouldn't have been. Slowly and carefully I inched my way to the window feeling my way along with one foot at a time. Dim light issued from the curtained window.

A shiver of guilt and exhilaration coursed through my body as I covertly peered between the partly opened curtains. The young couple sprawled on a plush looking sofa, he with his feet on the low table in front of him and she sitting with her legs pulled up on the sofa. The flickering light from the television and a group of small candles next to them rendered a sense of surrealism to the sight before me. A very pleasant looking couple I thought, she with shoulder length blonde hair pulled into a ponytail and from what I could see a very nice body. The man was slender but with dark hair and a muscular body. As my eyes focused in the low light I could see that he was completely nude and she was in some type of skimpy sleep wear. Their apartment must have been nice and warm because outside it was damp and chilly. The woman was holding his tumescent cock in her hand, absentmindedly pulling on the shaft as they watched the screen. I had a clear view as the light from the television and the fluttering candles shown directly on them.

"Oh my god," I thought, as I realized what I was doing. A rush of conscience shot through me as my eyes darted around in the darkness, expecting the sounds of sirens or voices of the police, "What the hell are you doing there you pervert!" But, my sexual tension was so high from my latest stint of celibacy and the erotic article I had read that I couldn't tear myself away. Satisfied that I was alone and no one could see me, I fed my libidinous curiosity by returning to the erotic sight before me.

Anxious and shaking, my breath became ragged and I knew the couple must be able to hear. My heartbeat quickened, I feared at any moment a voice would boom into my quiet, world catching me in the act of being a "peeping tom". Even so, I remained glued to the window, dying to see more and hoping that the show before me wasn't already over.

As if she heard my silent plea, the woman, wearing what I could now see as a dark colored teddy barely covering her ample breasts and less of her ass, began to move down his chest with kisses. His cock languished on his stomach partially covered by her hand. She kissed the head, wetting it with her tongue and began to rub it sensuously against her lips and across her face. Stopping for a moment to admire his growing cock, turningit this way and that, then slowly sucked it into her mouth. Consuming it all down to his dark patch of hair, she pulled back stretching it out until it popped from her squeezing lips. Laughing, she began to stroke him again until I could see that he was responding to the stimulation. His cock had grown to the point she could no longer fit it all in her mouth. Yet, again she slowly plunged her mouth down over his erection and with a slow and deliberate cadence began giving him the pleasure I was so longing for.

The man's head fell back against the cushions and he began to move his hips to the rhythmic motions of her head, the television losing its appeal. He grasped her ponytail and kept her close as her head bobbed between his legs.

I watched for many long minutes, his shaft appearing and disappearing between those luscious well-practiced lips. Growing incredibly, his cock stood up and away from his body whenever she let go to change her position. The blonde was not able to take all of it into her mouth as she had in the beginning, though she was certainly trying. With his balls cupped in one hand she stroked and sucked at his cock with an increasing tempo.

Sliding from the sofa she knelt between his spread legs. She was clean-shaven, her round ass and pussy lips protruding from beneath the scant material of the short teddy. The candlelight reflected off her glistening puffy lips signaling her sexual arousal.

My cock had now grown uncomfortable, bound in my snug denim jeans. I unbuttoned the fly and released myself to the cool night air, stroking myself as I watched the couple before me in the throes of passion. Now, I was sure they would hear my pounding heart and labored breath if not otherwise engaged. "This is one of the most erotically electrifying things I have done in a long time." I thought to myself. The fear of being caught coupled with my own burning sexual desire was almost unbearable. Lightheaded and faint from the stimulation, my body prickling with fear, lust and anticipation.

I found myself matching her rhythm and speed, seeing myself kneeling behind her, sliding my swollen cock into her wet, hungry pussy as she fucked him with her mouth.

Fingering her wetness, she continued to suck and stroke his hard on, hidden from my view by her bobbing head. Two fingers disappeared inside that beautiful slit only to appear again to rub her swollen lips and erect clit. She pulled her mouth from his cock and continued to stroke him, occasionally licking the drops of dew urged from his excited, bloated cockhead. His legs grew rigid and he bent his head forward watching. She continued stroking him faster now, all the while her eyes fixed onhis face. I knew his orgasm had begun, his face distorted with the agonizing pleasure of it. Great spurts shot out as she slowed the tempo, hypnotized by his flood of semen. In the grip of orgasm, head thrown back against the sofa, his body rigid and jerking. She pulled on him in a slow milking action and again took him into her mouth which only made his body buck more. His climax subsided, she licked and kissed the head of his cock, squeezing out the last of his volcanic flow with her adept fingers.

As his spasms waned mine began. Orgasm rocked my body and I shot my pent-up load into the cold night air, imagining instead, that it was deep within her hot, wet pussy. When I again opened my eyes, he had picked her up in his arms, carrying her out of sight to the bedroom, his cock bouncing lewdly.

I stole back to my apartment where later I masturbated again to the piquant scenes so fresh in my mind. I decided that I would get to know my new neighbors better, who knows what might come from a new friendship. Until then, there is always another night at their kitchen window.


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