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The school book clerk gets a steamy surprise early one morning.

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I unlocked the door to the darkened book room and quietly went inside as I had done for the better part of two years. Working in the Community College book room, ordering, keeping inventory and distributing textbooks, was not the best job I ever had, but jobs were hard to find these days and it paid the bills and provided spending money. Most of the time I spent alone at my desk taking care of the many forms and issuing books to the staff and students. Occasionally, I would help out in the library or teach how to use the library filing system to those who had never learned. Today began as any other...

A small light was on in the back of the room and I thought perhaps I had left it on the night before, until I heard low voices coming from behind the tall bookcases and stacks of cartons that filled the room. Quietly, I pulled the door closed and placed my purse on the desk. Soft voices again filtered through the darkened room as I made my way between the tall bookcases to investigate. I could hear a male voice saying softly, "Your pussy is so beautiful." Silently I tiptoed towards the light.

Peeking around the corner of a shelf of books I saw lying on the floor a lovely dark haired girl, her blouse opened revealing round, firm breasts with dark erect nipples. Her skirt raised to her waist exposed her naked pussy. To the side her panties lay as if tossed with abandon. She had only a thin triangle of dark hair above the cleft of her pussy which she was spreading, her legs open wide. The man was looking on as she alternately fingered herself and rubbed her erect clit. I could see that he too was stroking himself, his arm moving back and forth as he knelt before her. Bending forward he kissed her thighs, working his way to her eager sex. Her back arched to meet his searching mouth. She moaned with pleasure as his lips met her pussy and started sucking the wet, swollen clit she offered.

I was dumb struck from the sight and didn't know whether I should interrupt their lovemaking or continue to watch. My own lust finally made the decision for me as I felt a warm stirring within my own body. Ever so quietly I moved for a better view of the scene.

After a few minutes the man pulled away from her and stood as he shed his own pants and underwear, his ass, tight, and athletic. I could now see his magnificent cock standing rigidly away from his body in an upward curving arc. It was thick and long as it bobbed in the dim light.

My own passion was awakening and I could feel the beginnings of moisture wet my panties. Slowly, I raised my skirt and slid my hand beneath my panties feeling the heat from my now excited pussy. I ran my finger over my clit and into my crack. It was wet, slippery and highly sensitive to the touch of my finger. My face became warm and flush as I continued to watch.

Sitting up, the brunette pulled his cock to her lips and licked the shiny droplets of fluid escaping from the large fleshy head. Her tongue began to circle his rod teasing more and more from his dickhead. Finally, she took his cock into her mouth and began to suck him as if she were starving for it. With both hands she milked him coaxing moans from deep within his throat. Her dark and sultry gaze never leaving his face.

I was amazed that this young girl was so apparently experienced in the pleasuring of a man. I recognized her from a class I had taught on using the Dewey Decimal System in the library. She couldn't have been more than nineteen because the class was for sophomores only. Yet she was going at this man like an experienced hooker. "Times have sure changed." I thought to myself.

Withdrawing his cock from her mouth she said hoarsely, "Fuck me... fuck me now. I want you inside me... I need your cock in my pussy."

"You've got it baby," he replied. She laid back and spread her legs wide for him. Without another word he moved between her legs and began to rub his cock head against her pussy lips. Doused with her juices, he guided his long thick prick into her crimson velvet slit. I watched as it disappeared inch by inch until it was completely engulfed.

"Oh my god you're big! It fills me up so good....I can feel you deep...inside me." the girl thrust her hips up to meet his plunging strokes. I watched his cock glide in and out of her lovely cunt as I pressed my fingers tight against my own, his balls making wet slapping sounds as they smacked her ass with each ramming impact. He was fucking her hard and fast with an urgency that said his orgasm was close. Spreading her legs further apart to swallow the whole of his manhood, she moaned with each thrust. He arched his back as his ass continued to drive that wonderful prick into her hungry hole.

I found myself rubbing my clit faster, mesmerized by the sight of these two young animals going at each other. The wetness of my own juices saturated my panties. I removed them and held them to my face, taking in the sensuous perfume of my own sex. One, then two fingers were exploring my depths as I imagined his cock inside me.

My student gave a muffled squeal and grabbed at the man wildly. Her body shook with the spasms of orgasm as he increased his tempo. As she began to relax he withdrew his cock from her cunt and slipped down to her mound. Her hair was saturated and glistening in the feeble light as he began to lick and tongue her sensitive clit. He brushed his face in her cum-drenched hair. Again and again his tongue flicked at her erect clit until she was arching her hips to meet his mouth once more. She begged him to fuck her again but he continued to dine lavishly on her pussy until she again stiffened, grabbing his head and holding it tightly to her, she exploded in climax.

My own orgasm was imminent now and it was all I could do to keep my voice under control. I watched as the man took her by the hair and forced her head down to his crotch, which she gladly accepted. She inhaled his glistening cock and started sucking on it as she had in the beginning. Her hands gripped the shaft as her mouth busied itself on the massive head. The girl milked his rod with a hunger and adeptness that I had not seen outside X-rated videos.

Abruptly, my climax consumed me. I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming my passion. Wave after wave of pleasure flooded my senses. My body weak as I slumped against the bookshelf, my fingers still inside feeling the contractions undulating within me. I was dizzy and could feel the blood pounding in my head.

As I returned to consciousness the man signalled his orgasm with long low grunts. My student pulled her mouth from his member and began to jack him off as his load spurted out hitting her cheek and lips. She lowered his erupting prick to her tits and rubbed the sodden head over those beautiful mounds as his cum continued to spurt.

I turned and stealthfully creeped to the door, picking up my purse I slipped out. The breeze felt cool between my wet thighs as I made for the bathroom to clean up and wait for the couple to leave. I dried myself and stuffed my wet panties into a side pocket of my purse. Walking back to my room I passed the two lovers, their faces still flush from the encounter. To my surprise and shock the man was Mr. Davis the Computer Science teacher. A tall great looking young man that was new to the school just last year. Smiling, I nodded good morning and held his eye contact for just a second longer as they hurried past. I had hoped he would notice my knowing look. I think he and I must have a conversation real soon.

The room faintly smelled of their sex as I sat down at my desk. I replayed the incident in my mind as I worked, taking several "breaks" throughout the day to relieve my tension. I emailed Mr. Davis requesting a meeting in my office at his earliest convenience. It was quite stimulating being around all the students and faculty without my panties. After that day I seldom wore panties to work again.


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