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Lovers get caught in the act.

Submitted:Dec 9, 2012    Reads: 2,285    Comments: 4    Likes: 3   

The sun baked my body as I lay on the blanket watching as Judy ambles up the sandy beach from a dip in the river. It was especially pleasant being with her at the old swimming hole with no one else around. It certainly pays to come on a week day. This beautiful creature was pulling at her bikini top, putting everything in place, as her long legs made graceful strides up the beach toward me. I loved to watch her when she wasn't aware of me watching. She was so natural, and innocently beautiful when she was just being herself.

"What are you staring at," she said with a smile.

"Just you babe," I replied. "I never get tired of looking at you".

She stood over me, blocking the sun from my eyes and dripping cool water on my stomach, her long legs straddling my hips. There were a few loose hairs protruding from her Bikini bottoms that caught my attention. I reached up to playfully pull on them but she was too fast for me. She jumped to the side, accidentally kicking sand in my eyes. "OW! Damn." I yelled jumping up.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get sand in your eyes," she said leading me to the water. I flushed my eyes with the cool water until I was sure they were clean. Still feigning pain I let her get close and then grabbed her about the waist and flung her over my shoulder into the water behind me.

She surfaced spitting and sputtering, "Damn you...I said I was sorry."

"Now we're both sorry," I said as I chased her to the beach. Grabbing for her I caught her bikini bottoms and exposed her sweet shapely ass. Like the Coppertone kid, she had a prominent tan line that accented her beautiful white ass.

"Hey," she squealed pulling them up again.

"Come're you," I said taking her in my arms. I planted a passionate kiss squarely on her lips. We stumbled through the sand to the blanket, still locked in our embrace, I slowly let her down. We kissed long and deeply in the warmth of the light summer breeze.

Sunlight played through the trees and danced among the shadows it made. The river quietly rolled past in its unending journey to the sea. The breeze brought our wet skin alive, once again we were together in paradise. Judy lived in the Los Angles area and was going to school there, over 400 miles away. It was only during her summer vacations and a few other times during the year that we could spend time together. The past two years had taught us to make those moments count, and we had learned to do that 'very' well indeed.

I rolled her wet top down under her beautiful and bountiful breasts revealing their strawberry nipples, erect and cold against my lips. Sucking one into my mouth I swirled my tongue around it and pulled at its hardness with my lips. She moaned with pleasure and instinctively reached for the bulge pressing against her leg. In minutes our suit bottoms were discarded beside our nude and hungry bodies. We couldn't get enough of each other.

Locked in our naked embrace, we celebrated the joy of being together again. She moved down my chest kissing as she went until her soft, warm mouth enveloped my shaft. Moving into a sixty-nine position, she ground her hips into my face. Her sex was sweet to taste and I cherished every minute we spent loving each other. I needed badly to be inside her so I gently rolled her over and spread her legs. She was wet with desire. I played my rigid member up and down her slit until it was slick with that wetness. Her pussy hot and tight around me as I slowly pressed my way in, feeling her body yield to accept my swollen member. She clasped her legs around my hips and held me tight within her depths a few moments before she began a slow rocking motion that pulled deliciously on my shaft. Her strong muscles contracting and releasing around me. I was flush with desire, feeling as though I would burst with each heartbeat.

The breeze rustled through the cottonwood trees and birds called in the distance. Nature at its very best. The setting was so tranquil and serene that we felt no need to hurry our lovemaking. We rocked together for what seemed like an eternity until I gradually picked up the tempo. Thrusting faster now as I felt our mutual release close at hand. Judy was moaning softly with each stroke of my cock. Our eyes, locked onto one another's in our smoldering passion, her hands gripped at the blanket tightly. She spread her legs farther apart as if to devour me in her hunger.

Together our voices rang out in a chorus of groans and pleasure as I felt my orgasm race up from the depths through my burgeoning dick. I bathed her insides with a white hot surge, and then another and another. The sound of crashing surf was in my ears as wave after wave of this wonderful orgasm washed over me. Returning to my senses I saw that Judy was still in the throes of her passion and instinctively I push deep within her to touch 'that' spot, sending her once again to a mind-shattering crescendo. I collapse on top of her, kissing her hair and forehead as we both relaxed to catch our labored breath.

The light squeak of brakes was my first indication that civilization was intruding on our idyllic world. My head snapped up and I was staring at a car full of wide-eyed women and children not 50 feet away from us. It took the driver a few seconds to recognize and respond to what was happening. She put the car in reverse and back hurriedly away. The look on their faces, priceless. They backed nearly the whole quarter mile to a turn around before disappearing over the top of the levee. Judy and I looked at each other and broke up laughing. We had been so engrossed in our lovemaking we had not heard the car coming as it bounced and squeaked along the bumpy river bottom trail. We donned our swimsuits and took a dip to cool off, still giggling about being caught in the act before we mounted my motorcycle and left the scene of the crime. The summer was promising to be a memorable one...and it was.


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