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Two young couples sneak away for an overnight camping trip and one couple gets lucky!

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When I was eighteen, one of my friends and our girlfriends decided to sneak off for an overnight camping trip. The girls told their parents that they were having a sleepover with their girlfriends. We told our parents that we were going to go fishing for the day and would stay over night to get an early start at a favorite fishing hole. We loaded up the car and headed for a little secluded swimming hole that we knew of in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. In those days you could spend a whole week-end and not see another person. I loved the smell of the pines and the feeling of being embraced by the beauty of nature all around. Besides getting out of the city, as small as it was, was still a treat.

We had a great time swimming, playing and hiking, our hard, youthful bodies tanning in the warmth of the sun. Sitting around the campfire that evening we told jokes and cuddled each other against the cool night air. When it came time to go to bed the four of us had to share one small tent, crowded but cozy. Somehow, I ended up in the middle between Marie and my friend's girlfriend, Deanna. After a bit of talk and laughter we turned out the lantern and drifted off to a peaceful sleep.

Several hours later I awoke with a raging hard on and feeling very amorous. I found myself spooning against the back of Deanna. I thought of turning over and waking Marie for a little fun but Deanna felt warm against me and it made me hot to think of sliding my hardness into her hot little pussy as I pressed against her backside. I had always fantasized being with her and I was sure she felt the same from her numerous comments. Deanna did have a rather loose reputation deserved or not I didn't really know. She was built for cuddling and I wanted to have sex with her ever since the first time I met her.

I started caressing her back and ass and she wriggled closer to me. "Oh my god, she's awake or responding in her sleep. This might be fun."

Before I realized it my hand was on her breast and I was lightly circling her nipple through her tank top. Deanna had great tits, full, firm, and she was not bashful about showing them. Once, I saw her changing her top and she didn't turn away when she saw me looking. She was in my fantasies many nights after that.

Anyway, her hand reached up to mine and pressed it against her soft breast. "Alright, I thought, this just might be the time." My hips had a mind of their own as they started to rock ever so slowly, rubbing my hardness against her backside. She returned the favor by flexing her tight ass against me. I pressed my cock between her ass cheeks and rubbed it up and down her crack. My hand wandered under her loose shorts and my fingers found her pussy lips, already wet and warm. She squeezed my fingers between her legs. I felt her clit, a hardening nub under my touch. My fingers traced its shape over and over. Her breath was coming faster now. She reached around finding my cock, pulling on it through my wet shorts in a most eager and delightful way.

We labored to be as still and quiet as we could since our partners slept only inches away from us. It was torture not being able to move or change positions, which only acted to heighten the exhilaration of the moment. We kept up our play until my shorts were becoming soaked with my juices. I couldn't stand it any longer so I helped her slipped her shorts down as far as we could and slid my now aching cock between her legs. Deanna responded by pulling her knees up enough that my cock was now poised at her wet opening. Her hand found my cock, guiding it to its destination. After a few strokes up and down her wet lips, it slid in slowly and easily as she gave a muffled sigh.

She was warm, wet and snug around my throbbing hard on as I began to cautiously and ever so slowly push into her. My hand alternated between caressing her breasts and pressuring her clit. It was all I could do to keep from coming, the sensation was so extreme. I am usually active and quite vocal in bed and this was total agony to remain still and mute. Several times our partners stirred and we would stop and lie motionless, waiting until we were sure they were still asleep. All the while my cock would pulse and flex uncontrollably as she held me within her. The thought of what we were doing excited me beyond belief. Inside I was shaking from the thrill of fucking her, here between two sleeping people. If they awoke what would we say? What could we say?

I fingered her wet, slippery clit which was now a hard miniature penis protruding from between her lips. Deanna's hand would find my fingers and increase or decrease their pressure as my cock continued to slowly piston away inside her. Our breathing was short and shallow now as the blood pounded loudly in my ears. The exhilaration of having someone you've wanted to make love to for so long as your partner slept just inches away was incredibly exciting and intoxicating.

Suddenly, her body tensed and she drew in a ragged breath through her teeth. I could feel her rhythmically clenching my cock as she flooded my crotch with more juices from her climax. She made little squeaking sounds as she tried to choke back her cry of release. I continued to fuck her slow and easy as her muscles squeezed and pulled me to my own quiet, mind-numbing orgasm. My cum exploded out of me inside her. I could feel every muscle pumping and flexing throughout my groin as I came, which seemed to last for many minutes before subsiding.

Afterward, we quietly held our position together until we fell contentedly asleep again.

The next morning we got up as though nothing had taken place and took an early morning swim. Throughout the day we would catch each others eye and pass a quick knowing smile as we mentally replayed the events of the night before. Neither of our partners ever found out about that incredibly delicious experience shared one night in nature's Eden. Deanna and I never mentioned it again either but our eyes told the story whenever they met.


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