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The quaterbacks girlfriend

Short story By: creativegirl11

Junevive is the star quaterbacks girl friend and they've just won the big game. more to come first erotic

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If you here for the sex and sex only scroll down to chapter 2 but if you read all of it it would be great

Chapter 1
Why do assholes always attack me??

As the finally buzzer sounded everyone emptied out of the stands and walked out onto the football field to congratulate the guys on the big win. I scanned the crowd trying to find my boyfriend Carter. Crowds of people blocked me view,
"Hey, J," Brandon called to me I turned to face him.
"Hey, congrats, on the big win, you guys played amazingly" I told him.
"Thanks, so how have you been I haven't talk to you in forever,"
"I've been really good really busy,"
"Yeah I think that's the same for all of us," Brandon said I scanned the crowd and saw Carter making his was over,
"Hey, J!" Carter called
"Hey babe," I said walking over to give him a hug and kiss.
"Hey are you joining me for interviews, I really want to show you off,"
"Cart, I'm not a trophy!" I laughed
"I know but your so amazing I want everyone to know that your mine" he said kissing me again.
"I'll be there in a second,"
"Alright," he said hugging me tight and heading back into the crowd,
"Bye Brandon, I'll talk to you after," I told him,
"Yeah, bye J," he said I could see hurt written all over his face,
"Brandon is something wrong?" I asked
"As a matter of fact there is, when did you and duch-bag over there happen?"
"Brandon that was rude, and I'm sorry that I didn't give you the 411 but we've been dating for 6 months how could you be so clueless?"
"I'm clueless?" he says stepping towards me "J I've been in love with you for years how could you be so clueless?" he says grabbing my shoulders. " Tell me you feel the same,"

"Brandon I'm sorry but I can't, because I don't feel the same, please let go that hurts,"
"Not till you admit the truth all you do is lead people on, you flirt like crazy and you don't expect people to gather feelings for, I know you have to like me, you've been flirting with me for years." he says squeezing harder
"Ow, Brandon that hurts please let me go,"
"Than your nothing but a slut, and sluts deserver to be treated like sluts," Brandon leans down and tries to kiss me I put my hands up to push him off,
"Brandon stop I don't feel the same please let me go,"
"Not until you admit the truth!" I can see Carters best friends Jordan and Jason making their way towards us.
"J, is everything okay?" Jason asks
"No its not getting this insane asshole off of me!" Brandon squeezes harder "OW!"
"Bro, let go of her,' Jordan tells Brandon
"Not until she admits that she has feelings for me or she's a slut!" Brandon says.
"OW!!" I cry out. I can Jason texting someone who I can only hope is Carter
"Brandon, let J go she doesn't like you and she isn't a slut," Jason says. I pull back but Brandon squeezes harder.
"Please let me go," I say tears rolling down my cheeks I see Carter coming through the crowd and what happens next is something I never expect Carter runs towards us and punches Brandon in the face, Brandon lets go and I stagger back, someone catches me before I fall, I turn to see Jordan, I wrap my arms around him and start crying,
"J are you okay?" Jordan asks me
"No, I'm terrified!" I sob,

"J?" I hear Carter say I let go of Jordan and walk into Carters arms, "Are you alright? What happened?"
"He attacked me, because he thought I liked him, and he tried to kiss me and he called me a slut because I wouldn't admit my feelings for him." I sob " Take me home please?"

Chapter 2
The impossible happens

"Do you want to drive?" Carter asks me
"No," I say handing him my car keys I slide into the passenger set of my 2011 Gt Mustang while Carter puts his shoulder pads in the trunk. He gets into the drivers seat.
"Are you okay?"
"I think I will be," I tell him
We pull up at the gate in front of my house
"Code J?" Carter asks
"18-56-90" I say Cart puts the code in and the gate swings inwards and Cart drives forward.
"Your house shocks me every time." Cart tells me as we pull up out front, "J we don't have to go to beaus party,"
"Yes we do, Carter you're the Quarterback and you guys just won the championship game we have to"
"No the guys would understand if I wasn't there,"
"We are going Carter," I said getting out of the car, and walking up the front steps "Carter go shower no offense but you reek!" I laughed
"Sorry babe," he said kissing me we walked in the front door and Cart headed down the hallway towards my wing of the house.
I slipped into the library and said hello to my Aunt,

I walked out of the library and down the hall towards my wing I jogged up the stairs to my room, when I opened my door Carter was standing in front of my bed dressed in only a towel " well hello sexy," I said walking over to him I wrapped my hands around his waist and stretched up onto my tip toes to kiss him. He leaned down to me and kissed me back, I wrapped my hands into his hair and began to make out with him. I pulled him down onto the bed so he was laying on top of me, I let my hands wonder his torso feeling his powerful muscles under his skin I rolled pinning him below me I pulled off the football jersey I was wearing I reached behind me and un did my bra so I was completely topless I rolled so I was back under him. But this time I let his hands do the wandering, his hands ran up my arms gently rubbing the skin, it made me shiver his hands ended on my bare chest he carefully took one breast in his and began rubbing gently he leaned down and kissed than he make his way down my neck kissing all the exposed flesh. He ended at my breast he kissed my nipple gently than he took it in between his lips and began to suck gently. I gasped and moaned because it felt so good, he began to gently nibble on my nipple his other began to massage my other breast he switched breasts and began to suck the other one.
"Oh baby!" I gasped, Carter began to suck slightly harder, he nibbled with more pressure and began to massage my other breast with more force, I gasped and stretched with pleasure. Carter stopped sucking, he kissed my I rolled over and pinned him under me he took both breasts in each hand and began to rub them.
"I know you like this," he whispered
"HMMH! You know I do baby!" I pulled his hands off my breasts and slide down I undid his towel to reveal his slightly hard dick.
"Hmmh, I know what you like," I laughed I took his dick in one hand and began to rub, it throbbed under my hand, I leaned down and took his member in-between my lips and began to gently suck on it like a lollipop, I slowly began to move my mouth faster and faster on Carters throbbing cock, he shivered with pleasure.
"How's that feel baby?" I asked
"Amazing!" he gasped, I took his cock and put it between my DD breasts and pushed them together and began to move them up and down on his very hard shaft. "Oh, J is you don't stop I'm going to cum on your face." I pulled back I stood up and handed Carter a towel I than reached into my nightstand and pulled out a condom and also handed that to Carter I unbuttoned my jeans and let them fall to the floor, I kicked them Carter pulled me towards him he rested his hands on my hips, he took the straps of my panties into his hands he began to slide them down,
"I like what I'm seeing," he said letting my panties fall to the floor he pulled me on top of him. I wrapped my legs around his hips he gently thrusted upwards,
"Oh!" I gasped he began thrusting faster and faster, I sat deep when he thrusted upwards and it gave more pleasure to both of us! We both gasped with pleasure. Carter laid back and I climbed off his lap.
"That felt good," I said.
"Yeah, I think I need another shower, I cant very well show up to Beaus party smelling like sex, now can I?" He joked
"I'll shower first so while you shower I can get ready," I said getting up and walking for the bathroom " you could always join me" I said walking into the bathroom leaving the door opened I started the shower and got in. I let the water run over my body, suddenly there were hands wrapped around my waist, "Took you long enough" His hands moved up to my breasts again and began massaging, I pushed my ass against his dick and rubbed up and down. He pinched my nipples and gently pulled them, "Cart, as enjoying this is we really do need to get ready for Beaus party,"
"Party smarty!" he said spinning me around and lifting me up I wrapped my legs around him and we began to have more sex. He thrusted hard and fast, I moaned in pleasure. He took my breast into his mouth again and began to suck greedily I leaned my head back and moaned
"Oh!" I gasped he grabbed my other breast with his hand and squeezed, he switched breasts, and began sucking and nibbling, while he massaged the other one. This time he grabbed at the nipple with his fingers and pulled and twisted. He began thrusting upwards faster! " OH! OH! OH!" I gasped, he pulled his face away from my chest. He set me down I turned around and bent over he gripped my waist and began thrusting from behind I pushed back when he pushed forwards.
"OH Carter!!!"I called as we both came. I stood you. And finished my shower. I wrapped a towel around my body and left Carter in the shower. I dressed in clean jeans and put Carters jersey on.


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