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Tags: Sex, Erotic

A sex story simple as that, read become aroused and just have some fun.

Submitted:Dec 21, 2010    Reads: 17,846    Comments: 7    Likes: 6   

I was waiting, i hungered for him, my pussy throbbed for him. You could tell by just seeing me here, my wet pussy dripping with my juices. The sexy underwear i planned on wearing was now discarded, drenched, so now im in my red lacy bra and bottomless. Then there was a knock, mmmm yes i knew it was him and i became hornier and hornier as i approached the door. I opened it slowly, posing for my visitor. Pussy juice dripping down my leg, my D cup breasts perky and ready for attention, and of course my 5'7'' lean body waiting for his every touch.

"oh god" i heard his gasp, and his eyes trailed slowly down my body, then met my eyes with lust. He licked his lips before attacking mine, out tongues battling for dominance and our bodies rubbing up against eachother for the need of friction. "God just fuck me already" i mumbled into the kiss. He didnt hesitate, he pushed me onto the bed and unzipped his pants, which were supressing his 10 inch throbbing hard cock. My mouth watered for it, so i went onto my knees at the foot of the bed, i tugged his pants, letting them drop around his ankles. That BIG JUICY cock was now infront of me. I licked the tip and earned a satisfied sigh, i licked and suck just the tip as i stroked him slowly. Precum leaked out the tip and it tasted of heaven. I put him in my mouth, going all the way down to the base and sucking hard. "ohhh yes fuck" he moaned and that just made me hornier. So i reached down, rubbing my clit, moaning on his cock. "AHH stop..stop" he breathed. I sat up and he pushed me on my back. "I'm going to fuck the living hell out of you" his voice was husky and low, filled with lust. "Please do" he smiled at my response and in one strong thrust he entered me, bottoming out 'AHHHH YESSS" i screamed. His thrusts were strong and forceful "ahh..yes... HARDER FUCK ME HARDER!!" he kept hitting my gspot making me scream, he bent over ripping off my bra and attaching his hungry mouth to my right breast. He sucked and bit at my nipple making this experience more and more erotic. "AHH oh god you feel so good, cum for daddy come on" he rammed into me harder and harder, his pace unbelievably fast. i couldnt take much more "AHH YES IM GOING..AHH IM GOING TO CUMMMMMM!!!" my cream spurt out all over his cock, he continued to go in and out of me throughout my orgasm. But he wasnt finished, and neither was i. I rolled us over so i was ontop, and i started to ride his huge cock. "mmm oh yeah ride me you BITCH" i rode him faster and got more agressive. He massaged my boobs and i bit his shoulder, squealing with pleasure. "FUCK yes ahhh i love the way your BIG cock feels in me!!" my screams filled the room, our downstairs neighbors probably could hear us, and they should, this was amazing!! I was so close to having another orgasm and he was too. He flipped me on my back, put my legs on his shoulders and rammed me with great force. "AHHHHHHH" we moaned together and at that last moment we screamed out our orgasms. "mmmm ahhh that was great" i purred "hell yes it was" he collapsed next to me, our breathing heavy and fast.

"round too??" he kissed my lips softly "round two" i agreed, and then my screams filled the air once again.


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