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Don't let go- part one

Short story By: Couldntthinkofausername

All Shannon wants is a release, Carl won't give that to her.

Submitted:Nov 16, 2013    Reads: 1,932    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Shannon layed in her bed with her husband Carl. Tonight Carl had told her that he was going to make her feel pleasures that she never felt before. Their sex life was a dwindling flame, and they wanted that to change.

"you ready baby?" Carl said huskily. "Yes." Said Shannon.

She heard a buzzing sound and then saw it. A vibrator. It was big. And vibrating fast. Shannon spread her legs wide, she was wet just looking at it. Carl lowered the vibrations to the slowest setting and parted Shannon's pussy lips so her little pink clit popped out. Her clit was very sensitive and she could cum from just clitoral play.

Carl placed the vibrator on her little nub. Shannon shreiked. It felt so nice. But it was to slow. "Please hunny faster." She asked. "No baby, tonight I'm going to make you feel painfully pleasured. And baby, don't cum till I say." Shannon shut her eyes and rolled her head back. It felt so good. Her cunt was burning, she needed to cum, but he wouldn't let her she knew that.

He sped up the vibrations a bit. Her legs started shaking. She couldn't hold it much longer, she was going to cum. "Ugh" Shannon cried as she felt it almost cum, just a little more...

The vibrations stopped. Shannon screamed. She was so close. She was almost there! "Darling, if you can't hold off your orgasm, I will hold it off for you." "I don't think I can do this baby, it's too hard." Carl grabbed her by the throat, slightly choking her. "You going to do as I say baby, or I'll ram my cock down your throat until you gag, but I'll leave it their so I cum down your gagging hole." Shannon swallowed, he knew she didn't like giving head or swallowing cum. "Now baby I'm going to put this vibrator up your hole." She felt the head of the vibe at her ass hole. Shannon gasped, she never had any anal before. "I didn't say which hole."

Carl started to push the vibrator in. Shannon cried out in pain. It was ripping her ass apart. "Scream baby, scream. No one can hear you. Just me. Take it like a good slut." And she did. He moved it out and in to get used to the size and then she felt the vibrations. She couldn't help how wet she got. "Now babe, I'm going to leave for 10 minuets. Don't you dare cum. I'll know" he got up and left the room.

Shannon screamed she shook and felt the feeling return. Surly he wouldn't know if she came just once, she thought. She moved her hand to her aching clit. She slapped it. Hard. She kept slapping until she shoved two fingers in her hole. A little more and she'd be squirting. Yes, she thought, yes yes yes! Her cunt squeezed her fingered as she let out a squirt of lady juice. And another and one more. "Oh my god!" Screamed Shannon, aas she had the best orgasm of her life.

a few minuets later Carl came in and pulled her up by her nipples. "I fucking told you not to cum, didn't I? And there you are fingering you tight pussy and squirting? How dare you you little cum slut. I'm gunna fuck your face so hard." He said as he ripped out the vibraor from her crack. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." She cried as her face neared his cock. "Too late" he said as he shoved it down her throat.

She gaged, but true to his word, he stayed their while she cried trears and screamed. He started to throb. "Yes baby, gag on my dick. I'm gunna pour all my cum down your fucking throat." He yelled as he came into her mouth. She choked and coughed as the while liquid flowed down her gagging neck.

"good girl. Bad girl. Clean yourself up slut." He tossed some tissue at her. "I'll be back later to fuck you ass with my dick. And don't worry, I'll bring... Friends."

end of part one.


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