The Nightshirt 2

By: Collette Parrish

Page 1, A continuation of the Nightshirt series of short stories

She stood on the deck, cigarette in hand, the breeze coming off the 
still water in the bay brushing her hair.  She leaned against the rail, 
legs bare, on tiptoe.  The white nightshirt ruffled with the breeze.

'Come and look at the stars', she said.

I moved to join her, looking 
up at the vista above us.  The air was clear and dry, the lights from 
town for once not drowning out the beauty of the twinkling stars.  The 
moon was low in the east.  She pointed out some constellations, amazing 
me once more with her knowledge.  I found myself not caring for the 
stars, instead gazing at her profile.  My hand joined hers on the 

She turned, smiled, her eyes crinkled as they always do.  I 
moved behind her, my arms around her, feeling her heart beat under my 
palm.  My lips on her neck, she turned her head giving me access under 
her long hair.  My hand moved to cup her breast, she made a soft moan 
of supplication.  The nipple responded under my touch.  She leaned back 
into me.

The rear of the house was dark, no neighbours overlooked us, 
the only lights from the moon and stars.  I stepped back, taking her 
hand and moving to the wooden bench, sitting back on it, legs apart, 
and pulled her to sit in front of me, leaning back. 

My mouth on her 
skin, my hands continued to move over her breasts, cupping each breast 
in turn, thumbs on the nipples through the fabric.  I felt her hands 
move, knew she was running her hands up her legs.  I could almost feel 
her heat already.  

She pushed back harder, her back against my front, 
the t-shirt against the cotton of her nightshirt.  She turned her head, 
our mouths locked, her tongue against mine, my hands squashing and 
kneading at her breasts, one hand slipping lower, finding the hem of 
the shirt and finding her hands locked against her pussy.  My fingers 
moved in time with hers, feeling her moistness, feeling the hardness of 
her bud.  Her mouth moved from me, her lips bared as she began to roan, 
that delicious sound, not quite a roar, not quite a moan... her own, 
special sound...

She pushed back against me, noticing my erection as 
if for the first time.  

'Take your shorts off', she said.

I shuffled 
out of them, feeling naked and exposed, even though my t-shirt was 
still on.  She pushed back, lowering  herself, one hand gripped my 
cock, the other steadying herself as our bodies made contact.  She sank 
down, slowly, until she completely engulfed me.

The nightshirt covered 
us from prying eyes, not that there was anyone out here.  She began to 
rock back and forth,   lifting herself a little then sinking back down, 
her left hand in mine, fingers clasped, her right hand running across 
her clit and lips.  I could feel her juices on my cock, could smell her 
in the night air.  My right hand fondled her butt, her right thigh, 
then moved back to her right breast.  I pushed between the buttons, 
making contact, skin on skin, fingers rolling her nipple, hard then 
soft, pulling then teasing.  She continued to move against my cock, her 
roaning getting louder, her motions more urgent.


leant back, further, feeling her deeper inside.  My hand lost contact 
with her breast, both hands now on her ass, helping her to bounce 
gently up and down.  Her head pushed back, her long hair down her back, 
her hands now on her own breasts.

'Ohhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu'

deeper sound from her now, her thrusts more powerful, grinding into 

'Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yessssssssssssss ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 

She came, hard, her hips pushing 
against me, one hand on her clit, rubbing, pushing the climax harder, 
harder. Her body tensed, her breath gasped again and again, she 
groaned, roaned... for me.  

Slowly, she subsided, her fire sated for 
a brief moment.  She turned, her eyes ablaze, her body over mine, our 
lips locked again as her legs straddled me, her wetness slipping easily 
over me, taking me in, and she began to rock once again.  This time, I 
unbuttoned the nightshirt and pulled it from her, leaving her naked.  I 
looked at her face as she ground her hips against me, noticing the 
stars looking even brighter around her head.  She smiled, her enigmatic 
smile, as she took me completely once more.

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