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It's amazing how something as unsexy as a nightshirt can instil an erotic image, right?? :)

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She wore the white cotton nightshirt, fresh from the laundry. Her day had been long, she looked tired.

She clambered into bed, face down, her lower leg straight, the other leg bent at the hip and knee. I leant over and kissed her head, turned off the light on her side of the bed. I continued to read, the lamp turned away so it wouldn't shine on her.

After several minutes, she groaned.

"Can't sleep".

"Want a drink?"

"No.... too hot" She
kicked the quilt down the bed. I laughed and took it off her.

A few minutes of silence.

"Can't sleep".

I laughed again. "Still too hot?"

"Nooo.... too cold".

I looked down at her, her face in the pillow, her arms cuddling the pillow, her legs bare beneath the crisp, white nightshirt. I leant over and kissed her bare calf. She quivered.

"How's that gonna warm me up?" she said. I grinned, and continued to kiss her gently.

"I could stop..." I started.

"Don't you dare...."

Her breath settled into a steady, deep pattern. Her legs shifted as I kissed up her leg, over her knee, up her thigh. She shifted, the
nightshirt exposing her right buttock. I felt myself harden.

Kissing up her right leg, I ran my hand slowly up her left. Her centre was hidden from me by the way her legs crossed, but she slowly rolled herself further onto her stomach, away from me, exposing herself to me.

"Thought you were tired..."

"I am, but now you've made me horny".

I pushed the nightshirt up further, fully exposing her buttocks, her right leg now extended, my hand gaining access to her pussy. I
continued kissing, lightly, my lips and tongue barely brushing her skin. My right hand fingers stroked up, higher, ever higher.

She let out a sigh.

My fingers brushed against her opening, feeling the heat already emanating from her. I knelt up, my cock now fully aroused, just the taste of her skin made me hard.

She groaned softly as my fingers made contact, her dampness apparent. I began to stroke and tease her, getting her wetter, raising my hand to my mouth to taste her juice and to moisten them, pushing gently into her with each stroke.


Her right hand was on her breast, the fingers undoing the buttons and exposing her hardening nipple. She pulled and stroked it. Her hair was damp at the fringe, her lips parted as they usually do when I play with her.

My fingers found her clit, and she inhaled sharply. I gently shifted her legs so I could get a deeper purchase inside her.

I began to move my fingers in and out, her juices lubricating their passage, her clit hard and swollen like my cock. I could feel the fabric of my shorts rubbing the head, a delicious feeling. I concentrated on her. I loved to watch her as I brought her to climax.

I moved my hand, shifting my fingers, touching as much of her as I could, not staying in one spot for too long. Her clit throbbed with each touch, I gently moved her leg higher with my left hand and kept the internal pressure going with my right hand, my
fingers slick. I took a second to remove them, eliciting another groan, and tasted her again, then slid them back inside her.

She was close, her hand on her breast clutching the nipple, her breathing hard and shallow, her skin reddening around her face and chest. The nightshirt was damp, sticking to her skin.

"Uhhhhhhhh.......... uhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

My hand sped up, the pressure harder, deeper, faster.


She came, hard, her body flexing and pulsing under me, her roaning deep and erotic. I pressed hard into her, draining every drop from her, not letting up while the orgasm took her body. I leant forward to kiss her neck, her breath coming in gasps. She reached back, gripped my cock through the shorts.

"In me, please" Not a request. A demand.

I took of my shorts, the cool air feeling good against the hot skin of my cock. She took a pillow and, still on her front, placed it under her hips, lifting her from the bed, pulling up the nightshirt to expose her ass and waist. I hardened ever more at the sight. I positioned myself behind her, my hands on her hips, and pushed forwards into her....


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