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Threesome, East European, lesbian, fantasy

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I'd long suspected my landlady was gay, or bi at least. After a failed relationship I found myself looking for accommodation -I'd viewed a few places but this one ticked all the boxes, plus the landlady was hot. 32, East European, blonde with blue eyes, and a smoking body. The day after viewing she messaged me to say she'd like me to move in, and who was I to argue.

I'd flirted with her from day one, all to no effect. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't expecting Lena to jump my bones but it all seemed to be one-way. She hung around with a few other girls, one in particular called Karin. She was dark haired, tall, willowy, aloof, even. She's about 26. I thought the two of them were close, if you know what I mean.

Last weekend they rolled home about half seven in the morning, I could hear them in the kitchen, laughing and joking. I was awake, so grabbed my towel and headed for the bathroom. I had to go through the kitchen to get there. I tried to make small talk but they were just too giggly, still pissed.

I was in the shower when the door opened. Karin came in, said "Sorry" in her broken English, and pulled down her trousers and knickers and sat on the loo. I continued to wash, standing facing her, the glass shower stall not doing much to cover my modesty. Karina was getting a good eyeful, she was staring at my cock as the soapy water ran down my body. I'm not in bad shape for 43. She finished, pulled up her clothes and went to the sink, thought better of it so came back, opened the shower door and rinsed her hands under the shower, still getting an eyeful of me. With a final glance into my eyes, she dried her hands and went out.

I thought about having a lazy wank thinking about Karina in the shower with me, but decided to wait til later. I dried myself and wrapped the towel around my waist, and headed for my bedroom.

Lena and Karin were in Lena's room- I could hear them talking and giggling. I made sure they heard my door close. I was hoping maybe Karin would be up for some fun. How wrong could I get?

I was pulling underwear out of the drawer when there was knock at the door.

"Come in"

The door opened. Lena stepped into my room. Naked. I tried hard to maintain eye contact, but I took in her figure, full breasts, trim flat stomach, little tuft of blonde pubic hair above a very inviting looking pussy.

"Karin asks me, you like to join us?"

My cock twitched. I dropped the towel to the floor, nodded, and followed her across the hallway.

Shutting the door to her bedroom behind me, I looked at Karin, laying on the bed. She too was naked, her long black hair spread on the pillow, one arm up behind her head, the other hand was between her legs, gently stroking herself. I noticed she too had a small tuft of black hair, just like Lena did. Lena joined her on the bed, giving her a long, lingering kiss. I sat on the edge of the bed, and ran my hand up Karin's leg. She took her fingers out of her cunt, and offered them to me, and I took them into my mouth, savouring the taste. I slid one finger into her, feeling her wet lips envelop my finger up to the knuckle. She smiled. Lena spoke to her, and Karin leaned forward to kiss me. Her tongue flicked over mine, and I felt a hand on my throbbing cock. I didn't care who's it was.

I broke off the kiss and turned to Lena, and we kissed deeply. With one hand still taking care of Karin's cunt I ran my other hand over Lena's breasts, feeling the hardening nipples under my palm. She had good sized tits, with dark centres and stiff nipples. I felt Karin move, and lost contact with her pussy, so began to move that free hand up Lena's body. Her cunt was really hot, I could feel the heat as soon as I touched her. I felt Karin's hair on my stomach and then down, and then her mouth smothered my cock.

I continued to kiss Lena, then broke the kiss and went to suck on her nipples, taking one then the other into my mouth, kissing, biting, licking. I had three fingers inside her snatch, fingering at the wetness. Her clit was hard under the hood, and I rubbed it with my thumb. Karin was taking my cock in deep into her mouth, and Lena had her hand buried deep in Karin's cunt.

I wanted to taste both of them, but Karin's mouth was amazing so I pushed Lena backwards. She understood my intentions, and grabbed a pillow and propped her ass up, her cunt now exposed for me. I shuffled forward, not wanting Karin to lose contact, and buried my face into Lena's pussy. My face was covered in her juice in no time, and I lapped at her lips, taking her clit in between my teeth, giving her the best tongue fucking I could. Lena still had one hand inside Karin, the other was pulling hard at her nipples, making loud, hard gasps.

I felt Karin's mouth leave my cock, and felt her kissing up my body until her face was next to mine. She pushed right up to me and began to lick Lena's cunt too. I was so fucking hard. Karin made eye contact with me, and I could tell by the look on her face she loved to eat out Lena. And no wonder, she tasted amazing. We kept breaking off licking Lena to share a sticky kiss.

Karin said "You fuck her?" I took that to be permission. Lena spread her legs wide and pulled her cunt lips apart, my cock was still wet from Karin's sucking, and I eased my rock hard prick into her gaping hole. She was tight, and hot, and she took everything I had to give. Karin's face was millimetres from my cock as I began to slowly draw out of Lena, then push hard back in. Lena made whimpering noises with each hard thrust. Karin was licking her clit while fingering her own, her small tits bouncing under her. Lena had one of Karin's tits in her hand.

The next time I drew out completely, and fed my length into Karin's mouth, she greedily slurped Lena's juice off me, and then I'd ram it back into Lena. I kept this up for a few minutes, then told them to switch.

Karin lay back on the bed, and Lena planted herself on Karin's face, her tongue dipping between Lena's cunt lips as I fed my cock between hers. Karin was even tighter than Lena, and I had to stop myself blowing my load on the first thrust. I kissed Lena deeply as I fucked Karin, alternating between squeezing Lena's tits, then Karin's. Lena was close to cumming from Karin's tongue fucking, her face and breasts glowing red with the passion. She came hard on Karin's face, letting loose a torrent of words. I didn't know what they were but I knew what they meant. Karin came on my cock, Lena pulling me out and sucking me clean.

We switched again, me on my back, Lena riding me and Karin squatting on my face, holding her cunt lips wide open as I stuck my tongue deep inside her until she came again. The girls swapped positions, with Lena squirting her cum over my face and chest.

I took them both doggy style while the other had their cunt licked out. I was in Karin when I felt my orgasm start to build. "I'm gonna cum".

Lena moved down the bed, her face level with Karin's cunt. I looked at her. "Cum inside her", she said. That did it, and with a final thrust I let lose my spunk deep inside Karin. Lena had her hand on my balls, milking me. Karin fell forward onto her arms as I pulled out, Lena licked the dripping semen from my cock, then turned her attention to Karin, kneeling behind her and dipping her tongue and fingers into Karin's spunk drenched cunt. I watched as Karin squeezed her vaginal walls tight, forcing my cream back out of her, and Lena lapped it out of her.

Karin finally collapsed, I leaned over and gave her a kiss. Lena gave me a smile, then kissed Karin, the two of them wrapping their arms around each other, tongues entwined.

I left them to sleep off their boozy night and multiple orgasms, went back to my room and promptly fell asleep on my own bed. Although that morning hasn't been mentioned, Lena told me this morning that Karin would be staying over tonight, so I'd better go grab another shower...


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