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The Diary of Afika Jones (My boss,My master?)

Short story By: Coco Lovan

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After having the chance to invite her boss to dinner, Afika Jones gets a chance to get to know Travis better. But what she doesn't know just might hurt her.

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July 5, 2007

As I said before I have a thing for my boss. Travis hasn't been in for a while. Due to the blackout that has hit the area for the most part I have been the only want to show up to work. Then yesterday Travis shows up annoyed. So think I had my chance to get to one on one time we talked. Calmly walking up to I asked, "Are you ok?

With a surprised and confused look he spoke, " I sorry, just thought everyone took the week off like everyone else. He seemed like he needed some time to himself. I felt bad for bothering him, I guessed it showed on my face. " I'm glad to see you its just I'm mad that I just got back power put I had to throw away food last night. I felt his pain and his broad shoulders. " I came to work because I figure everyone would be watching to fireworks. Still rubbing his shoulders Travis firmly grips my wrists. "So what are you doing here"?

The truth is I needed to get away from the house. After what happen with my neighbor I need some space. Plus I really not trying to bump into the fiance. "thought I could get some work done without all the office gossip. Who did what and who's going to be on the news for steeling city funds. Travis laughed , swiveled his chair and locked his blue eyes to mind. The flash of my fancy came in play and for a brief moment we where in and sauna again.

I stood between his legs as he grabs my ass. "For the longest time I have been eying you. The thing is I never been with a woman like you before." I paused, what did he mean by that? "So your saying you've never been with a black girl before. He laughed, I have been with black girls never a black woman. You carry yourself so differently then the women at the club. Like your looking for something or someone better. I don't know if that is "white boys" pick-up line but I like it. I invited his to my place for dinner since he didn't have any food in his house.

To be honest I wasn't expecting Travis to show up. But astonishingly enough he did, Just a bit overdressed. Wearing a midnight black suit with a red silk shirt and a navy blue tie he handed me flowers lilies with tulips in sporadic places. Never really been a flower person but it was the thought that counted. I took the flowers and placed then on the dinning room table. " Wow that smells nice." the cake I placed in the oven was almost done, my attention towards that didn't really see him behind me. "The cake should me done soon and dinner is almost ready". I Turned around and saw his pearly whites. " I wasn't talking about the cake". He wrapped he arms around me, both hands of my ass. For a moment he just stared in my eyes then some pecks on the cheek, testing waters. I took the initiative and plunge my tongue in his mouth. Startled he pushed away but then started kissing me again. " So do you mind setting the table.

Dinner was to me boring, talked about work and had some laughs at my co-workers expense. I sliced us a piece of cake and headed to the living room gave him the remote and headed back to the kitchen for drinks. As I walked back to the room the moans and groans of a woman ( that obviously wasn't me) came from the living room. I forgot that I had borrowed a DVD from Jason to see what lesbian sex was like. But then the storm knocked out all the power and I totally forgot about the DVD." I didn't know you where into this? Well how could I know we just started talking." I did what anyone would do in my position, I told a half lie. "Its my friends, must have been chillin in my house and bounced when the power went out. He likes using my house to impress the chicks. Its better then taking them to your moms place. Travis laughed. Well its better but he should think about being more considerate about things like this."

Turned off the lesbian porn and tuned on the TV but the damage was done. We sat for awhile in silence. Then he nudged himself closer. As he was trying to whisper something in my ear I shuttered. A moan came from his lips as he knew what that meant. Travis nibble on my ear while having a hand between my legs. I start to unbutton my shirt. " No when I'm ready I'll do it myself. Just be still and let me take care of dessert." Travis to continued to play between my legs. He moved my thong to the side and deposits his middle finger deep inside me. His other hand play with my breast under my shirt. Travis then asked, " Can we go to your room?"

As we walk upstairs a piece of my clothing disappears. By the time we make it to my room I am completely naked. Travis picks me up and lays me on the bed. He finally undresses the really nice suit is discarded like a discarded candy wrapper. He opens my legs and guide his tongue to my clit. He pushes his head closer and begins to suck my pearl. It felt so good that I grabbed his head. Travis gasping for air gave a asthmatic chuckle. He then pulled me towards him, placing his rod in my mouth. Slowly licking the head, I wrap my tongue around the shaft. slowly touching the back of my throat his rod thicken while in my mouth. Slow steady strokes as I play with his balls. Travis moans, grabs my dreads and begins to pound my mouth. He stops and smirks, payback so childish.

He puts me on all fours, slides into me and massages me from within. He was gentle for like a millisecond and he pounds deep inside me. My pussy so wet that he constantly slips out. On the third time he slowly presses against my third hole. He glides in slow but that didn't make it any less painful. Eventually I felt every inch of his thick rod down my Hershey highway. Rocking slowly I accept the fact that this is the first time of doing anal.... and its with my boss. Travis pushes ass up higher and made me arch my back. He pounds me harder the pain is more intense. "Your ass is so tight and that pussy so wet. I love them both." He pulls out my ass and inserts himself back into my pussy rocking harder than before. He feels harder, I can feel his veins pulsing inside me. He pulls out my pussy and back in my ass. This time he rams it in, slapping ma ass he grinds my as. "You like the way you boss he dominating you? Call me master and I will give you a reward." I wanted him to stop the pain is just unbearable. "Yes master I love it please give me more."I guess I shouldn't have said that. Travis stands up and leans forward, lays in my ass and fucks it deep. It last for a few moment until I feel hot sticky reward dripping down my legs. Travis falls asleep, I take a shower.

When I get out the shower he is still asleep in my bed. So I roll over and fall asleep, naked. Sometime during the night I feel something between my legs, its Travis. My legs on his shoulders he continues enjoy himself even though I'm awake. He lifts me up slightly higher and slides in my ass. It hurts still but not ass much I try to resist. " I'm already in, your learn to love this dick and will soon beg for it. The same way my dicks been begging for you". I give up and submit, he lays on my chest squeezing my breast. " I love the way you feel, I don't think I can keep my hands off you. Then I feel my warn stick reward. He falls asleep on top of me as I wonder what I got myself into.


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