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The Diary of Afika Jones ( the Strip joint)

Short story By: Coco Lovan

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Afika Jones enters a strip club for the first time. she feels like she is in a jungle not relizing just became someones prey.

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June 25 2007

I enjoyed the weekend, particularly Saturday, nothing really special. Just hanging out with the guys. For the first time in my life I went to a strip club(sorry gentlemen club). Its was to me a hole in the wall, thought places like this were suppose to have the classiest hoes and the nicest bar. One of my friends bought me a sex on the beach and it was in a plastic cup. Not one of those nice plastic cups with neon lights at the bottom. No, it was one of those cups you would get at a family reunion, plain,red, and flimsy, what a joke.

If got a little better we sat down and the girls started dancing. One girl got my attention, only because she was staring at me. Her name( the name she gave me) was Angel. I bet that is a name that is used all the time, how original. It seemed like she was dancing for me, but I guess that how every guy in there felt, guess that's how the money is made. But anyway, Angel seemed to only look at me with her sultry plump lips with come fuck me red lips. She was riding that pole like she was riding a man all the while looking at me. Another one of my friends pulled me to the side and said, " I think this trick wants you. I dropped down $40 and she still looking at you." He gave $10 worth of one and pushed me to the stage.

Wasn't sure if I was to give it to her all at once or one at a time. I figured it out when I approached Angel. She slid down the pole and did a split leaned forward opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, I inserted a dollar. She then open her legs wide and started grinding the floor. Thought that was weird but whatever, gave her a dollar. Then she started the take off her bra,tossed it in my face. When I removed the bra she was playing with her tits, they weren't all that bad, gave her two dollars. She then jumped the top of the pole and slip down all while shaking her ass, did a split turned around and smiled, gave her three dollars. She told me to take a few steps back and so I did, Angel flipped off the stage and landed right in front of me, didn't see her boobs move and inch. She turned around,did a handstand and shook her pussy in my face, had enough cat in m y face for more day and gave her that last three and walked away. For some reason I turned around, Angel had this sexy sad face, too bad it didn't work on me and I sat down.

For the rest of the night it was a game of cat and mouse, the highlight of the guys night. Angel would try to give me a dance and I redirect her to one of the guys, when I got a lap dance from another stripper she seemed to get jealous and before I know it Jason( another guy friend) paid for her to give me a lap dance, apparently I'm in the middle of some turf war, now how do I get out? While giving me a lap dance the slipped something down my skirt. Thought she was going for my cash so I almost yolked the bitch before me trotted away. I pulled the note out under the table so the guys wont notice. It said, "I get off at 2... Red Scion in the front." My face turned red and the guys notice. Jason snatch the note and read it. The guys for some reason was pissed. I guess I was really in the Middle of a turf war.

We stayed til 2 am my friends just wanted to see what I would do knowing I never been with a woman before thought this would be the time they would see some girl on girl action for free. It just so happens that we parked two cars from the right of her. Just like clock work she showed up just as I turned around. Angel grabbed my dreads and plunged her tongue down my throat. While kissing me she pulled up my short shirt and grabbed my ass. When she did she moaned, released me from her tongue lock and asked, " did you need a ride home?" I said, " when you tell me you real name then maybe we can talk," and proceeded to walk away. Angel grab my wrist and gave me a piece of paper, then let me go. She got into her car, pulled out the spot blew me a kiss and drove off. The was begging to see the paper but I didn't even look at it until I was safely in my bed. The note read La Tia and her number, put the number in my phone, threw the paper in the trash and went to bed. I Never been with a woman but I want say its not for me until I try it myself.


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