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The Diary of Afika Jones ( the blackout)

Short story By: Coco Lovan

Tags: Date, From, Hell, Yin, Yang, New, Love

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Having just survived the blindate from hell, Afika Jones just wants to wash away her pain. Just so an almost perfect storm to get her into more trouble.

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July 2 2007

It feels do good to have A.C again. Never want to be without it again. The weekend was rough and for some reason I got a little to close to someone that I should have known better to mess with. It all started Friday night.

For me it was a too hot Friday. I met up with a guy that I had met awhile back. His name is Julius, well that's what he calls himself his actual name is Jerome, and had lunch. The meal was mediocre but then again we are at a dinner. However the conversation wasn't too bad. He wanted to know what he had to do to be my man, I said, " I am a Nubian queen looking for a king. The better question what is it your going to do with... I mean for me." A quiet smile passed before us and before I knew it we where in the car looking for a hotel room.

We found one, a cheap hotel he knew during his drug dealing days. For 3 hours fifty bucks or all night for seventy-five. Since the queen was paying for the room she chose the cheap way out and paid for three hours. Besides he wasn't going to step out on my pay, if he wants to play he will have to pay... well next time anyway. We walked into the room wasn't too bad, it was clean and had a descent TV. I took off my shoes flopped on the bed and flipped through the channels. Julius laid beside me and started kissing my neck. Before he got a chance to do anything else I looked at him and said, "the queen wants her feet rubbed".

Julius pulled up a seat to the bed. Then he gently pulled my feet towards him. The foot rubbed felt good, so good I almost fell asleep. Julius saw his opportunity, he began rubbing calves. Then spreading me legs and rubbing my thighs. My massage wasn't done as he slowly rest his tongue on my clit and began to slowly lick like a lollipop. Felt good but odd considering I still had my panties on.

I lifted my ass up just enough for Julius to removed them. He continued licking but this time a but more intense. After awhile he began to deeply kiss it, suck it while inserting two fingers within me. The figures where a surprise my body jumped a que apparently for Julius to the two indexes with in me. It wasn't that it I didn't like it, it was.... OK I didn't like it besides he was doing a poor job and satisfying me so I thought I would show him how its done. Pushing his head away I started playing with my clit then slowly entered myself. To put it in my mothers word I rang the bell and open the door.

I was so into it Julius just disappeared. The next thing I know I see his anaconda in my face. Apparently he thought his lack o performance should be rewarded. I gave him a quickly, he wanted more, to bad he wasn't getting it. After a few moments he got the picture and began sitting back in the chair and jerking off as I continue to enjoy myself. For about six minutes I was metaphorically alone and despite the low moan coming from Julius.

I feel his hand on my breast, then his mouth on the other. The deep sucking was at first painful. The unsexy sounds coming from me must have been a sign for him to slow down, after that moment of pain was bliss. I still had my hand between my legs when I felt him slowly glide in. I slowly arched my back which went unnoticed. Julius slowly gyrated as he continued to play with my breast.

Then for no reason he stopped, grabbed legs and but them over his shoulders. My head was painfully against the head board when he commenced thrusting hard. I couldn't go anywhere and all I can do to give myself some relief was to push my head off the board. This lasted for at least three minutes which seemed like and eternity. Then as soon as it started it stopped and the flow of hot sticky white on my tits was all I could stand.

The half grin half smirk infuriated me. The shower I took was a relief and a chance for me to listen on his conversation. While he thought I stepped in the shower Julius called one of his boys. The chat was brief and seemed to be in code. A feeling of fear came over me. Instead of taking a real shower I stepped in sensed the cum off my chest and dried off. When I opened the door Julius was waiting at the door and said, "thought I might join you." While I said, " the shower all your but I'm going home. I went to but my cloth on while he tries to convince me to stay. " the three hours aren't up yet. Just before I opened the door I said, that maybe true but your time is up, and then closed the door.

When I got home that night there was four text messages from Julius. The first one said that he was sorry for whatever he did wrong. Evidently he sees nothing wrong with beating my up via sex. The second one was said that he thought it was a fair deal since he paid for lunch. The third was one that I guess was meant to get a response, he said he found another bitch to take care of him after I had left, a real queen. The last one was him saying that he wanted me to delete his number and forget that we ever met which I did after text number two.

Freaking stressed over the dating debacle I needed time to unwind. So I turned on the radio and prepared myself for a hot bubble bath. Just as I was about to hop in there was a loud crackling boom. Milliseconds later the power went out and I'm standing in the dark, naked. There was another loud boom but this time it was coming from the door. It was my neighbor Blake. Nice guy with a good head on his shoulders. A repairman who doesn't mind helping me out with things around the house. He recently told me he was getting married to his high school sweetheart.

After looking through the peephole i quickly put on my robe and open the door. "The power is out, just wanted to make sure your OK. Ms. Jennings is staying at my place until the power comes on." Blake had installed a backup generator in his house so he could keep he frig and freezer on. Ms Jennings was the elderly watchdog that knew everyone's business because she had no where to go and nothing to do. " you are free to join us whenever you like". The invite was tempting but I turned it down thinking it would come back on soon.

Saturday night

It was too hot to stay in the house and at the time I didn't have money to rent a room. So I camped out in my car. Blake must have been downstairs when he heard the door open. " so your going to a friends house, good its no need for your to get a heat stroke in your own house" I smiled and said " it feels really nice out so I thought I would camp out in the car. His smile turned into a frown as he invited me in ounce again. I turned him down another time and proceeded to open the back door. Pushed the back seats down and turned them into a make shift bed. Blake went back inside for a moment. He came back with two plates, two glasses and a pillow. "Blake you don't have to stay outside, I'm going to be fine. The truth was he never invited Ms Jennings in his home she just squeezed her way in. She was kind enough to make dinner but her company was still unwelcomed.

We made ourselves comfortable in the backseat. As we ate he talked about Deseri. It seem like he getting wedding jitters. I assured him he was fine and tried to talk bout something else. The truth is the thought of marriage frightens me. If there was a guarantee the person I'm with will be the person I married there would be no problem. Time and time again I have been to weddings just to help out in the divorce. "He changed, I don't know where the man I Married went." A common theme among my friends.

The car started to get hot and Blake took off his shirt. I began to make myself cozy and head to bed. Just then another boom, then rain. I didn't want to roll up the windows so I slept closer to Blake, he did the same. All seemed fine until I looked and and saw a bulge under the sheets. I looked at him as he said, " I cant help it your beautiful. Before I could say a world we were deep in a kiss. Rolled on top of me and started to kiss my neck. As he did, his hand search for any annoying obstacles like underwear, there were none. He slide himself between my legs. At first it hurt but at as soon as he gyrated pain became pleasure. He continued to nibble on my neck and gradually moved up to me ear. I moved him out the way and got on all fours, he laid down and placed me on top. " Why would I not want to look at that pretty face?" I glided him between my legs, he pulled me toward his lips and once again dived into to deep kiss. The blissful moment ended with a surprising warm explosion. Thank god I'm on the pill.


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