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The Diary of Afika Jones ( playtime with Travis)

Short story By: Coco Lovan

Tags: Slave, Master, Oral, Sex

Coming to work early was a bad idea when Afika Jones get a private conference with Travis.

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July 13, 2007

It been so awkward being in the office, it feels like the whole world is casting judgment. A rule of mine has been broken. Its been been a few days since Travis has even come near me, but to his defense I have been avoiding him like a pre-pubestant teen avoiding a crush. But still, the odd feelings have never faded since dinner. I feel like a fool for letting my emotions get the best of me. I feel like a whore and can you blame me.

Going to work has been hard so far. I came to work an hour early just to avoid Travis as he came in. Thought is would be easier to start working I was alone and collect my thoughts. So I started with writing emails, just to remind the office of the security code change and the minor budget cuts. After thirty minutes of looking at a blank screen the office skank walks in. La Tia Stronghold tall, light brown skinned with supermodel legs, fake DD fun bags that must have came with that matching ass. She been gunning for my spot for years. To be more precise she has been trying to get in Travis pants for years. With no luck. I would love to tell her I got there first but that would make me the office slut. One scale up( or down whatever works for you) is the social food-chain. I still the new girl and hope to gain a role in this office play.

" So Afrika, whats are you doing here so early? Are you trying to leave an hour early, cus it wont work. He will just make sure you get extra work. Or where you trying to slip in some alone time with Travis. I say the first thing that popped in my head big mistake. " My computer isn't working, so I thought I could come in early and check my e-mails." I forgot that the internet was down at work and Mr. Brown, the buildings manager doesn't come in until 9am. " So you do realize the internet is down? So what are you up to? You do realize this is Travis day off?" For a brief moment relief flowed over me like fresh spring rain to a budding flower. " I realized that when I came in and tried to get on, so I'm trying to write the weekly update and post it later." I knew the truth would come out at some time, and a half an hour later it did, when Travis walked in the office. "Ms. Jones I been meaning to have a word with you, in my office."

That was a command, what happen to asking me nicely. The sensation of ease turned to a quick sharp pain of fear. For some reason before walking in I turned to look at Ms Stronghold,an evil smile wipe across her face. This is what it must look like when you are sacrificed to the wolves. The door closed behind me and I couldn't help but think of what bars would sound like when they closed in the prison. He sat at his seat, his eyes stern and full of anger. " Have a seat Ms. Jones we have some opportunities to discuss"

I worked a a restaurant once when a manager called all of the mistakes we made opportunities, a chance to become better at what you do, never thought I would hear that again. Sitting down, though in my mind I'm strap to a wheelchair in the loonies bin, I start to feel foolish about over reacting. " Is there a problem with my performance sir?" His smile didn't help with my anxiety as it was the same La Tia had before. " Your performance was amazing, but the way you reacting isn't? What was it that you wanted to do after dinner? Was that really your friends porn or yours?" The cats out of the bag I guess so I told the truth about that night, he thought is was funny, my shame continues.

Annoyed I get up to leave. " I think I'll go and try to do some working at home. I didn't realize he was ease dropping on the conversation I had before until... " You mean the computer that on the fritz? I don't see how." Pissed off that I can see the smirk on his face while facing the door, I turned around the give him a piece of my mind. But then bumped into him with my hands between my back and my head on his just, listening to his heart. A strong, fast beat, the beast has caught his prey.

While making sure my hands where behind me, Travis walked backwards towards his desk chair. " I can see your a bit annoyed with me. You will soon understand why I had chosen you." hold both hands with his right, he unzipped his pants and unsheathed his sword. " Open your moth and let your master in". Looking at his face made me wanted to jab him in the jugular. " Master? I never had called you that ever. I had worked hard not to get one. What makes you think that I want one now?" My rant fell on deaf ears. Travis grew impatient. " Your wasting time, our fellow co-workers will be coming in soon. Do you want to explain why your in my office this early? And I hope you remember how loud I was the last time you got me so excited." I hate to admit but he was right. I had exactly twenty minutes before the first person came in. Not seeing much of a choice I slid his limp shaft in my mouth. After the first pump and he began to stiffen. The moaning started seconds later. Placing his hand on my head kept my movement to a minimum. Travis push me closer to him and I begin to gag, " That's it, right there." his moaning became louder as the deep-throating continued. Its odd, I think I am starting to enjoy this.

Travis lets go me, relaxes in order to enjoy the blow job. Instead of biting his dick of and run away I stay. My fingers find there way between my legs. My lips so wet , my clit so plump. Just I begin to pleasure myself Travis stiffens. He puts his hand back my head as he fills my mouth with his bitter salty cream. " Swallow my load. Enjoy my flavor." After I swallowed the disgusting load he let me go.

" See that wasn't so bad. And you got better from last time. However you could be better. With my training you be the best."I grabbed his coffee on his desk and chugged it, doing my best not to throw it in his face, I never called you my master. If your haven't detained me against my will you wouldn't have gotten the blow job. I'm really starting to loathe this smirk, " So why did you continued after I let go?" Before I crossed the threshold I said, " I like to finish what I started", and walked out the door. Glad to see know one was in the office I was also shocked to see that no one was in the office. Where was La Tia? I checked the schedule just out of curiosity to see that she was suppose to be off today. I'm see now that I was right to call here the office skank, but what does that make me?

The building manager came early and turned the wi-fi back on. The rest of the day went without incident, well almost. When Travis comes around and he knows no one behind us he would lift up my shirt and rub my ass. It feels like he is marking territory. At the end of the day I read the responses to my memos. All was fine until I go to his.

"I glad we had our private conference, and that you for getting all your assignments done on time. There is a document I would like or you to read when you get home if you have time."

When I went home I checked my e-mail.

"I know you enjoyed today. The thought o you pleasuring yourself got me too excited. Prepare yourself for me Friday 9 am. I expect you to open your door and address me as master fully naked."

After reading I wonder what will I do on Friday?


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