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The diary of Afika Jones ( Playback)

Short story By: Coco Lovan

Afrika Jones Thinks back on one of her first play things

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July 9, 2007

For some reason I have been thinking about my ex Joel. I was in high school when we first met. Me 17 him 25. it was something that should have never happen, but what can I say I like older guys. It wasn't that I was young and dumb just young and bored and thought it would be fun to mess with someone older.

Our first time together was at his job. I was on my way to school, Joel work. He grabbed me from behind and whispered, did you miss me. I pretended I didn't and said, "Never noticed you were gone." He looked shocked but the at quickly faded when he saw the slight switch in my walk. We sat down on a bench by his office building pretending that we where interested in each others lives. "So where are you off to." Looking bored I turned and said,"You know I'm going to school like your going to work." He smiled and asked, "So you wanna be late to school?" I learned early in my childhood when an adult ask a question its actually a statement. Joel grabbed my wrist and lead me to a building. He had to but in a special code to get in, I guess the security guard wasn't there.

Once inside we went in t staircase. Went down the steps and into this little cubby hole, this is not his first rodeo. There was a crate with a few cigar butts around them, he sat me down and started to unzipped his pants. Joel whipped out his friend named Eric as I began to open my mouth he slides in and as I wrapped my lips around his friends he gives a light moan. I continue to let him slide at far as he can go. I suck deeply as he place with my breast. My panties feel moist, I feel warm, sucking faster.

Joel holds my head in place and gyrates his hips. For a few moments his eyes roll back, moving faster then pulls out my mouth. He has a big grin as Eric oozes with cream.

The next day we went to the same spot. He whips out Eric and I assume the position. My mouth open he slides Eric in, but this time is a bit different. " I want you to keep your hands at your side." looking confused I ask, "Why, whats the point in doing that?" He says, " From scale from one to ten, your an nine, I'm going to make you a ten" Joel slides in, he holds my head in place with both hands. Eric goes as far as he go, he begins to move slow and deep. I was begin to push him away but then stopped. Noticing that I was being a good girl he began to push himself further. Gagging I had no choice but to push away. " I told you to keep your gads at your side. Feeling like I was going to puke, I turned around and bended over, " Wouldn't you rather have this instead?" Joel smiled and pulled up my skirt. Sad to see panties but glad to see it was a thong he slowly removed them.

Starting from my clit, Joel lick slow wrapping his tongue around my lips and kept going until he licked my ass. He continued until I heard a slurping sound. " Arch you back for me baby." As I do my ass jiggles slightly. Feeling my lips open I give a slight moan. A sticky wet sound, I'm wetter than I had been before. He enters deep, I feel his head touch my wall. At the same time, there is a weird feeling in another hole. He came prepared , a pocket sized dildo entered my rear. He loves me deep and hard in one hole then slow in the other. Close to his climax Joel stops playing with my ass and begins to gyrate at unbelievable speed, then pulls out. Eric gushes out cream, he covers my ass and rubs it in. I pull out the toy and push down my skirt. He keeps the panties, I'm guessing for a trophy.

He was fun for awhile up until I went to college. I wasn't there to play with him and I went on to bigger and better playmates. For some reason today I thought about him. Not that I miss him just reminiscing.


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