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The Diary of Afika Jones( The words of LaTia)

Short story By: Coco Lovan

The following entry is an except from LaTia Stronghold. Anger stirs in her as she wonders what is going between Travis and Afrika Jones

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July 15 2007

The following is an excerpt from La Tia Stronghold. After a couple of days after the Afika Jones. A time to reflect.

There is no way in hell he is replacing me with that bitch. I have served him for going on seven years and never had I once thought he would do something like this. Master Travis has been looking around but to be honest thought he was shopping for a male. He kept say he wanted a "young buck" but this is literally a bitch. Yeah Afrika is pretty but she stubborn and determine, not something he would want in a servant.

When he told be he had dinner with Afika Jones I actually thought a casual dinner. Its not like he my lover or anything but I do get a little jealous of the personal time he gives to a potential girlfriend. But in the end he always comes back to me. He knows I'm no shy girl, the whips and chains don't scare me. So to my surprise to see this slut in so early, during my time with him. But then again, she had been acting like a little school girl with a crush avoiding him and acting like he had cooties. Just proof she is not ready for this kind of relationship.

Then Travis comes from behind and ambushes the both of us. Now I normally never complain when he does this but I was annoyed that he came to her rescue. He has been a bit moody so I was actually happy to see him look at her like she was three seconds from getting the pink slip. The door cracked so listen in. what I heard angered me.

" Your performance was amazing, but the way you reacting isn't?

Her performance, what the hell is he talking about? She gave it up on the first night? This cunt decided she would move in on my man, oh hell no. I thought that I was overreacting and misinterpreting the fact. So I listen in a little further.

"Open your mouth and let your master in".

This cant be right. I crack the door to see Afrika on her knees with her hands behind her back. She resist but or a moment but smart enough to know she doesn't have a choice. My gaze shifts to Travis, he sees me but says nothing. Guessing not to alarm his new toy. Taking a silent command I leave.

I text-ed him later saying I wasn't feeling well and will not be coming in. Normally he either asked or tells me to come in and he "punishes" me later for my insolence. This time however was different. No reply or anything. His life went on as usual. Later that night Master Travis Text-ed me. " Saturday, 8pm dinner, my place." We rarely go to his place. He only does it to try to smooth things out.

After receiving the message for the oddest reason I thought about Afrika Jones. Replaying what I say. A pang of guilt washed over me. Perhaps she isn't a willing participant and she was really taken off guard. Maybe he said those things to make me jealous, and guess what it worked.

I really have no problems with the girl. She seems sweet and innocent in a way. Never rude always minds her business and never gets caught up in gossip. The little crush on my master is the only thing about that annoys me. But then again she has great taste, out of all the men in the office she chooses to have a little crush on my master. In a way mi honored but that does not mean its a invitation for her to step in and take my spot.

Saturday night I go to he Master Travis. I'm looking elegant in my black short neckline plunging dress, with silver diamond incrusted bracelet, and silver heels with a black trim. He opens the door wearing nothing but black laced boxers. " It seems you thought we where going out tonight. I never gave you instructions saying so." In a soft even voice I responded, " your instructions where not clear and said nothing about making staying in for tonight". He thought about it for a second, but no response to my comment.

" So I caught you taking a peak, what were you reasons?" To be honest I was just being nosy but was too ashamed to say so. " You had been upset this whole week, thought the poor girl was going to got a pink slip." He shook his head, either in disbelief or he wasn't buying it. " But that doesn't explain why you suddenly felt ill and didn't come back to work." I heard the slight raise in his voice. He was mad but I didn't care, I was going to tell him the truth. " I felt discussed that you would do that to the poor girl. She didn't want to do it so she shouldn't have. I'm sure you blackmailed her to do hit." I must me on the right track because a wide smirk washed across his face. " She was under a time restraint, after all she is known to be one of my "good employees"." Now I know his angle, someone that is under his control with a good reputation. It is know that I'm the most scandalous lady in the office but I never told anyone about me and Master Travis. Rumor and facts about my stunts in past work experiences has leaked out but somehow my latest hasn't, and I want to keep it that way. " Don't you think she a bit innocent for you, she doesn't seem like she at all experienced" The smirk fades and is replaced with a frown. " You think I need another you? I want Afrika. I see something in her that you don't. I see something in her she doesn't see... yet." sitting there on his black loveseat he pauses for thought. I take this opportunity to sit next to him. Starting to rub his shoulder eases the tension in the air. "C'mon, lets just enjoy the night and think about all of this later." My desperate attempt to change the subject halfway worked.

He turns towards me and nibbles my neck,i coo in delight. " Are you intimidated by her?" Master Travis gets up and moves me to the center of the couch and pulls out his limp mass. "Of course not why would I be?" I place the mass in my mouth. An instant reaction, slightly firm and starting to curve. A soft moan feels the air. " did she get the same reaction? I bet she didn't. Afrika is not me." I began sucking and with each pump he stiffened. He reaches the limit when my tongue senses the veins pulse.

Like an obedient servant I turn around and get o n all fours on the couch. " you don't have to restrain me, its optional." Now completely nude Master Travis stands on the couch making sure I'm between his legs. He pulls up my dress, not surprising no panties. Master Travis slowly slides his sausage in down my Hershey highway. " I don't remember you being so tight." A silent tear runs down my face. "Its been awhile since you chose that point of entry." He sits there allowing the my body to transform the pain into pleasure. He begins to ride me slow and deep. I began to grip the back of the couch harder. Its dark but the shades are up. I see some of his neighbors pass by. Since I'm silent they pass by without a care.

The shades are up for a friend across the street who like to watch couples having sex. I met him a few times. I think his name is Darnell. He reminds me of those nerds that only can get laid if he has to pay for it. I had sex with him once only because I was doing a favor for my master. It was out pity and his performance was just as sad as him. Master allows him to watch as long as he keeps this between the three of us and learns something from the show.

Master slides out but then rams back in. I yelp as the couch jolts forward. He's in deep and stays there, resting for a second. He slides out once again and rams back in but this time I yell. That very moment the gag ball was magically in my mouth. He rides me harder, the tears stream down my face. Master then slide out. I embrace for another forceful entry but instead I feel a smooth wide dildo stretching my lips. Sliding in and out I moan. He lifts me up and places a towel under me.

Master grabs my hand and places a egg-shape vibrator in my hand. He guides my hand towards my clit. Its turned on low. " Keep it there" Master sits on my ass sliding his gigantic girth between my cheeks. He then slowly slides in. Once he does the vibrator clicks twice and the vibrate intensifies. Another yelp comes from my mouth but the toy stays in place. " such a good girl. Master slides in deep until he meets resistance,fondles my breast and gently tug my nipples. Rocking deep I her another two clicks, this time a fast rhythm. His beat changes as he rocks faster. Three clicks, its so strong and intense that it slightly stings my clit. A golden stream comes from between my legs. It doesn't seem to want to stop and neither does master. Be then he pulls out pushes my dress and ejaculates on my back.

Exhausted we both sit on the couch. A moment later, " you may go." Master leaves and goes upstairs. I wait until he was in the shower to leave. I'm sure this Afrika Jones is just a fling. There is now way he is replacing me this young trick.


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