Passion in his eyes

By: clsiegfried

Page 1, Just a little something I wrote late one night and figured I'd share it here.

She was so caught up int the passion of his kiss that she barely noticed when the back of her bare thighs met the resistance of her matress.  In an instant she was on her back with both arms pinned above her head by one of his hands. With him towering above her, his other hand appreciated the generous curves of her breasts through the thin red silk of her robe.

She let out a sigh as his mouth came down on her neck to trail kisses and nibbles down and across her shoulder as he slid the fragile silk out of his way. He worked his way down, trailing damp kisses over her chest, now appreciating her breasts with his lips, teeth, and tounge all at once. She arched her back as if to offer more of herself while trying to free her hands to run her fingers through his thick, light brown hair.

She couldn't think straight. The world, through her eyes, was a blur save for the clear image of him over her, enjoying, torturing. Her thoughts blurred even more when he slid his free hand to her thighs and between them.  Now she couldn't decide whether she wished she had worn her panties or if she was glad she hadn't.  His fingers separated her, caressed her.

When he slide one finger into her, he positioned his thumb so that with each upward thrust into her, his thumb rubbed her clit carrying her to the brink. As her vision completely blurred over, the last thing she saw was the pleasure and passion in his beautiful blue-green eyes.

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