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Sarah loves teasing her boyfriend, but he's had enough of her games.

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Teasing: probably the most useful tool in a sexual relationship. Letting them just watch, anticipating what you'll do next. It's breathtaking. My boyfriend, Nabil, with the most orgasmic body anyone could have and a cock that makes your mouth water and your panties soaked, is my favorite person to tease. Luckily, for me, he lives down the block. Occasionally, we'd sext, but most of the time, I'd sneak over to his house, climb through his window, and we'd fuck each other senseless. Tonight, though, is a different story. I'm wearing my light blue, lace panties, and his tee shirt over, with no bra underneath. Of course, being the tease that I am, I decided to randomly send him a picture of what I'm wearing. "I hope you enjoy that ;)," I text him, laughing to myself. A few seconds later he responds: "Fuck, Sarah... That's hot ;)" "What're you going to do about it? ;)" "... Hold on." Anxiously, I sit in bed. My head floods with every possible thing that boy could do to me, making me get a little bit turned on.. Being extremely horny, I reach over to the drawer next to my bed, and pull out my purple vibrator. Immediately, I turn it onto the fastest, most intense setting, rubbing it around the inside of my thighs, over my soaked panties, making small circles, teasing my clit. "Fuck.." I moan to myself, tilting my head back. Suddenly, I stop, hearing a knock on my window. Walking up to my window, I see Nabil, standing outside. I laugh to myself, as I go to open the window, and, without speaking, he steps inside, pins me down on the bed, and crashes his eager lips onto mine. I could feel his hard cock straining in his jeans, as it rubs against my leg. His hands roam around my body, from my neck, to my shoulders, then eagerly squeezing my tits above my shirt. "Fuck, you're so fucking hot baby..." He said onto my lips, his breathing heavy, his hands moving up in down my body, and his actions so intense, making me want him so badly.. Slowly, his lips made their way to my jawline, down my neck, sucking and slightly biting my skin, making me breath heavier. Loving the attention he's given me, I turn him over, so I'm straddling him. "Now it's my turn," I say, having my legs on either side of his body. I make eye contact with him, as I run my hands down his chest, slowly over his abs, to the hem of his shirt. Grabbing onto it, I slip it over his head, leaning down, to being slowly kissing his lips again.. His hands begin tracing their way down my back, and back up, sending shivers down my spine. Immediately, sensing that I've gotten even more turned on, he flips me back over, so I'm underneath him. I try to move, but he grips my arms, putting them above my head, give me a slight smirk, and he takes his other hand and rips my shirt off. Laying there, wearing only lace underwear, his mouth eagerly latches onto my right breast, massaging the other with his free hand. I let out a slight moan. Noticing that I'm enjoying it, he stops. "What the fuck are you doing?" "Don't like being teased, huh?" He winks at me, as I roll my eyes. His mouth goes back against my skin, kissing and sucking its way down my stomach, to the waist line of my panties. "Fuck me please..?" I ask, almost sounding like a moan. He laughs slightly, kissing the outside of my underwear, putting more pressure when he made his way to my clit. I let out a very heavy sigh, gripping his hair. He grabs my hands, putting them ontop of his hands, which are wrapped around the outside of my thighs. "You like this don't you baby?" He asks, as he kisses the inside of my thighs, and back to my soaked panties. "Fuck, yes Nabil.." I moan, shutting my eyes from the teasing. He grins that teasing grin one more time, and starts to slip my panties off of me, over my legs, and onto the floor. His finger then slightly traces its way over my slit, feeling how horny I am. "Who made you this wet?" He asks, jokingly. "You did, baby.." I answer, gripping onto the bed covers, as he moves his tongue to my clit, licking and sucking me, as I moan louder. He takes his fingers, and starts tracing the outside of my pussy, and slowly slips one inside, slowly building me up, making me grind my pussy against his fingers. With now two fingers thrusting themselves inside me, and nabil's hot mouth sucking and licking my clit, I grip onto his hair, as I moan loudly, having my orgasm start building. "Fuck, cum for me baby," he says, going back down onto my clit, fingering my pussy, hitting my g-spot over and over again. "Oh, fuck Nabil!" I moan, as I finally reach my orgasm, rocking my hips, riding his fingers and mouth through the waves, and eventually coming back down from my amazing high. "That was so amazing baby," I say, grabbing him by his belt loops, and pushing him down on the bed. His hands start running through my hair, as I slowly undo his belt and jeans, slipping them off, leaving him in just his boxers. "Someone's excited," I wink, looking at his hard cock being restrained by his boxers. My hand slowly strokes him from the outside, moving up and down. "Oh fuck Sarah..." He moans, watching as I slowly slip his boxers down, letting his cock spring out. Moving my mouth to his tip, I begin making tiny kisses, down the shaft, to the base, and back up. Tracing my tongue around the tip, making small circles, tasting a slight amount of pre-cum on him. Knowing that he's had enough of my teasing, I grip the base, taking his cock into my mouth, slowly sucking him, as his hands grip onto the back of my head, having him thrust hard inside my mouth. "Shit, Sarah, god, you're so fucking hot.." He says, turning me over, stroking his cock a few times, and slowly rubbing his tip on the outside of my, already wet, pussy. Eagerly, he grabs my hips, and slowly thrusts himself inside me. Building up the pace, he fucks me faster and harder. "Oh fuck Nabil!" I moan, feeling another orgasm building up.. "Fuck baby, I'm gonna cum.." He says, as I feel his weight ontop of me, having his hands grip to my sides, shoving his cock inside me as hard and fast as he can. As we both reach the peak of our orgasm, he thrusts inside me one last time, making me lose myself, as he cums deep inside me, having my pussy clench around his cock, we cum simultaneously. After, he collapses next to me, our breath is heavy, our bodies sweaty, but both completely relaxed. "That was amazing," he said, as he pulls me closer to him, kissing my forehead. "Yes it was," I say, my breath still staggered. "I love you, Nabil." "I love you too, Sarah," he says, as he leans down, planting a kiss onto my lips, and we both fall asleep in each others arms, overwhelmed by a feeling of loving bliss.


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