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A Change In My Plan

Short story By: chrishell

one day changes friends into lovers.

Submitted:Mar 17, 2013    Reads: 5,534    Comments: 1    Likes: 2   

"Steven, I had an awful day at work" I put down my keys and walked up to his bedroom. Being 18 was difficult. I couldn't do much but my crush made my life so much more fun. "you here babe?" he walked out of his bathroom. He always had to always be cleanly shaven, but I liked that about him. I hated facial hair, not something I'd want to kiss. "yeah, it was a bad day at work, draw a bath?" I said as I sat in his bed and started taking off my shoes. It was normal for us, i went to his house when I had a bad day, I skipped going home whenever it was a bad day. Steven's sister was in collage and both his parents had work. Thank god, I wouldn't know what to do without him. But this definatly changed our realationship, we werent dating at the time. "A bath?" he asked worriedly "Yeah, I was just kidding" I loved baths so nice a relaxing. "but," he stopped for a second "I kinda want one too" wow, this is not what I expected. I was still a virgin and he was quiet the attractive guy. An Italian gentleman with beautiful hazel eyes and a smile to melt over. He could wear a suit like nobody's business. "but" I said. I thought about it and I had never been naked in front of anyone. "I guess we could try it" I had never been kissed, what was I thinking? I was willing to do anything for him. He walked in the bathroom and I followed. I faced the other way. He came up behind me and grabbed me by the waist. His hands slowly traced around my stomach gently, it gave me the chills, he had big hands and it felt so nice againt my skin. A feeling I have never felt before. Slowly he moved my hair off my neck and started kissing it. By now I was trembling, so nervous and I had butterflies. softly and slowly he whispered in my ear "do you want me to help you undress." his voice was melting. he nibbled on my ear. he's so soft and tender. my mouth dropped open and i let out a soft moan. He started taking of my clothes. It wasn't awkward at all, though I know it never happens but I was sure he was going to scream and run when he took off my clothes. he admired my body, and I never though anyone would. I'm such a tiny girl. skinny and all, too skinny almost. He sat down in the steaming water and sat too, I leaned against him. His big hands caressed my soft trembling body. My shoulder first felt his flaming touch on my heating body, slowly he moved his finger to the outline of my curves. I started moaning and didn't even realize it. Before i knew it he was reaching for a place no man has ever gone. Steven reached up my thigh making me tingle inside. He pushed his fingers in me, a wondeful feeling. His hands were the pefect size. I moaned louder now and moved around a lot as my body was getting used to this new and amazing feeling. He moved his fingers in and out faster and faster, he moaned along with me. I felt like I was going to explode. I grab his arm and squeezed it hard because it thrilled me so much. Our breathing went heavy and then he stopped all of a sudden and I realized I gave him no attention. I got off of him and turned around. I took a look at his body and said "mmm you got the body i can lick something off of" I licked the top of his shoulder and then kiss in the same spot. Licked his chest and kissed in the same spot, I did this all across his rock hard abs all the way down his body. His moaning told me i was doing something right. He had a boner and I kissed the head, and I licked every inch of it and I started to suck, hard. Up and down up and down. I snuck a peak up at him and he was watching until he start moaning louder and faster he pushed his head back hard and cummed, I swollowed the saltness down happily. I love the feeling of giving him so much pleasure. I never thought i would hear the way he moans. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have a chance with him. I Grabbed his scrubby and began to wash every inch of his body, while he did the same for me. I loved washing his hair, to feel his hair between my fingers was absolute best. i kissed him, i thought why not? we were in the bath playing around and being intimate, it was a passionate kiss. He is a great kisser. After we finished washing eachother we laid in the bath water for a while. No words were spoken but it sure was relaxing. After a while our skin started to get pruny and we dried eachother off. He held a towel out and i walked into it as he put it around me and my head relaxed on his shoulder. He kissed my forehead. Was this really happening? He picked me up and dropped me on his bed and i put my underwear on, i slipped under his covers while he went back to his bathroom. When he came back he slipped under the covers behind me and we fell asleep.


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