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The complications of love and lust.

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Watching her across the bar you feel the jerk in your stomach. She drops almost to her knees and rises again, her rounded backside jutting out perfectly as her hands cling to her damp skin. You watch her body undulating as her fingers run through her hair, tugging it backwards, revealing her smooth cheeks and large eyes. For a second they flash in your direction but as soon as you realise, they are gone, and you are watching the back of her hips as they sway to the dulcet undertones of the music. You see the guy as he approaches her and your grip tightens on your glass as you struggle to stay calm. His hands slide over her hips and around her waist as he presses close against her back, his body moving in time with hers. You feel a tug in your groin as she grinds back into his body, thinking of your hands on her hips, pulling her closer to you. His fingers run up the skin of her bare arms, over her shoulders, sweeping her hair to one side as he leans down to whisper in her ear. You quickly down the rest of your drink and turn back to face the bar, your chest pounding, unable to bear it any longer. You should never have let her go.
Ordering another drink, and another, downing them quickly you feel the rage start to burn inside. A familiar, sweet aroma sweeps over you and makes you feel heady as you inhale hard. Glancing to the side your brow furrows as you see her leant over the bar talking to the tender, her mouth a wide open smile, her hair tumbling down, sweeping her shoulders as she shakes her head. She sees you. Her heart stops as she sees you and she gulps hard. Looking straight at her you drown instantly in her big, doleful eyes and for just a second you are sure you still see that flicker of want, of need. Your stomach is tight and your fists are clenched as you try to ignore the way her skirt is sat low on her hips revealing a sliver of smooth flesh and the way her vest is clinging to her chest as it heaves up and down. Her face is hot and flushed and before you can stop yourself your hands are tangled in her soft locks and you draw her into you. Her lips feel like fire against yours as you feed her heavy kisses, your tongue urgently seeking the warmth of hers, your hands grip harder, refuse to let go as you let one travel down to the small of her back, pressing her hips tightly to yours. Devouring her with your mouth you gasp for breath, losing yourself again, frantically biting at her lips trying to take as much of her as possible. Pressing her against the bar you desperately want to take her back with you, to tear at her clothes, to take her body, to hear her moans as you explore every inch of her.
Realising what you are doing you suddenly let her go and start to back away, angry with yourself for giving in once more. Her hand reaches out and you feel a soft palm on your arm. Pausing you let her fingers run up to your shoulder, your skin tingling as they move and she takes a step in to your chest, looking up at you with wildfire flashing deep in her eyes. You let one hand grip hard at the back of her neck making her wince as you pull firmly and press your mouth to her ear. With a sharp whisper you shrug her off and turn on your heel, walking away again. Glancing back over your shoulder as you reach the door you see her stood there watching, ignoring the tear tracing down her cheek, and hurriedly exit the bar. Her heart racing, her body aching she just stands for a moment, the beat of the music heavily accented with the words you left her with for a second time.
'You're just an addiction!'
Walking slowly down the steps she makes her way out of the bar. Taking out her phone she sends a quick message and heads towards the car park to wait. Feeling the chill start to set in on her bare arms she hugs herself tightly and moves quickly. A few minutes later she sees the car pull in and heads gratefully towards its warmth. Curling herself into the passenger seat she looks over at him wanting to touch him, to kiss him, but stops herself. They drive in silence to his flat and she watches his face, so sweet, so kind, so not hers and follows him inside. She knows she shouldn't be here, knows he doesn't really want her but she doesn't want to be anywhere else. Closing the door behind her she stops to slip off her shoes and heads towards the light of the bedroom, leaning herself against the doorway, watching as he sits on the edge of the bed.
'Did I wake you?' she asks.
'Its ok,' he says and holds out his hand.
Stepping towards him she takes his open hand and he pulls her close. Lazily sliding his fingers under her vest he lifts it slightly and presses his lips softly against the exposed flesh, rubbing them lightly over the smooth skin, inhaling the sweet smell and feeling her warmth. He hooks his hands further under her vest and as she sinks down onto his lap he lifts it over her head and discards it on the floor. His gaze drops down to the soft skin of her thighs where her skirt hitches up and back up over her chest. One strap of her bra has dropped over her shoulder and she feels his teeth gently graze over it, making her shiver as he moves up over her neck. His hand moves round to her nape and grips tightly as he pulls it back to open out her chest and she jumps up as he presses against the bruise you left there earlier that night. Not knowing the real reason she moved he stands up he removes his jeans and t-shirt revealing nothing underneath and, taking her hand once more, pulls her down onto the bed with him. His eyes are heavy as he looks down at the creature laying in his arms and he sighs as he lets one hands stroke the side of her face. Drawing her up towards him he pauses, her lips a breath from his, her eyes mesmerizing as they penetrate him and he sees her need.
All of a sudden her body is pressed down tightly on him, her mouth flitting over his, not daring to touch for too long, not wanting to fall into another pit. Burying her face into his body she tries to stay calm but her teeth are soon sinking into his flesh, working their way down his toned torso, resting on his stomach as she looks back up at him. Sitting up he brings her to him and quickly removes her underwear, watching her body wriggle out of their restraints until he has nothing but her pale skin against him. Dropping her hard onto his lap once more he feels her gasp as he sinks into her, her legs wrap round his waist and he leans her backwards to explore her chest. Her hips move urgently to his as his mouth moves over her large breasts, playing, teasing, wishing he had hours to keep her next to him, not knowing when she would go this time. His hands grip her head and pulls her face to his, his lips seeking the comfort of hers but she won't let them rest. He runs his fingers over them till they part and she greedily sucks at the tips making his stomach nosedive, his head getting giddy as her body rubs so hard against his.
Grabbing her hips he lays back and lets her take what she wants, watching as the ferocity ebbs out of her, a cold sweat breaking out over her body as she rocks, clawing at his chest, pushing them both closer to the edge until she feels him buck beneath her and she can let go. She fights to breathe as her body shakes and eventually collapses beside him, laying for a few minutes before crawling towards the edge of the bed. Grabbing her he pulls her back into his body, his strong arms wrapping tightly round her, his lips brushing her shoulder, refusing to let her go. Giggling she tries to escape but his grip tightens and she just collapses back into his hold. Turning her head to face him she takes in his smiling eyes and his impish grin and against every ounce of reasoning in her body lets him kiss her. A deep lingering kiss that leaves her wanting more and, as she lets herself fall asleep wrapped up in his comfort, she knows she has made a mistake.
Waking up he peers blearily at the semi clad figure sat on the edge of the bed. He watches as she leans forward to retrieve her top from the floor and whispers hoarsely.
'Don't go.'
'I have to,' she replies.
Grabbing her arm he pulls her back down next to him.
'Five more minutes and I'll take you home,' he mumbles into her neck as he folds her back into his chest. Turning her head and shoulders back she looks up at his sleepy smile.
'You always say that,' she grins.
'And I mean it every time,' he laughs and locks his arms tightly round her so she can't move. Her hips folded back into his, twisted at the waist, she reaches an arm back and pulls his head down to hers, kissing him full and softly on his warm, lazy lips. She forgets herself and sinks into him, relishing his strong embrace, fully drawing his lips into hers until she feels the tug of sorrow return and turns away again. 'He doesn't want you', she scolds herself, 'don't get attached', and attempts to get up again. Holding her back and nestling into her once more he groans.
'That wasn't five minutes,' he pouts.
'I have to go.'
'No you don't, you have to stay.'
'Sorry hun, I really do have to go,' and releasing his grip she quickly clambers off the bed.
He watches through one eye as she dresses and smiles to himself, loving the excitement and freedom of single life, ignoring the ache worsening in his stomach a little more every time she left. He didn't get that with the other girls but maybe it was because they always wanted more. She didn't. She didn't want him. She was safe he thought to himself and, throwing a pillow at her, he chuckles and climbs off the bed. He finds his jeans and t shirt strewn across the chair in the corner and tugs them on as he heads out of the bedroom. She watches as his toned body is slowly hidden from her once more, laughs out loud as he walks into the doorway and, gathering up her things, sighs quietly as she prepares for the awkward journey home. Few words are exchanged in the car and with a hurried peck she hastens out of the door and watches him sorrowfully as he drives away. Entering the porch way she slowly wanders down the hallway to her front door and only at the last minute does she see the small envelope on her doorstep. Picking it up she notes there is no postmark. Hand delivered. Slipping a finger under one edge of the paper she peels it back and feels the tears instantly fill her eyes as she is left looking at you. One after another she scans the photos in her hands, most of them taken by her, feeling her heart breaking all over again with every memory refreshed deep inside. The night by the lake, the picnic on the hottest day of the year when it inevitably poured with rain, the sunny beach, your friend's wedding when you spilt wine down her brand new dress, and tucked right at the back she loses herself in THAT night. THAT night she had never wanted you so much…
The pub had been crowded after another victory for the reds, the most crucial match of the season and you'd been alive with adrenaline, after cheering loudly, her at your side yelling louder than everybody else. You'd watched as she jumped up and down, her jeans rested on her hips, her t shirt lifting slightly as she raised her arms and you licked your lips looking at the exposed skin of her tummy before it was quickly covered again. Pulling her down to straddle your lap you'd grabbed her and kissed her so hard she could barely breathe. Looking at the gleam of excitement in her eyes, feeling her heart beating so fast, feeling heady with the beer and the hot atmosphere in the bar you didn't want to let go. Suddenly she'd leapt off your lap and you watched, laughing slightly, jealous mostly as she ran round hugging her friends and downing the shots presented to her in the bliss of triumph. Her face was gleaming, her hair messy as it fell across her face, a wide smile never leaving her lips as she chatted and laughed with everybody. Then she'd looked over at you, tucking her hair behind her ear as she glanced sideways, biting her bottom lip as she gazed at you sprawled on the bench, your body moist with sweat from the heat of everybody crammed in the room and you knew then, she wanted you.
Putting her glass on the bar she'd walked your way, barely pausing as she passed to run her fingers up your arm, under your chin to stroke your face once before disappearing through the back door. Hastily getting up you glanced round before following through the doorway. Outside you'd found her leant against the wall and nothing could stop you grabbing her and pinning her shoulders back against the brickwork and pressing your mouth to hers. Your fingers worked up to her hair, gripping hard as you tipped her head back and kissed her waiting lips, sweet with alcohol, hot with desire and she willingly took everything you gave. Your eager hands ran down over her chest, kneading her breasts beneath her top, feeling her arousal reaching out to you as her breathing was deep and heavy. Your face buried into her neck you let one hand slip between her thighs, gripping hard through the denim, moving upwards as she moaned softly, rubbing more with every gasp, her hands clutching at your chest desperately trying to draw you in. It was the first time she'd really let go, the first time she'd really let you in, abandoned herself to your desire, her teeth seeking out your flesh and biting firmly, her nails clinging to your arms, her hips thrusting to meet your hand as you kept her tight against the wall as you teased and played. You could feel yourself fighting against the restraint of your jeans as you'd stood beneath the night sky, mildly intoxicated, your hands exploring her soft body and before long you'd dropped to your knees.
Lifting her t shirt your mouth instantly dug into her fleshy tummy, your hands grabbing her ass to pull her in closer as your lips sought out her hips over her waistband. Hooking your fingers inside you'd slid them round to the front and undid her top button, kissing the skin as it became revealed. Looking up at her aching eyes you started to pull at her fly, tugging to release it when a noise suddenly came from the back door. Quickly standing up you'd looked over to see a few people tumbling out of the doorway on their way home, hoping nobody had seen, realising too late that some had and she'd quickly closed her jeans as one guy winked and walked past laughing hard. Your face had been flushed with embarrassment and when you'd looked back at her you'd seen just how hungry it had made her and grabbed her hand, pulling her behind as you ran the short distance back to the flat…
Dropping to the floor on the doorstep she gazed at the picture of you together in your football shirts and remembered just what you had done that night when you'd made it home…


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