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office daydreams P2

Short story By: cellissa draylor

the second part of my first story

Submitted:Jul 29, 2011    Reads: 760    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

How natural it does feel, to be crouched under her desk, knelt on my knees, with my head nestling between her legs and my body covered, draped by her long flowing skirt. How comfortable and excited my body is , to be there in the office, my mouth embracing the delicate beauty of her naked inner thighs, how strange it is also, that I fight the compulsion to delve right into the piece of her that I so desire to taste, instead seeking, wanting, needing her and her body to yearn the touch that I hope would send her into a spiral of delight. Full bodied and lavish kisses that reign down upon her flesh, a tongue that glides, dragging itself over the smoothness of her flesh, whilst I inhale the ever growing perfume of her arousal.
I want to feel her body as it passes through the stages of been heavy, then tense, before her chest begins to rise, and her muscles start to contract. I want to know that she wants me to feed upon the nectar of her excitement, which swirls within her, to let my mouth torment and stimulate the throbbingness of sullen moist treasure trove. The yearning aching ness of her feminine bud, being teased, tormented, stimulated, so that its pulses echoing within her, its spasms consume her body, whilst her nerve endings scream with a vicious delight, tingling and electrifying every inch of her, sending her to the abyss of pleasure.
I want to feel her hands hold my head, to draw me closer towards her, needing me to feed upon her to suckle upon the exquisiteness of her true female sexual button. I want to hear her purr like a kitten, to feel herself letting go, becoming unrestrained and unbridled in her passion. I need her to feel the power of a dedicated tongue and a willing mouth, to know what true passion can develop into, to let its sublime sample cascade and ripple throughout her sumptuous body, to feel and embrace all of this in the office where we work and to know that I am the one who is doing it.
No doubt others would watch, some may look in despair, others may get excited, but all would be shocked, we though wouldn't care, my mouth would continue to assault her sex, my tongue lapping at its summit, toying with the bud her sex, teasing and extracting the maximum pleasure, that should swirl and engulf her. Her hands would by now clamp the sides of my head, her hips would be pressed firmly against my face, I would be compressed, squashed against forced to continue to please and devour her, making her squirm and focus upon only the pleasure that was ravaging her.
I would feel the sex drive swell up within her, whilst at the same time endure the arousal of my own, the tingling of desire that would consume us both would leap from one to other like a sexual plague, infecting and multiplying with every wondrous passing second. When I feel the pleasure over-load is getting to much, I can sense the burning flame of true orgasmic delight becoming to much to bear, I would force my head away from her crotch and let the sensations consume her very soul, making, commanding, wanting me to make that final decisive act so that her body could shudder from its delightful and convincing conclusion.
Of course I wouldn't permit such a thing, to let her reach that point so easily would be a crime, I want to keep her highly aroused, to torment her in a sexual state, to give that final pleasure would destroy the hopes that I carry, I want to make her mine and use her as I see fit. She would become a loving, if not cherished sexual toy, her sumptuous body there to be fed upon, to be stimulated and provoked at will, to make her beg and plead for the final and to indulge upon all those hidden desires and fantasies which we may both have.
In time I will teach her the gratifying basics of all female love, she will learn the skilful art of seduction, be drawn into the world of compliancy and submission, I will make her a resonating beauty of everything which I consider to be both sensual and sexual.


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