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Interlude of Passion Part "

Short story By: cellissa draylor

The final chapter of the previous story documenting the sensual love making of a lesbian threesome

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The hedonism of that moment lasted for what seemed like seconds, if not minutes, the deep soulful embraces and joint caresses of two avid sensual partners, embracing, befriending and enjoying their partners desire. My hand journeyed down, pausing only briefly, when it came to rest upon the hand of the second girl. There almost instinctually I found my hand resting itself upon hers and drawing it down the third woman's body. It was a slow, gradual slide, a descent that was laid end with desire, the touch, no longer light, but forceful, two hands teasing the same flesh, the same location that imploded the victim with desire.

There I forced her to touch, to cup the wanting, moistness of our lustful victim, to feel the lips of her sexual organ part and reveal their lavish velvet like flesh that was saturated by the juices of lust. Working two hands, one on top of the other, one showing, controlling the other, making slow majestic movements that burst forward consuming and over powering the third woman. Immediately I could feel the arousal peek, the explosion of lust and desire, her mouth still locked to mine in a soulful embrace was now rabid with lust, her body began to sway, to writher with delight, murmurs of pleasure no longer were vague and dull, instead they leapt from her pursed lips to echo delightfully within my own excited body, provoking new feelings to boil and simmer within me.

I drew my mouth from hers and stared into the lustful almost hypnotised eyes of this beauty, her face over wrought and over come with a frenzied lust. My attention returned back to her delightful body, I exploded a sinful mix of kisses and licks upon her neck, each sweep of my moist tongue upon the sultry surface of sweaty flesh embellished a new and destructive desire to be unleashed upon her. Every kiss I made was filled with passion that resonated through and into her, penetrating deep into lovely body, cavorting and dancing wildly with the emotions and desires that were already freely flowing within her form.

Slowly the one that I was kissing, we lay down, her head resting upon the silken pillows, her hot clammy body against the softness of the matching sheets, her legs opening and I kneeling between them, my face still pressing against hers, whilst the other woman turning onto her side and her head slinking downwards towards the breasts of our joint lover.

The scent of lust permutated the room, its air so hot and thick, so heated that one could have thought us to be in a sauna as opposed to a bedroom. Now us two women were totally fixated upon the third, her been laid out on the bed, her body waiting, wanting, needing the skilful touches and caresses of the two diligent lovers that desperately wanted to please and fulfil the raging demands of a body so excited and so turned on that it was an insane arousal in itself.

Now the two of us switched positions, no longer was I placing deep emphatic and soulful kisses upon the woman's mouth, now my tongue was dragging itself over the hot sultry flesh of her body, feeling under its surface, every inch of her, leaving behind a wake of delight that spread out like a majestic lurid virus, designed to infect and stimulate. I could feel the nakedness of her breast, the hardness of her nipple, my mouth for a moment closing around its beauty, drawing it into my oral chamber, sucking upon its delight, tongue flicking, tormenting stimulating, knowing the full consequences of the desire which I was inflicting into her.

Descending slowly downwards my tongue teased the tautness of her stomach, played and toiled with the indentation of her navel. I could feel the body beneath rise and fall, the muscles tense and relax, the power or its delight joyous and growing experientially. As for a moment I drew myself away from victims body, my eyes feasted upon the events of her upper half, there, the other female was locked into a passionate embrace, their mouths entwined in feverish desire, their hands cradling and draw the other deeper into the embrace, feeding off the passion and lust that swirled in both one another and in the atmosphere of this room.

Inching down her body, I made a last lingering look upon the spectacle of two new lovers, entwined by their mouths, their hands roaming, touching and caressing, drawing one another deper into the excitement and tasting the richness of their lurid bodily wants. Finally sliding backwards my head directly above her crotch, I turned my gaze downwards, feasting upon the feminine mound, the subtle beauty of her treasure trove, the wetness of its lips, the silent aching that thronged within it. Moving downwards to embrace, I could feel her attention now turned to me, her other lover adjusting her stance, observing her, watching me as my mouth embraced emphatically the sweetness of her sex.

Their was a significant arching of her back, her head lolled backwards, her eyes closed, a shudder of anticipation of gratification spiralled within her, as her hands massaged the swell of her lovers breasts, once more their lips meshing together to provide a cacophony of utter delight. Licking, pressing my tongue deep into the warmth and moistness of her slit, my hands clamping her thighs, as the second lady ravaged, not just her mouth but also her neck, shoulders and finally skirted over her pulsating breasts.

Noises of delight echoed from her mouth, her chest rose and fell with significant delight, her bosoms now throbbing mercilessly as my hands gripped her powerful thighs. I could feel her body gyrating to movement of my tongue, her hands struggling to maintain their erotic massage of her lovers breasts, as my tongue and mouth danced wildly over the lips of budding, tormented passion. Arching wildly, her hand finally rested upon the side of my head, pressing me down to meet her sex, which was at the same time, been raised upwards so that the fullest impact of our desires could be realised.

A body that was over wrought with pent up desire and lust was now finally beginning to release its destructive and orgasmic strength. Her mouth moaned wildly, her breasts ached, her body yearned, the simmering emotion of desire creeping up no longer though stealth fully but rampantly surging through it. Every inch of her body shimmered and ached, the burning desire of her climax relentless and remorless in its pursuit of gratification, a cooker of emotion, poised to explode, to relinquish the potency of her lust and accept the final, decisive blast that would shatter and fulfil the lustfulness of her body


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