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Interlude of passion

Short story By: cellissa draylor

The desire of all female threesome, where each partner wants to feel the intensity of something sensual and sexual

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The scene was set, every character knew their place, the atmosphere was building, the tension raising. The air filled with expectancy, with desire and eroticisms, scented candles lightly, subtly filled the air with their aroma. The curtains were drawn, dark velour ones that blocked out any sign of the outside world. The lighting was soft, sensual, no electric lamps, just flickering candles, that cast weird and wonderful, almost ghostly reflections upon the cream coloured wall.

The bed was luxuriant, solid oak construction, delicate crafting upon the majestic corner posts, that rose upwards to hold the box roof, soft sensual lace curtains, neatly, precisely gathered and tied back. This was a four poster bed that I had dreamt and long for, but then, tonight was something which I knew was a special treat, something which to be fair I thought would never happen.

Classical music floated elegantly, yet quietly in the air, mixing inertly and fantastically with the fragrance passion fruit and lavender. I lay myself down, upon the bed's centre, my naked body well manicured and ready for the pleasures that tonight was going to bring. My long legs, glistened in the sensual heat, their surface, waxed, flawless in beauty and stripped of any feminine hair growth. Long luscious legs that rose upwards majestically, toned and slim, elegant and sensual, embracing, thighs that had the appearance of been sculptured by the hands of the one who knew the true definition of perfection.

My stomach taut and flat, my chest a heaving, pulsing altar of desire, laced with wanting and lust, the roundness of feminine swell, angelic and yearning, breasts a delicious 36c in size, with nipples that were akin to storks of wanton lust. I breathed deeply, feeling the air intake fill my body, watching as my chest rose upwards, the aching delight the female body, never dull nor restricted in its delight, the moment of carnal pleasure embalming and cocooning my body, infecting and ravaging my insides with almost a feral and animalistic delight.

The temptation was to much, my mind and imagination colliding with a frantic relish, my left hand slipped downwards, skimming over the body, fingers dancing, cavorting, tormenting the naked subtle flesh, which left behind a flurry of incredible sensations that tingled and rampantly surged through every inch of my naked angelic form. Fingers that cupped and pressed against the throbbingness of my feminine sex, its shaven lips and aching, if not pulsing clit only to eager, to wiling feel the delight of my touch.

Softly, majestically, my fingers played, stroking, swirling, caressing the wanton desire that existed and demanded between my legs. My back was arching, my eyes closing, my body abandoned to this moment of self indulgent pleasure. The soft satin and silk sheets that pressed against a warm and stocky back, that rode up between the cheeks of my ass that caressed and teased the flesh which I couldn't and/or didn't want to reach. A body and mind that silently was crying out for the touch and caresses that only my lovers could understand and fulfil.

The words and promises of those who should be my lovers echoed within my mind, igniting my imagination and silently demanding their presence to be here now and begin fulfilling those actions. The promise of a thousand kisses, of skilful and sinful seductions, of hands that wonder and fingers that shall tease. Lips against lips, breast against breast, forefinger and thumb rolling, stroking, lightly twisting the erect nub of my small, but oh so sensitive button of breasts desire.

I wanted to feel their hands upon my body and mine upon theirs, to feel the soft silken flesh, the curvaceous design of their sumptuous body, to taste the fresh vigour of their desire, upon their lips and the salty delight of lust upon their body. To embrace the desire residing within me, to feel the simmering volcano of passion boil and then devastatingly erupt from within me, the heat of nakedness the precision of lust and embalmment of rigid desire that envelopes all those that it touches.

In the half reality of my situation I thought for a second that I could hear the soft steps of feet walking upon the wooden floor. My heart skipped a beat, my thoughts cleared I concentrated, though my hand still lightly teased and tormented my aching and now wet sex. Through glaze of semi desire, I saw them, the two beauties, two slanderous forms of feminine beauty, each one smiling, their eyes sparkling, glinting with lurid desire. One was a long hair brunette, tall slender, about five foot eight I guessed, hazel blue eyes, her appearance elegant, her dress, long, flowing but also figure hugging with thin, tiny shoulder straps, no sleeves. In age wise I guessed she was late twenties, she extremely pretty, confident and devilish in the way that her eyes focused upon my naked form. I could almost feel her stare devouring me with intensity, her smile grew massively, her eyes sparkled, their was no timid ness here, not with her.

She strode boldly forwards, wasting no time, her steps rapid, her long legs naked beneath that dress which she, her gaze danced across my form, looking, delighting, taking especially good notice of my well developed breasts and nub of my nipples that stood almost to attention like.

The second girl was slightly smaller in size and stature, she was about my height at five six, she had blonde hair, with light brown highlights. She wasn't as confident as the first; her face though pretty was initially consumed with nerves. She wore a knee length halter top style dress, again black in colour, lower frontage that displayed her petite, but delectable feminine charms of so deliciously.

The first girl wasted no time once she was by the side of my bed, her arms extended downwards, her body bending from the waist, her smile growing as she lowered herself downwards to permit a slow languorous kiss that exploded my body with renewed and enchanted delight. Mouth toi mouth, I could feel the wetness of her lipstick, the silkiness of its texture, I felt also the very tip of her tongue, tease the very edges of my own lips.

My body lurched with desire, nerve ends flooded and scream, my whole body became so vibrantly alive, so pulsating that tingles became a rampant and tormentative distraction. As we kissed I allowed my own hand to run up my chest, finger tips sliding between my breasts, intent on causing the maximum delight and stimulation to my body. She pulled away from me, walked away to the beds edge, as she did so the second girl sauntered slowly forwards, towards me, crossing on another half way between where my head lay and bed's ended. For a brief second they paused, eyes locked together, their hands touched, was it a caresses of re-assurance I wondered.

Pausing by the bed's edge, her eyes looked down, gazing upon the nakedness of my body, she appeared nervous, one could imagine the thunderous beat of her heart, though her face looked tender, loving and passionate. In a slow, yet elegant movement she turned and lower her entire body towards the bed, sitting upon the beds edge close to my head and shoulders. Leaning over she placed a small but significant kiss upon my lips, lasting only briefly, perhaps no longer than three seconds, yet it spoke volume of both the nervousness and eroticisms that attacked her body.

The, when she withdrew, she stood up, her hands faling to her sides, clutching the dress that hide her delectable body from sight and slowly began to draw it upwards, revealing, super trimmed flesh, glistening nakedness and lovely, if not delectable beauty that really shouldn't of been hidden away beneath any clothing. Her sculptured thighs were majestic, her shaven sex, almost completely clear of hair, except for a small tuft at its summit. Her breasts were sumptuous, mounds of silken flesh, soft and appealing, their size almost a perfect handful to massage and touch.

Throughout the time when she drew the dress off her body, her eyes remained constant upon me, barring the moment they disappeared beneath the thin material. Standing there utterly naked, for a few split seconds I feasted upon the majestic sensual beauty of body, whilst her own eyes danced and cavorted with delight over my own.

Once again she lowered herself into position, this time, I rose upwards to meet her, sitting myself firmly upon the rear of my ass, my arms outstretched, pamls down holding, supporting the weight of my tender slim body. My legs were open, which her hand embraced, one had sliding behind me, the other lightly, skilfully drawing itself slowly up my left leg. At the same time, our heads moved towards each other, faces so close that they touched, lips pressing against lips, hot sultry breath washing over our flesh, instilling and rising the passion within our souls.

Slowly each lingering kiss produced more and more confidence, as our bodies got closer and we began to lay down. I felt her hand rise upwards, journeying up past my knee, fingers caressing the flesh of inner thigh, leaving behind a wake of excitement and the palpation of desire.

The act of kissing I had always found so sensual pleasing, yet to me it was more intense with that of my own gender. The embrace was laced with desire, the hunger that raged within was akin to that of nuclear explosion, a sensation, a desire, a need and compulsion, everything that true dedicated love making and passion deserved that for me could only truly and honestly be attained in the arms of another understanding female.

As we began to embrace with more sense of dedication, I felt her hand slowly skim over the surface of aching mound, a shudder of delight surged through me as her body came closer to mine. My own hand rose up to meet the sullen beauty of her delicate, one could say almost fragile ness of her breast, cupping it in my palm feeling the erectness of her nipple, squeeze against it surface.

Slow methodical massages of her breast I made, as we embraced with desire, mouths opened, closing around the others, drawing the breath from one and swooping it into the other. Tongues danced and teased, flitted and darted, stroked and caressed the others oral chamber, before the emphatic embraces of passion returned, her fingers slipped towards the edge of my very own feminine bud.

Now with desire creeping upon us, our hands searched for more to touch, more to caress, passion was becoming entwine, desire was sparking a riot of blissful that weaved its enthralling magic upon simmering and boiling nerve ends that were only to joyous in their delight to celebrate and pass this adorable virus of pleasure to next willing part our body.

Her hand ran the full length of my upper body, searching, teasing, skimming and toying with the flesh that was so responsive, running over and around, in between the aching pillows of that were my breasts, our mouths entwined, locked in symbolic and progressive embraces, as her hand swept downwards, fingers teasing, encircling the round indentation of navel before finally, once more plunging downwards to the moistness of now throbbing and agonising sex.

I could feel my chest heave upwards, the pleasure swirl and engulf me, desire intoxicating and passion running rampantly throughout me. I could hear the slight moans of delight, the building of sexual orchestra that was slowly awakening with me. The magnificence of the situation which was never failing to impress, and instil into me, the satisfaction and euphoric indulgence which continued to grow.

Her hand gripped upon the flesh of my inner thighs, my own hand latched onto her breast, massaging it beauty, feeling its shape with renewed vigour and delight, all the while our mouths entwined, locked precisely in a deep and passionate kiss, that was unbroken in its silent promise to fulfil and arouse. With a thundering heart, an aching body and nerve ends that demanded so much more, the sensual heat of passion growing and expanding, the hotness of thickness of the atmosphere in the room, suffocating and enclosing all those in sensual, erotic trap. Every touch, every caress, kiss or embrace that we made, echoed throughout our forms, our bodies becoming nothing more than a sensual and sexual carriage that wanted to go faster and harder.

As I lay out fully on my back, legs splayed open her hand pressing against the wetness of my sex, the thundering arousal of my clit and our mouths still very much entwined, I felt like an addict, a hooker who wanted sex, not for money but for the drug and intensity that it provided, I was becoming a woman who desired more and more, to feel the true burden of unadulterated pleasure and sample the overload of total lust.

Just when my body demanded more, more appeared, the final female, who from the door was now naked and been watching the spectacle of us two enjoying, if not devouring one another, finally walked towards the bed's edge, standing before us her own naked was astounding and beautiful as everything that had gone before.

Not waiting for an invite, she moved one leg onto the bed her majestic body and sumptuous weight, for a moment bringing the pair of us back to the moment of been together in the bedroom. We both paused and stared, our faces filled with expressions of lust, desire and lurid pent up sexual energy, so clearly visible. We paused, shifted position and allowed her to slip in between us, making our intense couple, now a threesome of profound erotic sin.

Steadying herself, sliding between us, her face gazing into mine, my hands rose automatically upwards, cupping her sensuous face, whilst the other woman rested her hands upon the nakedness of her shoulders. Both of us, brought our heads forwards, my mouth meet and embraced with the mouth of the new third female, our kiss, simmering, volatile and excited. Her arms rose upwards to embrace my shoulders, drawing me closer towards her, pressing me against her, so the embrace was more intense and passionate, whilst the second girl, allowed her hands to brush the long auburn hair of her new lover away from her neck and place slow sumptuous kisses upon freshly revealing skins surface.

Kissing that reigned down over all participants body's, hands that swarmed, touched, teased caressed, my new partner embraced more deeply with every passing second, as the the other female's hands tormented, teased the new plaything. Hands that swept downwards, touching stroking the inner thighs, caressing the nub of her throbbing pussy, I could feel my partner's chest rising, I could sense the tangible sense of profound desire stalking within her body, the riotous enjoyment, the building sense of simmering delight, all swirling, colliding within her as our mouths entwined, devouring the other oral chamber.

With her hands on my shoulders, mine searched out and found the mounds of her feminine chest, there my fore-finger and thumb began its slow, progressive work of tormenting the erectness of her sullen nipple. Between my flesh I could almost feel the thumping of its pulse, the stiffening of its dark brown flesh. I could feel the swell of desire that raged within her, especially as the second girl allowed her long nails to roam freely up and down the surface of this woman's long legs.

In between the kisses came the shallow moans of delight, the bliss that was creeping up on her, now attacking her resolve, pleasure and euphoria building to a thundering degree, causing spasms of delight to cascade and ripple across every inch of her delectable body. The three of us packed so tightly together that each one could feel the silkiness of the others body, the warmth and closeness the erotic ness of desire that leaped from one to other like a silent and required substance of normal natural living.

The tasty, salty sheen of lust peppered across our forms, the hot intense glow of something so profoundly Sapphic that one could become addictive to carnal pleasures of this moment. Hands that swarmed, touches that teased, kisses that lingered, tongues danced, the heat of intense passion building, growing, attacking and yearning for more.


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